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  • A $3 Million 200 Meter Bike Path In Main South That No One Will Use Might Be The Dumbest Thing Worcester’s Useless Politicians Have Ever Cut A Ribbon For


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    There’s two things that the McGovern Crime Family loves more than anything – wasting money and cutting ribbons. And that’s exactly what they did with this bike path, which might be the stupidest idea in the history of stupid ideas:Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.58.17 AM

    $3 million!!! For a bike path that is 200 meters long and NO ONE will ever bike on. We actually went down there today to take some pictures and check out what it’s like. First of all, it starts on Kilby Street. As in “Kilby Street Posse,” and “Kilby 4 life.” Always a great sign when you start a $3 million bike path on a street whose name is synonymous with drug dealing and murder.

    Here’s where it begins on Kilby Street:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.40.59 AM

    Here’s the view from lovely Ripley Street:



    Notice how it’s all fenced in. It’s like the junkie lobbyists pushed for this one. Some yuppie moron tries driving his bike through there and one junkie blocks his pass at the end, and other blocks his path at the entrance. Boom. Free bike. Nowhere to run.

    This is the end:


    That’s it. This is what $3 million looks like in Worcester. It was paid for with federal money that Congressman McGovern had earmarked for our district. He could’ve lobbied for that $3 million for pretty much anything, and he chose a bike path in Main South that literally no one will use. This is what you see when you end your magical 200 meter Main South journey:


    It might look like an abandoned factory, but thanks to this bike path it will quickly become Worcester’s biggest employer of $15 an hour jobs doing…..something.

    It wouldn’t be a McGovern Crime Family photo op if they didn’t have a bunch of suits and Sarai (sometimes referred to as “Ti-Ti-Ho”) Rivera down there with them, surrounded by some adorable children of varying ethnicities:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.37.16 AM

    Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.37.32 AM

    Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.37.03 AM 1

    This is what you’re getting when you vote for Jim McGovern. A $3 million photo op/ribbon cutting. Love this picture by the way:


    God he’s so full of shit.

    We actually got an email about this from a local resident who is THRILLED that he’ll be able to ride his brand new Schwinn for 30 seconds on his way from the Boy’s Club to the abandoned factorey:

    I was just wondering if someone from Turtleboy was going to write about the new 3 million dollar, extra short bike path on Tainter Street in Main South? I only ask because as a resident of the area I’m disgusted by it. What this area really needed was for them to open back up Tainter Street so people could drive through it again in order to get to Hammond Street. Because NOBODY is going to use that bike “path”.

    When they opened the Boys and Girls Club I heard they closed that street off so cars couldn’t race down it from cops chasing them off of Hammond Street and hit a kid (not positive if true but that’s what I heard). Unfortunately for people on my street (the renovated side of “one way” Beacon Street) they also closed off Ripley Street’s connection to Tainter Street, so through these closing off of streets the only way to get to Southbridge Street from my area is to either back track it to Main Street to get to Hammond and back down, or to drive through Gardener Street, which if someone checks out they’ll see that all of the nice new pristine paving done for this bike trail/Clark athletic field stops dead at the Boys and Girls Club leaving the rest of the road a broken cobble mess not fit for cars up to Canterbury Street.

    He’s right. Tainter Street is where this bike path now exists. Turtleboy has actually been in this exact same situation before. If you’re on Kilby Street and you want to get to Canterbury Street, which is about 300 meters as the crow flies, it takes like an hour because of all the one way streets, lights, and day shift hookers.

    Sarai Rivera told me she’s trying to fix that stretch but she is fought on it because “its historical”…nobody is coming to Main South to check out historical (broken) cobble roads, but plenty of people need to drive their cars over it because the other options have been closed off…for a 3 million dollar 200 foot bike trail! Just thought I’d see if this was something the Turtleboy staff might be interested in…and before anyone says “just move” I definitely plan on it, but in the meantime it’s still kinda sucky that they do all this “renovation” for people driving to and from Clark, but as far as the hard working neighbors (and yes there are hard working neighbors in Main South lol) who drive beyond that go…oh well.

