After A Week Of Gay Drama The Mass GOP Raised A Bunch Of Money To Bring Dan Crenshaw To Andover And Then Cancelled Because Of “Protesters” 


The Mass GOP is a huge dumpster fire right now (and always). In the last couple weeks some lady named Deb Martell who does something for them made a comment about a gay guy running for Congress against Jim McGovern because she had an issue with the gay guy adopting kids. Twenty-nine out of the 30 GOP State Reps voted to remove her, but Mass GOP Chairman Jim Lyons defended her in the name of not giving into cancel culture. Personally I think he did the right thing, but I just don’t care enough about the internal squabbling of a “party” with absolutely no power whatsoever and no prospects for it. It turned into a whole thing and was very dumb, as is required when Diana Ploss is involved, and I’m sure Democrats had a good laugh over it all.

This week’s they’ve been fundraising on the promise of Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw speaking at GOP President Jim Lyons’ house in Andover on father’s day.

Minimum donation was $100, and they’ve been promoting it pretty heavily.


As you can see they were promoting it and accepting donations for the event as of 6 PM on Monday, June 14.

Then out of nowhere tonight the Mass GOP announced that Jim Lyons was cancelling the event, and then blamed it on cancel culture, despite apparently not having any clue what cancel culture is.

This is so embarrassing. You literally cancelled your own event because you were afraid of protesters. It’s not cancel culture if you cancel yourselves, boomer.

Cancel culture only exists because weak people allow it to. I invented cancel culture, it took me down, and now I’ve mastered it. Cancel culture is a war of attrition, and you must go on offense while playing defense. If you’re the type to empower people like this by giving into them then you simply weren’t built for this game.

Was this even real? I can’t get a straight answer from the Mass GOP. I’m not saying it wasn’t, but I haven’t heard a WORD about Crenshaw coming to Massachusetts from Crenshaw, or anyone else outside the Mass GOP. There’s certainly no buzz in the SJW protesting community about it. The Mass GOP simply isn’t relevant enough in its current form for SJWs to waste their time with. They don’t see it as a threat at all, nor should they. Democrats control 37 of the 40 State Senate seats. They took over sheriff’s offices, state rep seats, and Trump lost 40 towns that he won in 2016. The Mass GOP is the Washington Generals of politics.

My question is, how much money was raised off this event? Will the donors be given refunds? And why are they wasting money paying people like Dan Crenshaw to come here and give speeches when they should be investing in local town elections. The Democrats win because they don’t give up ANY SEAT ANYWHERE! They went after School Committees everywhere, they won, and then they shut down the schools and we couldn’t do anything about it.

You can still win something as a minority party though, you just have to Balkanize. Move out of cities and places Republicans can’t win, invest in those towns, take over, run your communities like you don’t even live in the most liberal state in the country. I ran for School Committee with 2 other Republicans and none of us heard from the Mass GOP. Meanwhile the Democrats were organized and invested in getting out the vote. This despite Jim Lyons’ fundraising promise to “recruit conservative candidates across the Commonwealth.”

Who have they recruited exactly?

If you’re going to survive in Massachusetts you better have balls. Hiding a war hero and public figure from some rag tag protesters in Andover is pathetic, and quite frankly shady.


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  • Alexander Rich-Shea
    June 15, 2021 at 10:23 pm

    “I invented cancel culture, it took me down, and now I’ve mastered it.”

    Take less Adderall.

    Anyway, they probably cancelled this because every gay man in Massachusetts, democrat and republican, would happily pay a hundred bucks to be within smelling distance of the hottest man in congress.

    It would have been the most successful pride event in all of Massachusetts this year.

    The protesters would be all the gay men who couldn’t get tickets.

  • Dr Wu
    June 15, 2021 at 10:36 am

    The Mass GOP has become the biggest band of wimps since the Liberace VS Ru Paul pillow fight. I still am outraged over what they did to Scott Brown in 2010 when he was running against Marsha Coakley for Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. They looked at him like the left looked at Trump in 2016. They gave him a paltry amount of money to obtain a list of people to have hi campaign call. He got ZERO support because they were shit scared of Marsha. We all know how that turned out and all of a sudden the Mass GOP were HUGE Scott Brown fans.

    Now it seems they’re afraid of a bunch of cross dressing man bun wearing limp wristed snowflakes that live in mommy’s basement because they can’t find a decent job in Gender Studies. FUCK THEM, and FUCK the Mass GOP.

    My message to the Mass GOP is: Step aside and let people with BALLS run the organization. If you want to curl up into a fetal position and get the ever loving shit kicked out of you by the leftist assholes, then you are totally useless.

    • Frank Licata
      June 15, 2021 at 3:54 pm

      My Andover neighbor Jim Lyons is a total fraud and a completely corrupt scumbag. He’s quietly working for his former Democrat party by dividing and destroying the MassGOP from within. In addition to his recent homophobic scandal, he’s also quite racist against Republicans of color, as we saw with his assaults on the republican campaigns of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai in 2018 and 2020, both times as the first Republican for US Senate. Jim prefers to conspire with Democrats and put up dedicated loser RINOs to keep the Democrat incumbents in place, which is why all 11 seats in DC are Democrat so that Faker Baker can keep his corner office.. Don’t fall for the WWE/WWF drama that Lyin’ Jim Lyons is against Charlie Baker, when in reality both of them essentially suck each other‘s cocks. Jim rounds up the right side and Charlie rounds up the left side. It’s just a big money laundering scheme. Lyin’Lyons doesn’t actually want to win, but rather he just wants to keep his salary and expense account active. Don’t give the MassGOP one dime under its current incarnation. Only donate directly to your candidates of choice.

  • Observer X
    June 15, 2021 at 10:24 am

    You know what’s gay? Not being able to leave an anonymous comment until you’re “registered.” The comments were the best part of the blog and now you’ve got like 6-8 comments per article from tiresome fools like ST and his phony account cronies. I’m out TB until you revert Comments back to where they were!

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