Anyone Who Thinks Last Night Was A Win For Joe Petty Doesn’t Know Worcester Politics

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The results are in from the preliminary election and all things together we were satisfied with the way things turned out. Here’s how they finished:

  1. Joe Petty – 5,084
  2. Konnie Lukes – 4,111
  3. Kate Toomey – 4,096
  4. Mike Gaffney – 3,830
  5. Moe Bergman – 3,756
  6. Matt Wally – 3,318
  7. Juan Gomez – 3,272
  8. Rob Sargent – 2,581
  9. Khrystian King – 2,579
  10. Tina Zlody – 2,425
  11. Phil Palmieri – 2,075
  12. Bill Coleman – 2,071
  13. Linda Parham – 1,889
  14. Carmen Carmona – 1,341
  15. Ron O’Clair – 581
  16. George Fox – 339

Here’s our immediate takeaways:

People are all fired up that Joe Petty won a primary election. Newsflash – this can’t even be considered a win by him. He beat Gaffney by 3,000 votes in 2013. Now that lead has been trimmed to 1,200. If the newest member of the City Council can make up that much ground on you in less than two years it means you suck. Real election is in November. See ya then.

Dicky Rushton told a reporter from Turtleboy the following yesterday:

The Mayor’s race isn’t even a race. Done deal. Gaffney never had a shot and this night confirms that no one likes him. He spends all this money and knocks on all these doors and he calls himself a leader. But the voters clearly told him that they’re not buying his bullshit.”

Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who dropped out of the election because he can’t possibly win. This Vine says it all:

Joe Petty is treating this like he just became President. He actually had a celebration party with his new girlfriend Sarai Rivera. The two of them have been at standouts together, going door to door together, and last night were pictured hugging together in Worcester Magazine, toasting champagne glasses in the Telegram, and opening up a chain restaurant with depressed workers together.


It’s bizarre and kind of weird for them to be spending that much time together. Besides that though Sarai Rivera has shown that she is anti-police (she voted against the pro-police resolution in December) and she is 150% connected with Mosaic Cultural Complex, as she gave the blessing at 41 Piedmont Street immediately before protesters there left to blockade Kelley Square. She is the leader of the anti-cop movement in Worcester, and she IS Joe Petty. Therefore Joe Petty is anti-cop as well.

The Turtleboy Ticket all advanced. Konnie Lukes strong showing of second place tells you that she obviously touched a nerve by taking on the hippies back in December. Gaffney went from 6th to 4th, and gained tremendous ground on both Petty and Kate Toomey. And Rob Sargent surprised many by finishing 8th. 

The biggest loser last night by far was Phil Palmieri. He almost lost to Bill freaking Coleman!! And people only vote for Bill Coleman because they’ve seen his name on the ballot so many times that they assume he’s an incumbent. Just an epic, epic fail on his part. That’s what he gets for schmoozing up to scumbags like Nathan Pickens.


Ron O’Clair and George Fox, I just don’t understand why guys like this bother getting 300 signatures. Seems like a lot of work if your campaign plan is to sit on your ass and do nothing. We knew they’d be eliminated along with two others. To be honest I’m not shocked that it was Carmona and Parham. I knew it could only be those two or Billy Coleman.

It’s pretty clear at this point that all five incumbents will win re-election. Because as much as people like to bitch around here, we always end up voting for the same schmucks anyway. That leaves one spot – Dicky Rushton’s – for four candidates – Wally, Gomez, Sargent, and King.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get Sargent into that spot. He surprised many last night by finishing so high, but he’s not done yet. Wally would be an absolute disaster. He’s in the king size bed with Petty and Sarai. He is quoted on record as saying the DOJ visit to Worcester was a HUGE success. Anyone who thinks that is just more of the same bullshit. Gomez and King wouldn’t be as bad as him, but neither has been as vocally pro-police as Rob Sargent. On top of that Rob is a high school teacher at Burncoat High School. He’s involved in the community in ways that none of the other three are. It’s really a no-brainer to put this guy on the council. Let’s look at the Ward by Ward breakdown to show you how Gaffney can still win this thing:

Ward Petty Gaffney Diff Location
1 1103 820 -283 West Side (Salisbury St)
2 557 499 -58 Burncoat/W. Boylston St
3 307 219 -88 Lincoln St
4 441 267 -174 Shrewsbury/Plantation St
5 446 458 12 Grafton Hill
6 239 161 -78 Quinsig Village/Vernon Hill
7 525 435 -90 Webster Square
8 236 119 -117 Cambridge/Soutbridge St
9 971 720 -251 West Side (Tatnuck)
10 259 132 -127 Main South

As you can see the only Ward that Gaffney won was Grafton Hill. Because Turtleboy Nation owns Grafton Hill. We deliver more shirts and bumper stickers to people in between Hamilton St and Massasoit Road than we do any other part of the city. It’s not a coincidence that this is a blue collar part of town, because Turtleboy Sports is the blog for the working man and woman of the Woo. People who earn a modest living by working hard and can’t afford to be paying an arm and a leg for property taxes in order to fund useless organizations like Mosaic.

