• Anyone Know Who These SJWs Are Who Snuck In And Hung A Gigantic Vague Banner About Racism At Fenway Park Tonight?

    Anyone Know Who These SJWs Are Who Snuck In And Hung A Gigantic Vague Banner About Racism At Fenway Park Tonight?

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    So this is gonna be all over the news tomorrow…

    “Racism is as American as baseball.”

    And OF COURSE they’re white.

    They’re ALWAYS white. White people are the worst!! And white guilt is one hell of a drug. I can tell just by looking at these three goobers that they live in the Boston suburbs, probably went to all white high schools and colleges, and think they’re saving the world for black people by hanging this banner. This was the goal. To get a pat on the back from black people. And it worked:

    BLM leader Deray McKesson retweeted that. Life goals achieved for these privilege checked buffoons.

    Hey morons – if you’re gonna spend all that time sneaking a gigantic banner in and spending all that money on green monster seats, you should probably come up with something better than “Racism is as American as baseball.” Like, what does that even mean? What is your point exactly? Racism has been around a long time and baseball has been around a long time too? OK. We kind of already knew that. If you’re gonna do something like this you might as well put something more controversial, like “Free Jemele Hill,” or “Turtleboy is a white supremacist.” Something like that. All this sign does is give us a vague history lesson. Might as well have put, “War, what is it good for?”

    Example A – look at how this guy took it:

    Yea, he thinks the people holding the sign are racists supporting racism. “Racism is as American as Baseball.” He thinks they’re saying, “It’s normal to be racist. Racism is good.” And he’s clearly a SJW who likely aligns with their ideology. Fail.

    Pretty sure what they’re getting at here is that racism is at the heart of American values, even though we don’t admit it, just as baseball is America’s games. Except…..baseball isn’t America’s game anymore. Football is. Baseball is America’s #3 game at best. And lacrosse, hockey, and soccer are on the rise because baseball is boring and slow.

    Oh, and if racism is an innate American value, and the people holding the sign are Americans, doesn’t that mean that they’re racist too?

    Here’s the fucked up part:

    Look at who is standing to their right:

    That guys wearing a veteran’s hat and standing for the Hats Off to Heroes. This meant something to him. And it was taken by these narcissistic, self serving crackers from Sudbury (probably).

    You gotta be a real piece of shit to take away from a war hero’s big moment at Fenway. It’s a LONG game. You could’ve dropped that puppy in the second inning and got the same coverage. Instead you dropped it during the Hats Off to Heroes moment in the fourth inning. You did that intentionally to take away from an actual hero, so you could try to become a fake hero. Don’t worry though, when we find out who these assholes are they’ll be anointed heroes. The brave white people from Melrose who dropped a banner accusing all Americans of being racist at the core. They’ll get media attention, they’ll give interviews, and they might even get an ESPY award for bravery. Because that’s just the kind of society we’re living in now.

    Anyway, it’s a race to find out their names at this point. This is what we do. Who out there knows who these idiots are?

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    1. Publius

      Racism is hardly an issue today. Those claiming racism are looking for an excuse for their own failures.

      1. Ted

        Chance that comment was made by a white male: 110%

        1. wabbitt

          Chance THAT comment was made by a lazy shithead who lives off of the white man’s taxes while simultaneously blaming the white man for all of his failures: OVER 9000%

          1. Ted


        2. Publius

          White people progressives talking about perceived racism. That is racist.

        3. Sonny's Mom

          Weatherman– the violent radicals who came up with the phrase “white skin privilege”– also despised organized sports. So this idea has actually been around for quite a while.

        4. Strata

          Who cares … his comment is spot on

    2. Charisma Beauty

      That banner and the morons who are holding it are good for one thing….to wipe my ass.

    3. wabbitt

      Dude looks like he’s only doing this in a desperate attempt to get laid by one of those chicks.

      1. Jay

        Hopefully for his sake it’s the one in the middle!

      2. bigdaddy

        The one on the left was thinking the same thing

      3. Seymour Haire

        Who don’t shave.

    4. Carlo's Daddy

      I was at the game tonight….

      This was meant to be about veterans…..

      When do we start fighting back harder?

    5. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

      Literally screamed WHITE POWER! at them over and over as they were escorted out.

      This is why there’s another rally planned for Boston.

      1. Henry

        Maybe more than 20 people will show this time.

    6. Jay

      I can tell just by looking at the thing on the left that she’s a real piece of work. I bet she gets pissed off when a man holds a door open for her but also thinks that her meal should be paid for on a first date.

    7. Wwy

      It’s not illegal to be racist someone tell the niggers,spics,and kikes,they had a rainbow flag at Fenway now that’s sick,Remy he’s a great father,and kraft the leper. Boston the gay capital of the world.boston strong lol.

      1. Wwy s tiny penis

        Boy you sure do like sounding like a real piece of shit Does mommy know youu are using the computer

        1. Abe Goldstein

          His mother was Ava Braun.

    8. Elizabeth Warren

      I know who they are….two dykes and a homo.

      Why do white dykes and homos always whine about imaginary racism.

    9. bigdaddy

      Green Monster seats are 500 bucks a pop minimum. These idiots dropped 2 grand to unfurl a banner in the 4th and get tossed? Who paid for their seats?

      1. Dave

        Standing room on the wall for that game was probably 40 bucks. The $400 seats were probably empty, so they just weaseled their way down to the empty ones and did what they did. Oh and ummm Fuck them

      2. Greek Salad

        EXCELLENT point, and your comment documents that there is a well funded organization behind this. And BLM. And Occupy. And ANTIFA. Odds are its Soros.

    10. Wtf

      I want to know how they even got the banner in to the park. Seems a little large to slip by security. And yes I completely understand free speech but doesn’t mean security HAS to allow stupid negative signs.

    11. Ballistic Coefficient

      A 200+yard headshot in a stadium setting would have little risk to the public, providing you’ve dope’d your scope. Too bad you can’t bring long guns into stadiums, You wouldn’t see as much of this shit.

    12. The Rant Queen

      This is definitely one of those “Stupidest Things I’ve Ever Seen” moments, that quite honestly was amusing at first. However, the box is getting full with these now and it’s lost its appeal. Why does it feel like there’s more of them than there are normal people? Oh, that’s right, normal people don’t make themselves the center of everyone’s universe. They work, hard, they do what they’re supposed to, and earn their money. SJWs just yell and point at the normal people, calling them names like 5 year olds, making finger paint signs and holding their breath until they get what they want: everyone’s attention. SOMEBODY SPANK THESE BRATS! This is what happens when spanking is considered child abuse, and parents treat their kids like they can do no wrong, letting them get away with everything.

    13. Coach

      Coach says: This picture reminds the Coach that there are more than one use for a fungo bat.

    14. Stokley Carmichael

      Funny they pull this stunt at a game that’s played by teams that are comprised of 90% minorities.

      1. John Galt

        Correction: Millionaire minorities

    15. Turtleb0z

      “Racism is hardly an issue today. Those claiming racism are looking for an excuse for their own failures.”

      Said like a true white person.

      Do you also think that the Holocaust did not exist? Racism is alive and well. Look no further than the despicable letter Texas A&M’s coach received after their loss to UCLA– It’s not very hard to find. Yea, these idiots with the banner are also dumb as fuck, but claiming racism doesn’t exist is too…

      1. Transplant

        You’d be a much happier person if you moved out of your parents’ house.

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