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Autistic Torrington HS Freshman Whose Mom Just Died Violently Beaten & Robbed By Older Thugs Because He Flashed A Peace Sign That They Said Was A Gang Sign

Autistic Torrington HS Freshman Whose Mom Just Died Violently Beaten & Robbed By Older Thugs Because He Flashed A Peace Sign That They Said Was A Gang Sign

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Here’s a disturbing video out of Torrington CT, showing of a kid being assaulted and robbed by other kids, while others recorded it and uploaded it to social media to humiliate him some more:

That’s him getting robbed.

Here’s one of his assailants handing off the stuff he just ripped out of his pockets and handing them to his boy on a bike:

This asshole needs to be in handcuffs immediately:

Here he is getting sucker punched in the face:

The kid asks for his phone back after it was just taken out of his pockets

When he gets cold clocked in the head by some shithead:

That shithead who hit him is the one in the black vest with the white t-shirt:

He was also one of the pussbags who had just robbed the kid too:

And earlier he had hit the kid and menacingly stood over him while yelling racial slurs:

Friends of the victim say that the victim is a freshman at Torrington High School, and may be autistic. The kid who assaulted him is a senior at the same school, named Avery Shmurda:

As you can see, he claims to live in Waterbury because he’s trying to increase his street cred. But he’s really from Torrington. A nice little town in northwestern CT that has no gangs, and definitely no street cred.

Nevertheless, Avery owns the hat of champions:

So now he thinks he’s hood. But don’t fool yourself Avery – at the end of the day you’re just a little bitch from Torrington. A little choad who is so much of a pansy ass that he has to resort to attacking a kid several years younger than he is, while he’s alone and you’re in a group.

What. A. Bitch.


Word is that Avery is the only one who has been arrested so far. Torrington PD issued the following press release:

So the kid did nothing wrong. This was all over a misinterpreted hand gesture. Several witnesses claim that the kid was trying to do a backwards peace sign to try to fit in, and these savages decided that he was tossing them gang signs. Which makes tons of sense, because there’s lots of gangs in Torrington. Or they were just looking for a reason to kick the shit out of and rob an easy target, like a little freshman white kid who they know won’t hit back.

Now in general I don’t believe any crimes should be called a hate crime. You shouldn’t punish a crime more severely because of the beliefs in a person’s head. But since hate crimes are a thing, this should obviously be considered one. The kid was white. All of his assailants were black. If the roles were reversed this video would be on the national news, and it most certainly would be a hate crime. But just like in Quincy, white people seem to be immune from being hate crime victims.

My question is, what’s Torrington HS doing about it? Because I hear all the time about how schools are cracking down on bullying, and having bullying seminars, and all other kinds of feel good stuff like that. Well, here’s some bullying on steroids. If they don’t get expelled, or at least suspended 10 days, then Torrington HS’s anti-bullying program is worthless dogshit.

Oh, and to add onto that, other people are saying that the victim’s mother recently died:

Every minute that Torrington HS allows these animals to walk their halls they are condoning this bullying.

Anyway, when the Quincy video came out the defense that was used was that the Milton kids were racists. Because being a racist justifies a physical attack in 2017. Even though there was no video evidence whatsoever, if you say someone is a racist, they are a racist. And you can do whatever you want to them. Same shit happened here, and the free my boi patrol is out in full force:

Then you got the white kid trying to earn diversity points by defending his boys:

According to Cody Bishop it was OK because they gave him his stolen property back:

Must’ve missed that part in the video. But please Cody, tell me more how you’re not defending these savages. Looks like you’re good friend with Avery:

Whatever though, junior hoodrats going full free my boi is nothing new. It’s almost expected at this point. What’s simply inexcusable is when grown adults try justifying behavior. Like this woman:

Avery is a good boy? Nah, Avery is a savage. And his mother is a complete failure and raised a violent felon for a son. If your son grows up to be like this by senior year in high school it means you didn’t raise your kid to have any sort of values or compassion for their fellowman. It’s one of the most basic requirements for living in a civilized society.

Then there was this nudnik, who seems to be more concerned with the WORDS that were said beforehand than she is about the violent assault and robbery:

“Minus the robbing and assault, they did nothing that I personally felt was wrong.”

Yea, as long as you can look past that whole sucker punch and group robbery they’re completely innocent. Just like that guy in Charlottesville who ran over a protester. Besides the whole murder thing I hardly saw anything wrong in that video.

Newsflash – it doesn’t matter what happened before this video. He could’ve called them every name in the book and none of it would justify what they did to him.

But of course he never hit them or called them racial slurs, obviously, because that would be a stupid idea on his part. His crime was that he tried to fit in because he’s obviously not all there. They intentionally chose to pretend that he was being aggressive and flashing gang signs at them, even though neither of them is in a gang, and they live in a city with no gangs, so they would have an excuse to assault him.