    Sarai Rivera has been the District Councilor in Main South for years now. And throughout that time it has continued to look like shit because this is the kind of nonsense she’s into. Seriously, when Turtleboy was driving through Main South today he saw a can guy standing outside of Jacob Hiatt Elementary School with his dog. The dog was literally taking a huge dump right on the pavement and then they walked away together. Trash bins are overflowing. Junkies and discarded needles are everywhere.

    But we’ve got a $3 million bike path that no one will use. This is why Worcester can’t have nice things.


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    1. Wwy

      Start a pool TB,how many days before that’s all tagged by gang member ? I got July 3rd.

      1. White Lives Matter

        In a few weeks there’ll be more tar on this path then when they started!

      2. frank lee

        I was just thinking what a nice clean canvas for all the local “artists.” 😉

    2. Steven Stover

      Donald Trump would have gotten that built for 150,000 dollars. Why democrats that never worked cannot control our purse strings. Everyone gets fucked.

    3. KJDS

      Did I miss something? McGovern’s post says something about “bringing more access to green space and outdoor recreation”.

      I saw no ‘Green Space’ or any place that would provide ‘Outdoor Recreation’ in those photos.

      You guys REALLY need to get rid of your government. Clean some house.

      1. Devils Mouthpiece

        Maybe they will be holding farmers markets on the bike path. You know, the kind with different drugs and paraphernalia (needles, papers, etc) on display. A real service for the community to get out, socialize, share ideas (needles) and spend their hard earned money after a hard days work (sarcasm for you reading is fundamental types).

        $3 million, what a frigging joke.

    4. Clives not a racist, just ask him

      How the fuck do enough people keep voting for that bald prick?!?… McGovern prefers to ride his bike without a seat.

    5. Pink Slip

      Looks like a nice ATV drag strip to me.

    6. Carlo's Daddy

      That will be used for everything BUT a bike path!!!

      Fucking morons……and I’m not referring to Petty, McGovern & Rivera. I’m referring to the assholes who vote for them!!

    7. KM

      The “build it and they will come” philosophy like the painted bike lanes on Lincoln street…. More that the McGovern-ment crime family had to take some dough while the plate was going by. Useless

    8. Liz Warren's sweaty jock strap

      Next up is a public pool for Main South.

    9. Tudor turtle

      It’s a 3 million dollar needle and used condom dispensary not a bike path.

      1. wabbitt

        Don’t forget hobo shit. There’s going to be some serious hobo shit all over that thing.

        1. Tudor turtle

          That would be the only bike path with skid marks. The street gangs would make it into a dog track. Welcome to pit bull racing from kilby downs.

    10. Cmon man

      I like how he says “it’s a big win for our kids and families” while he stands with a bunch of minority children. There is no way in hell anyone from his family will ever even see that future garbage haven. They are on the right track with the penitentiary style cement and chain link fenced walls though.

      1. lemonade

        Racist ^

    11. Cmon man

      No wonder all of the roads are shit. At $3 mill for a narrow 656 ft. of bike path, using their math it would cost around $700 zillion to pave a half mile of a public road.

    12. Jay

      3 million fucking dollars? Someone in an elected position was clearly related to the people they were paying to build it?

    13. Cmon man

      That stupid bike path cost $4,573 per foot. Sounds like a deal to me!

      1. moor

        It didn’t cost that much, comrade McGovern probably goi half, he is the worst thing to ever hit Worcester, and joe petty has his head up mcgoverns ass.
        this path will be a good corral to pen up robbery, rape, and shooting victims for the street gangs nearby !!!

    14. Chris From Georgia

      Why do you people keep voting these A**holes into office? I moved out of Massachusetts because I was so sick of this crap!!!

    15. Joe Max

      More work for the city, removing trash, broken bottles, needles, graffiti, etc. While many sidewalks and streets in the city are deplorable. Just walking in the city’s neighborhoods. One has to be really nimble and aware. If not, the crumbling and up-heaving sidewalks will injury or even kill walkers. Doesn’t take much, if one hits their head in the right place, during a fall. This bike-path is a joke, the joke is on the taxpayers !

    16. murder

      I look forward to the day when your headlines read, “Turtleboy gunned down in cold blood!”
      That will truelly be a magical day.

