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Apparently Auburn MA Is Craiglist Prostitution Nexus Of The Universe

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Telegram: Describing online hotel prostitution here as being “out of control,” Auburn Police Chief Andrew J. Slucklis Jr. Friday said police conducted an undercover sex sting that netted three arrests. Police arrested Michael Flaherty, 55, of 13 Winter Place, Leominster; Peter J. Lapomardo, 26, of 114 Partridge Hill Road, Charlton; and Patrick D. Thompson, 56, of 296 Leicester St., Auburn. The three are charged with sexual conduct solicitation for a fee.

Chief Sluckis said the arrests were an “effort to curb prostitution in area hotels” and was conducted by the Auburn Police Detective Bureau. There are several hotels in the town, which is a crossroads for Interstates, 290, 395 and 90 and Routes 12 and 20. The chief said the sting operation targeted customers of online prostitution with the cooperation of a hotel.

Police placed an advertisement on Craigslist Thursday and arrangements were made with several men to meet at a hotel so the men could engage in sex, or sex acts, with an individual they believed to be a prostitute.

However, the chief said, “the individual on the other end of the computer was an undercover detective. As a result of the sting, three individuals were arrested at various times Friday.

To emphasize the severity of the problem with online prostitution encounters, the chief said, “This is the result of us posting an online advertisement. In 20 minutes we had 25 responses.”

Craigslist took the advertisement down within 20 minutes because someone flagged the ad as being inappropriate.


I really had no idea Craigslist prostitution was still an “in” thing. I thought the whole Craigslist killer thing might’ve made that sort of transaction slightly less appealing. I guess I was wrong. Seriously though – 25 responses in 20 minutes? That’s big fucking business right there. There are really that many dudes around here who regularly check up on the latest hooker postings on Craigslist? How many people would they have gotten if it had been up for an hour? Holy smokes.

I’m not saying this just because Mrs. Turtleboy reads the blog, but the thought of going onto Craigslist and getting me a prostitute has never crossed my mind even when I was single. I had no idea prostitution was this common. This means people I know MUST be getting prostitutes on the regular. It’s a statistical fact at this point isn’t it? This little stunt proves that. I bet 15% of you reading this right now have gotten prostitutes in the last year. Very naughty Turtle riders. Very naughty.

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Oh yea, and this must be KILLING the Main South brick-and-mortar prostitution industry. If I’m a 50 year old hooker on Crystal Street then I’m petitioning the government for more stings like this. It almost seems lazy to get one online. I mean, you should at least have to work for it. At the bare minimum you should have to go down to Main Street in your 94 Sentra and roll down your window to negotiate rates with the world record holder for appearances in the courthouse records. That’s how prostitution was done back in my day.

Here’s the thing with stings like this though – they’re bullshit. I hate stuff like this. It’s the police creating a crime that doesn’t normally exist. There is no prostitute, therefore there is no prostitution. They’re soliciting to see what you WOULD do if you were presented with an ethical dilemma. It would be like police going into a bar at last call and handing every drunk they see the keys to a brand new car, and then pulling them over for a DUI. They weren’t planning on doing that until the cops CREATED the crime. Plus, they’re taking advantage of fat bastards who can’t get laid. That’s just mean.

Serious question for the readers though – should prostitution be legal? I know some advanced countries have made it legal and it’s regulated and safe and everything. Plus in America when you take a nice girl out for a date, pay for everything, and then end up getting lucky at the end of it, didn’t you just participate in a more socially acceptable form of prostitution? At the same time I don’t know if I want Turtleboy Jr. growing up in a world where he steals my credit card and learns about the birds and the bees from some c-section veteran.

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5 Comment(s)
  • Nick
    February 14, 2015 at 1:10 am

    Why not legalize it. Tax the shit out of it. Bam … financial crisis avoided. Not really, but worth a try lol.

  • Wabbitt
    February 13, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    I don’t get why a guy would go all the way to Auburn from Leominster just for a hooker. Aren’t there a shit load of available ladies in Fitchburg? Or did they go south for the winter?

  • R.J.
    February 13, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    Hell yes, legalize it. The war on drugs comes in second to this business when it comes to historic attempts on stopping it. One legalized, all negatives that go along with it because it’s illegal will disappear.

  • Not-A-Hippie
    February 13, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    Why not? Turtleboy Jr. can just go to Rhode Island, anyways.

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