People like Jeri Denise Thompson are the real problem. They make the assholes in this video feel justified because the kids know that adults have their backs. Not just ratchet adults either. Adults who are CEO’s of businesses:

Whatever you do, do NOT flood Jeri’s Baked Goods and Catering’s Facebook page with comments about their CEO being a racist, thug enabling waste of space.

Anyway, the others who robbed this poor kid all need to be named and arrested. Torrington HS needs to do their job and punish these kids too. The victim has a right to go to school and know he will be safe. That cannot happen as long as he has to roam the same hallways as these savages.


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21 Comment(s)
  • Diane Woods emerson
    September 17, 2017 at 9:16 am

    I don’t understand why it always goes to race. I just see assholes being assholes. And kids ARE assholes because they can and they get away with it. Especially groups. Facks, each single kid alone is likely a pussy , but combined they think they are tuff. Stupid and illegal to intimidate and rob anyone , even more stupid to record and interweb it. Dumbasses.
    If we start putting parent in jail for savage children and make parents pay for teen pregnancy and subsequent child, guaranteed the issues will decrease. Right now no one HAS to raise their kids correctly , no consequences ever.

  • Sue
    September 14, 2017 at 8:57 am

    Being a young teenager and loosing your mother is horriable and then to have to go to school and be bullied and beat for trying to fit in. Imagine what was going through this young man’s head. He was probably very scared and didn’t really understand what they were doing all that to him for. I pray that he has a good homelife and that the people that are involed with him are taking this very serious. He deserves to go to school and get a education and to NOT be afraid of little shit head brats who feel the need to pick on someone who is clearly weaker then them. I would love for these boys to go a real Hood and act that way. They would be pissing their pants. Not only does this young man have autism, but he just lost his mother. Talk about kicking a person when they are down. I really hope that something is done about this. i wish I could help personally, I would donate to help replace his stolen belongings as I think others would too.

    • DJ Trump
      September 14, 2017 at 5:48 pm

      …and yet these yoofs will go unpunished.
      Keep voting democrat idiots.

  • Steve
    September 13, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Embrace the diversity people.

  • Hanginpossum
    September 13, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Anyone who believes that they actually thought that he was reppin a rival gang is softer than shit.

  • Independent Thinker
    September 13, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    The gangs, with their drugs and violence, have ruined our cities. Now, their filth is spreading into the suburbs and smaller towns. Things will only get worse until they are exterminated, but that will never happen because any official who says this will be fired and probably charged with a hate crime. Connecticut is quickly losing the battle, while the governor was giving money to other states to help them impose gun control instead of worrying about his own state because he thought he’d be in Washington working for President Hillary.

  • True Reality Speaks
    Autism Dad
    September 13, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    If this kid was mine and got no justice from the TPD and courts, you can believe I would exact my own “justice” on each of these little pussies, individually. They would never see it coming, and afterwards they would regret the day they were born.

  • Bfunk
    September 13, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    It’s a sad day when you can’t trust the morals of the CEO of a cupcake shop. Hope somebody goes into her bakery and licks the top of every fucking donut on sale, Arianna Grande style.

  • whatevuh
    Dick Hertz from Holden
    September 13, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    funny how these idiots have to put CEO instead of just ‘owner’ Makes them sound more important than they really are. You run a fucking bakery for Christ’s sake, not a fucking fortune 500 company, get over yourself. Congrats on raising a little black savage though, job well done !

  • whatevuh
    September 13, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    just more ignorant little nigglets

  • Sue
    September 13, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Please get this kid the justice he deserves. It is so hard to see a child get bullied.

  • Fucking SAVAGES!
    September 13, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    I hope these savage monkeys get their fucking faces curb stomped American History X style.

  • Facks
    September 13, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    If all that the readers were presented with were the pictures of everyone involved and that someone got beat up anyone pretending that they couldn’t guess who did what isn’t being honest