      1. KJDS

        Off your meds today?

        1. ProfessorM

          Isn’t it a magical thing to witness someone completely losing their fucking mind?

          1. BobnMic

            And people think I’m nuts? That one is off the charts koo koo…

      2. Robie

        Seek help dude. UMass EMH is open 24 hours a day, check yourself in. Now.

    17. Cmon man

      If it was built with the high standard of other bay state projects in three years the walls will erode and wash out do to ‘substandard concrete’ and then it will cost $5 mill for repairs. Meanwhile even though driving under the rusty dilapidated bridges built in the 1920’s feels like you are entering a scary amusement park ride the truth is they are safer and built better than the shit they build today.

    18. Frogshit

      Turtle…. Please…. I beg you…. On the first of October go back to those exact same spots and take pictures. Curious to see the results.

      1. Curmudgeon

        I agree, but I think September will be soon enough. Reminds me of the bridge to nowhere in Alaska. 320 million dollars to get to a town with a population of 50.

    19. Cmon man

      Bike paths are the new rage for Mass politicians. Try driving into Boston without using the Mass pike or a major freeway. Every towns roads are under construction to make stupid bike paths. They have signs up like ‘Ride a bike, get exercise and help save the environment!”. It makes sense until you take a logical look at it. How many bags of groceries can a mom shopping for a family of five hang off of her 26″ Schwinn cruiser?

    20. Cmon man

      I’m surprised Turtleboy was even able to get close enough to take pictures with the enormous crowd of people there to celebrate this important historic milestone for the city.

    21. Cmon man

      Am I the only one who finds the picture of a bunch of middle aged white politicians in suits standing behind a a line up of black and Hispanic kids creepy? Couldn’t they even find one white kid who’s excited about using the bike path?

    22. Feisty Lawyer Gentleman

      No worries – Chess King will be opening that warehouse back up any day now – employment for days!!

    23. juror seven

      Just how many kids in this neighborhood even own a bike? Maybe the crime family will play Santa and start handing out bikes. Then “Robin in the hood” will come along and steal them all. After that the bikes will end up in a shipping container on the way to some third world shit hole and be sold as luxury vehicles.

      1. Cmon man

        I think you’re missing the function of this bike trail juror seven. The local kids don’t have bikes so they are waiting at the end of the path for kids that do. Those poor kids will leave their bike path experience without a bike or lunch money anymore, a black eye and later when they say they don’t trust minority kids they will be called racist.

        1. juror seven

          Cmon man, my first point was for kids in this neighborhood to even have a bike would be surprising. also, it’s not only a bike, but a helmet to go with it. Mama’s got to use the EBT money for more important stuff.

          1. Devils Mouthpiece

            Not to worry. Plenty of bike around to steal.

    24. Cmon man

      Myself being a realist I believe Turtleboy will be bringing Turtleboy Jr. to the bike path every weekend for some family exercise and fun! Or maybe not.

    25. Robie

      Will be tagged tonight. Has to be. Its the Kilby way.

    26. MommaH

      Ok, so a day after the street sweepers came buy the Main South, you would have never thought they swept at all…I don’t even think that it will look new anymore by the end of this week, nevermind by the end of next week. What a waste of our tax dollars.

      1. Cmon man

        Welcome to reality Momma. That area was only safe while the ribbon cutting politicians were there under the safety of local and State police carrying what later the politicians will call the steel devil (guns). All of your armed gang bangers and drug dealers hide out in their baby momas sec. 8 apt. until the heat leaves. Now things will go back to under staffed regular patrols and yeah, at least one bad drug deal will erupt into a fatal gun fight. Fortunately for us all Turtle riders will be frequenting the bike path because that’s what supporters of the city of Worcester do.

    27. Mike

      You need to go down there in a week and take a picture.

      Everyone seems to forget that state money is still our money that they are wasting

      1. KJDS

        They don’t forget – it’s the progressive (socialist) way!

      2. Devils Mouthpiece

        Daily time lapse would be interesting to watch the slow decimation of 3 million dollars.

    28. Maryanee

      Are taxes are going up, water and sewer bills increase but they waste money on this SHIT

      1. Dee Light


    29. Rip

      And the WPS have no paper.

