• All-Star Peggy Bundy Moms Cruising Route 20 With 4 Unrestrained Small Children In Back Seat While They’re Ripping Butts

    All-Star Peggy Bundy Moms Cruising Route 20 With 4 Unrestrained Small Children In Back Seat While They’re Ripping Butts

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    Check out these ratchet Moms of Southern Worcester County ripping butts with four unrestrained and small children in the back of the PT Cruiser in Oxford:

    Normally we’d blur out the faces of children but this was posted on a Facebook video so there’s no point.

    As you can see we’ve got one kid sitting on another kid’s lap, visibly upset.

    Meanwhile Mom and her Keno buddy are puffing away on the cancer sticks while also not wearing seatbelts.

    According to the cameraman the license plate is 6BH-494. It’s a silver PT Cruiser. Someone’s gotta know who they are. How long until a turtle rider outs these June Cleavers?


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    1. Mark D

      more like PT Loser

      also that’s some serious under-arm flab on the driver

    2. Donnie

      guys a grade A loser for filming this

      1. Johnny5

        I agree, but the 2 people in the front are trash.

      2. So now, we reach to the lower depths for any sort of story!

        Did TurtleFucker “film” it?

        Got nothing better to do?

    3. Darlene

      Why did the cameraman just video tape this… why did he not say “hey your kids are not buckles in”! That would work ins of contacting Turtle…. now I know who Turtleboy is… Why are people so afraid of contacting these adults? You do no te have to be mean about it, just do it.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Unbelted Kids, smoking, bad posture, PT Cruiser… these are not the traits of someone with good reasoning skills and would probably take offence to unsolicited parenting advice.

    4. They call me Ponch

      Carl’s pig bus in the background!
      Best photo bomb evah!

    5. Olan Heights

      what is the driver wearing, skirt, shorts?

      what are those kids in the back seat doing, making-out, necking, looked a tad strange.

    6. Find something else to "SJW" about!!!

      If anything, the video shows that the kid in the red shirt, may not be in a seat belt. The other kids look secured. You’re making too much out of this! Get a FUCKIN’ LIFE!!! SMH!

    7. Fellow rider

      The driver is grandma and the passenger is her daughter. One of the children in the back is the passengers the other belong to the drivers son.

    8. Steph De

      Hey take a ride over to Central Street in Southbridge. There’s a house that looks vacant with orange no trespassing signs on it yet crack addicts are hanging on the porch looking like death. The Police have done nothing to keep them out of there. I feel bad for the Businesses on Central street and the Owner of that building. Looks like the side door has been kicked in so they’re probably shooting up inside the building. They hang like porch monkeys in the light of day all over the building. It’s right across from the Mini Mart. They even sit in the parking lot of the mini mart facing Central street. Put them on here and let’s get them.

      1. Yougetwhatyoudeserve

        “Porch monkeys” … bringing it back!”

        1. Porchmonkey4lyfe

          I gucking love that movie

          1. Porchmonkey4lyfe

            Gucking? That’s a new one, usually autocorrect makes it ducking. It should saying “fucking” i fucking love that movie

    9. Jon

      Ahh the irony of the pig bus.

    10. Jim Bob

      I love my family, just the way they are.

    11. Your name here*

      another contradicting statement. normally you would blur out the kids faces but since this video is on facebook theres no point? ALL of the pics you post are from facebook. lol wow..

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