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  • Apparently Rosie O’Donnell’s New Girlfriend Is A Hot, Younger Worcester Cop

    Apparently Rosie O’Donnell’s New Girlfriend A Hot, Younger Worcester Cop

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    TIL (this I learned) today – Rosie O’Donnell has a much younger girlfriend, and she is a Worcester cop who is part of the horse riding division:

    Dear God, I hope Rosie’s trophy girlfriend never lets her ride that poor horse. Thoughts and prayers.

    Here’s my question – why would any lesbian ever wanna be with Rosie O’Donnell? This is the real mystery of lesbianism to me. Gay guys make sense. They’re more often than not in really good shape, they smell good, they have clean homes, and they go to the gym. I get why men who are attracted to other men would be attracted to 99% of gay guys.

    But no heterosexual guy has ever looked at Rosie O’Donnell and said, “I’d like to toss my taco warmer in her burrito.” And if lesbians and heterosexual guys are both attracted to women, then it makes zero sense that anyone would ever choose to scissor with Rosie O’Donnell. Especially a younger, in shape, Worcester chick. Is the lady pond really so weak that women feel the need to settle for Rosie O’Donnell? You’re better off at a WPI frat party. Sad.

    P.S. Why is Rosie still in America? Thought we got rid of these people a year ago today?

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    1. whatevuh

      Officer Elizabeth Rooney, who is actually pretty good looking, and I don’t understand this either LOL

    2. 2wEntEe

      It’s all about the Benjamin’s

    3. Leonard


    4. Dick Hertz from Holden

      What a shame, I wouldn’t f**k Rosie with your dick

    5. chrissy loves Louis CK even if Rosie pointed out his Masturbatory Practices

      Rosie is the one spearheading the “Louis CK won’t stop cornering women in his industry and jacking off” campaign I read about a few months ago.. except, unlike with anyone else, i was like, yeah, the witness accounts are piling up, but i still love him lol.. he could rape the whole planet and still be the man

      Rosie is like a trophy to these hot young thangs
      Same as Ellen for gorgeous blonde women

      1. chrissy loves Louis CK even if Rosie pointed out his Masturbatory Practices

        nvm that was Roseanne Barr not Rosie… same woman to me

    6. Loud & Big

      It will end badly & Worchester will be kinda on the map for a few minutes.

    7. Rosie O'Grady

      So what – leave them the fuck alone if they’re happy…

    8. Bulldog

      TIL means Today I Learned, not “this I learned.”

    9. Hughbo Mont

      Wow, I havent seen this sow in a long time. I almost didnt recognize her since she has had the shitload of work done to her face. She is still a cunt and giant hypocrite.

    10. Nai

      This is exactly the kind of female cop that I can’t stand (not the being lesbian part) but the kind that cares way too much about her makeup and looking stellar that it overshadows everything. This cop is flighty. She took a coveted spot on the mounted patrol that she didn’t deserve and then ohhh nooo she decided she didn’t want to do it anymore and wanted to try to be a Statie instead.

      I also hold Command responsible– because of her great looks she is being used as a PR tool for the police. Shame, as I’d rather see guys or girls who deserve it to be propped up!

      Anyway, why would she go with Rosie when there must be tons of hot, powerful lesbians in Hollywood lol

    11. Nai

      Wait, she’s not a WPD officer anymore, as she left to become a Statie (in their academy)

    12. JoeMomma

      She will come to the same conclusion as her last “wife”
      Being dead is better than being with Rosie…..

      1. Nai

        I never pay much attention to Rosie news topics but now I have to investigate some articles as I’ve seen a few comments like yours implying that her last girlfriend is dead under suspicious circumstances!!

    13. Itsjustme

      I’m a straight woman and I’m not a fan of Rosie’s but I wouldn’t say she is unattractive, I wouldn’t say she is gorgeous either.

      1. KJDS

        The second she opens her mouth (or lays her finger on a keyboard) she becomes the ugliest person on the planet.

    14. Spankster

      Funny how a professional cop hater ends up going with one. Must be tough being in a long distance affair. I mean Rosie moved to Canada right??

    15. Think First

      Great article about gay guys.

      I couldn’t agree more, look at Kevin Lynch for example. Clean, fit and intelligent! What gay guy wouldn’t want a piece of that???

    16. Bill Realist

      Rosie O’donnell is a cancer upon this planet. Just a disgusting, vile, evil human being. Right up there with Pol Pot, Stalin and Whoppie Goldberg.

    17. Troubled Nostrils

      Brings a whole new meaning to , “Fuck tha police.”

    18. Worcester is a place you move out of

      Let’s see…date an older multi-millionaire celebrity or date a Worcester millennial who plays video games and lives in his/her parents basement?

      Let’s see go for drinks in Manhattan or at Mambo?

      Penthouse by Central Park or third floor dump in Worcester section 8 land?

      Mingle with actual celebrities or hang with drug dealers who aren’t soon-to-be-rappers. LOL

      Reality check Worcester! This is a no brainer.

    19. Mr. Ed

      I can’t get past the whole “horse” analogy thing. With the cop riding a horse for work to her riding another horse, who also happens to be a horses ass. Talk about the perfect job qualifications. Wiiilllbuurrr

    20. Mr. Ed

      I just can’t help myself-

      A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
      And no one can talk to a horse of course
      That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Rosie O.

      Go right to the source and ask the horse
      She’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse.
      She’s always on an asinine course.
      Talk to Rosie O.

      Rosie will yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day
      But the cop will never speak unless she has something to say.

      A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
      And this one’ll talk ’til her voice is hoarse.
      You never heard of a talking horse?

      Well listen to this.

      I am Rosie O.

    21. Eric the actor

      Another amazing interview by Howard Stern 2 days ago. It’s funny I thought of the turtle when she said she’s from Worcester!!

    22. Gina

      She gets women for the same reason Harvey Weinstein had a hot wife… $$$$$ and access to fame and celebs…some people will degrade themselves and fuck anything to have access to that lifestyle…

    23. Pat

      The writer of this article must be really close to gay guys (not that he’s gay wink) to even know how they smell?

    24. […] we published this harmless, light hearted blog about Rosie O’Donnell announcing that her new girlfriend is a Worcester Cop on the mounted […]

    25. Alfred

      There’s only one reason, it’s the bulge in Rosie pants. Her wallet. It’s all about the money.

      Btw, there’s no way I’m attracted to 99% of gay guys… shaved heads, goatee, tattoos. Nope.

    26. charlie

      money dude,shes set for life,no matter what sexual orientation ytou are,especially women,are out for the money,im pretty sure my financial status has EVERYTHING to do with my lack of attention,is on the deeper end of fact than opinion that girls NEED to marry their daddys and be taken care of in gold proceedings

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