He also faired decently in Wards 2 and 7 – Webster Square and Burncoat Street. Once again, these are neighborhoods filled with hard working people who have had enough.

Areas where he needs support are obviously Wards 1 and 9. These are by far the two highest voter turnout wards. Look, I was born and raised on this side of the city. I’m more west side than Avon Barksdale. But I can tell you right now that this is establishment city. This is where Joe Petty throws huge fundraisers at his rich friend’s homes. This is where upper middle class pearl clutchers with hyphenated names like Liz Sheehan-Castro live because even though they pretend to care about poor people, they would never dream of living amongst them. Here’s a Vine of Liz Sheehan-Castro telling the City Council that the Kelley Square blockade should be “celebrated” by the city, largely because she doesn’t have to live in that neighborhood:

That right there is the type of insane west side voter who currently control Worcester city politics. This is where people with plenty of money vote to have the government take more of their money for things like a chief diversity officer, because they can afford to pay for it, unlike the working class schlubs in Webster Square and Grafton Hill.

The bottom line is people in Webster Square, Grafton Hill, West Boylston Street, Lincoln Street, Quinsigamond Village, and every other blue collar neighborhood in Worcester have to get out and vote in November. We want to thank all of you who voted the Turtleboy Ticket yesterday. You really made a difference. But we need you to get EVERYONE you know to vote for Mike Gaffney for Mayor and Rob Sargent for City Council in November. Tell them what the hippies have done to your city. Remind them that they’re paying for it and they alone can put an end to it.

Lastly, we need old people to vote. Because old people literally live for election day. But the problem is they don’t read Turtleboy Sports. They are the only reason the Telegram and Gazette still exists, and so they probably voted for Petty in high numbers yesterday. But it’s not their fault, they just don’t know any better.

So here’s what we propose for Turtleboy Nation to do – get your grandma and grandpa to vote for Mike Gaffney. Educate them. Let them know that Joe Petty wants this city to be taken over by criminals while he spends their social security check on RBG’s poetry vacations to Oakland. Let them know that Mike Gaffney and Rob Sargent vow to protect them and will make sure their grandchildren will call them more often. We will call this the #Grandmas4Gaffney campaign.

If we follow this two step campaign (blue collar and grandma voting) then Gaffney will be victorious in November and we will have our city back. Turtleboy still believes and so should you. The fight has just begun.

Want to have your business advert seen by over 900,000 people per month? Email us at Turtleboysports@gmail.com for more information, and check out our website about types of advertising we offer.

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Turtleboy Sports bumper stickers

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12 Comment(s)
  • Rick Flair
    September 9, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Turtle boy

  • Publius
    September 9, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    Considering Petty used all available means to get out his vote his count is pretty much what he will get, guaranteed this poster has 6 more for Gaffney come a cool day in November not after Labor Day when even this voter almost didn’t make it.

  • RSoxGuy
    September 9, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    I would love to know the actual number of votes TB got as a write in. I wonder if there is a way to find that out.

    • Dude
      September 9, 2015 at 3:14 pm

      Nope, the only way they would bother to look at the ballots to see who was on there would be in a case where there were enough write in votes to constitute a win or a worthy-enough statistic to list as a separate name. There was only like 100 and something write-ins, not nearly enough to look at. Lets say that number was 1800, then they would pull the write-in ballots to see whose name is there. Its a lot of work for something that really has no bearing on the election.

    • me
      September 9, 2015 at 6:34 pm

      When the polls close, the poll inspectors at each location sift through all the ballots to find the write-in votes and the names get recorded on a separate sheet of paper that gets brought back to City Hall. Like Dude says, I don’t think they share the detailed numbers/names unless they were significant enough to make a difference. I think there were 2 write-in votes for Turtleboy that were cast at the west-side polling location I was working at yesterday.

      • oneopinion
        September 9, 2015 at 8:10 pm

        If that was the polling station at Worcester State than I was one of them

  • Anna Conda
    September 9, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    West sider here..voted for only Gaffney and Lukes, I will be sure to include Sargent in November.

  • OhPlease
    September 9, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    TB….I generally agree with your assessments of the problems plaguing the Woo but I am sick of you acting like older Worcester residents who you dismissively refer to as “old people” don’t matter and don’t care and are less than worthy of your acknowledgment. Stop that. Not everyone over 60 is an Old Balls or Old Ballserina. I’m well over 60 and I can assure you I’m as vital a citizen of Worcester as anyone else. And I stopped reading the T&G when they stopped offering the best feature…anonymous article commentary.

  • Spags
    September 9, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    No no no TB, I love the site but you’re lack of fact checking is getting a little ridiculous. Yes, there is a Rob Sargent that teaches and used to coach baseball at Burncoat. The Robert Sargent running for City Council teaches at East Middle and before that was at Doherty.

    • September 9, 2015 at 11:17 pm

      No rob Sargent taught at east middle last year and transferred to burncoat this year. So yea…

  • Megan DaSilva
    September 9, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    I was surprised not to see Gaffney sign holders in Tatnuck yesterday until after 3pm.

  • The Firm
    September 9, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Dude grafton hill is a shit hole. And you’re a dumbass

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