  • DisgustedAndSad
    September 13, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    The Torrington police dept is a JOKE!! Theirs nothing to prove this is a hate crime or racially motivated? Hum how about 4 black kids against 1 white AUTISTIC kid! Isn’t that grounds for also arresting these kids for abuse of a disabled person? No joke, this poor kid lost is mother, and then gets robbed and beat is sad but to be disabled by having autism is on another level entirely of hatred! They took advantage of this autistic kid and these 4 maggots should most definitely get arrested for not only assault and battery, intent to rob, but also the assault and battery on a disabled person, in don’t care what the autistic kid said, orwhat hand signals he threw up, he is not all there for one so who knows what he thinks he was doing! I don’t believe for a second the kid said the n word to agitate anyone. Seems to me that the kid was in his own little world, that’s what’s presented by the actual EVIDENCE as I recorded video rolling from these same maggots taunting the autistic kid! How about the police do their jobs and arrest these individuals accordingly based on the CRIMES they committed and what hey have evidence of through means of video, that the assailants themselves provided to the Facebook community which is now public!? This is why we have trials police officers, because you’re not the judges or a panel of unbiased jurors to base your judgement reasonlably on what you have presented to you as evidence! Clearly they have evidence and they’re ignoring the crimes altogether. One kid out of four was arrested, one, and even thou they were all black who committed the crimes and the person they assaulted was white as ever, it’s not a hate crime, it’s also not a hate crime that the white kid was autistic which means disabled in America! That’s 2 forms of hate crime, racially motivated and disabled kind. So what good are our laws if this shit happens and these wannabe thugs get away with their crimes on the innocent? No where in all the video recording did I hear or see anything said to motivate these individuals to act the way the did, I never heard the n word either, just from the black kids mouth, and u can tell it was the black kid because he’s taunting and speaking to the poor white kid who didn’t say a damn word back out of FEAR!!!!! The Torrington police better do their damn jobs and serve the justice here which is minimum arrests of all these thugs! They don’t need to do anything further then that, it’s the job of judges and jurors to decide if they did break laws. Which we all KNOW based on the recorded videoed that they DID break numerous laws. So Torrington Pd do your damn job, and let the others do their jobs as well! If they don’t do their jobs then theirs a huge problem with the system in place here indefinitely! Theirs 3 charges that fit the crime recorded by these perps, it would be highly suspicious of the police NOT to process these individuals based on their crimes! If it was a white persons on a black perso ALL hell would break loose and TB is correct this would be publicized all over the media as a hate crime but here we have the opposite and it’s not considered a hate crime??? This is exactly why shit is happening in this country he way it is today! Black lives matter and so doesn’t white, and red, and tan and every other color! We have almost grown adults in high school beating up and robbing a young disabled kid with autism who just entered high school and they’re not going to hold these young adults accountable because they’re black??? Clearly theirs enough evidence in those videos to prove and warrant arrests for those crimes being committed upon this disabled freshmen kid. Even if you remove color from the videos, which I simply can not. This is a double race crime, both for race and disability reasons! Not acceptable and the school should I definitively EXPELL these bastard boys, for the simple fact that he law states that in public schools no person or child who is disabled shall be in fear of any crime at any time while at school! The citizens pay for these kids to go to school, the schools also get a shit ton of money for disabled kids to be able to attend public schools! It’s also state and federal laws that back these disabled kids from this type of crimes against them while at school! Someone in his family should get the Feds involved in this seeing how the city state police don’t want to do their damn jobs and the Feds won’t be too happy that this is going when they hand money over tot he state and city to fund autistic and other disabled children to be able to have a normal life and be successful contributing adults later on in their life! Clearly these thugs can’t figure out how to make their own money that they need to jump and steal it from a disabled CHILD! Let them get away with this now and they’ll be doing worse to more disabled and younger people in he future, and more of these types will follow because that’s the message the police send when they don’t treat everyone the same who breaks the LAW! Please do your jobs! The school too! Or I’ll be the first to call up the Feds to make sure your funding gets stopped, becasue you’re doing NOTHING to protect these types of kids from being harmed while in school which they’re being funded handsomely for! Ps I don’t have a disabled child but if I did I’d be bat shitcrazy over this! Not acceptable at any age, any skin color, anytime!!

  • Avery Wears a Bowtie!
    September 13, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    How fuckin’ gay is the bowtie? Pussy!

  • KimberlyS
    September 13, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Jeri’s cake decorating skills are . . . non-existent.

  • Ice McDice
    September 13, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    They dindu nuffin

  • Strata
    September 13, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Torrington Police Department and Torrington High School …… you have ALL the evidence you need !

    Lets see if these criminals are truly held accountable……. we’re all watching ! The balls in your court Police & school

  • AngryTurtle
    Angry Turtle Rider
    September 13, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    If I can be fired for posting shit on Facebook, these kids should be able to be expelled/suspended for it…

    They were provoked? So naturally people who are provoked grab their phones and record themselves beating a kid with sucker punches and stealing his stuff. People don’t record that stuff to, oh I don’t know, show how tuff they are or anything right? The internet is not flooded with videos of bully’s randomly sucker punching other kids (wasn’t there just one where a kid sucker punched another kid with brass knuckles and is now facing weapons charges?? I’m sure that kid flashed gang signs too!)

    And worst case, the autistic kid flashed some signs and called ’em the N word… that justifies a beating and theft? Awesome rationalization! No wonder people tear up and loot their own neighborhoods to ‘protest’ unfair treatment…. TB is right, NOTHING he did short of beating on them first would justify the crap they pulled…

    And why are the cops dragging their feet??? You clearly have ASSAULT and ROBBERY happening on video… short of a confession what more can you ask for? These kids want to act hard like they are from around the way, treat them like the hardened criminals they portray to be… charge them as adults (hey they are seniors anyway right?)

    What do I know though, I’m just a poor white middle class straight guy who has everything handed to him and gets all the privilege right?

  • Peckerwood
    September 13, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    Just more black on white violent crime, move along, nothing to see here.

    • Wily Coyote
      September 13, 2017 at 2:43 pm

      Black on white crime doesn’t exist bud. Sorry to inform you. only white people can be racist and or commit hate crimes. Duh!!!!
      Welcome to 2017, progressive retrogression.

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