    30. Cmon man man

      “Fortunately for us all Turtle riders will be frequenting the bike path because that’s what supporters of the city of Worcester do.”

      In addition to being a fucking asshole you are now representative of the Turtle Riders? Really. Are you unionized? What is the compliment of your membership? Oh that’s right zero. As in you faggot.

      1. Cmon man

        Obviously reading comprehension was never one of your strong points. Lucky for all of us (meaning anyone who reads this blog) all turtle riders (meaning yourself) will be frequenting the bike path. It’s just a joke, nobody in their right mind would ever believe you ever go out and get exercise unless it involves a jar of vaseline and a transgender hooker.

    31. Reddog

      I’m setting up a bike rental business. I will accept ebt. Wonder how many flat tires I’ll have to fix from all the needles.
      Btw, where are all of those kids parents? They look too young to be in that neighborhood by themselves.

    32. A

      Just the other day I was thinking I’d like to bike on thru Main South whilst taking in the scenic sights. And to start at Kilby? Well thats just a dream right there. If only it could start there, and end at the homeless shelter. I could park my bike where the homeless park their carts, and take a stroll on over to Kirsch liquors to quench my thirst. I can assure everyone, that bike path is not important to the main south community. Drugs, guns, and an after hour spot to buy liquor are higher on their list than getting some cardio in.

    33. D-bag

      TIme has passed New England’s old manufacturing cities by, and there is no turning back. Get out while you still can!

    34. Cmon man

      When McGovern was asked if he plans on riding a bike on the path his response wasn’t ‘Are you freakin kidding me?’.

    35. Worc Taxpayer

      Many, many, many years ago I worked at a box factory that is now the empty lot bordered by Tainter, Beacon, Ripley and Kilby streets, so when I chaperoned my daughters after prom party at the Boys and Girls Club I had no idea that Tainter St had been dead ended. It had been over 3 decades since I drove down Tainter only to find that for some crazy reason the city closed down the road. Since it was a warm Friday night with my windows rolled down as I drove on Tainter St I got the hell out of there fast when I figured out it didn’t go anywhere.

      So the City of Worc with the help of US Congress Critter McGovern close down a perfectly fine road to spend Three Million Dollars for a bike path that will soon be a junkie and gang member oasis littered with broken glass, dirty needles, used condoms and a drag way for stolen cars. Unless of course the “No Motor Vehicles” sign, which the hood rats won’t be able to read, persuades the yutes not to plow the fence down and race down the bike path. The only biking being done will be by the drug dealers making deliveries. I hope the bulbs in those, I’m assuming pricey, lights are unbreakable. Watch, by the 4th of July they will be broken.

      Unless Mayor Shit 4 Brains has the police standing guard 24/7 that is.

    36. Realist

      Hey TurtleTrump, how much will that border wall cost us?

      1. JoeMomma

        Nothing, land mines will do just fine and we already own millions of those.

    37. Light My Fire

      It won’t be long before that wall is all tatted up just like all of the baby Daddies and junkie Moms in the neighborhood.
      New home of the Worcester Summer Burnouts?

    38. Wwy

      Next a small drag strip for gangs practicing drive-by shootings,most see their idols on B.E.T holding guns sideways which is dangerous to innocent kids riding bikes,if gangs can be more efficient at killing one another for say 15yrs the next generation will have a shot.praying.

    39. Sean chandler

      Dude, wipe the sand out of your twat already. Could the money have been better spent? Absolutely. But if you’ve seen the Kilby street area now, and compared it to back in the nineties, you’d have to agree there’s been huge improvements. Try being proactive, or at a bare minimum, aknowledge that the nicer (read, richer) areas of the state are just as polluted with junk-boxes and scum-bags.

    40. Annmarie

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    41. Gman

      As a professional contractor and construction worker, there is no way that coast 2 million dollars. Is this how professional suits make money? Have someone lie about costs, subcontract it to a company no one knows of and we get zero insight into cost/material/appropriation. With 2 million bucks we could end child hunger in Worcester. We could revamp and entire school district. We could create the best afters school program central ma has ever seen. This is a great shame. This will be a junkies alley and a place to rob someone’s bike

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