• Barnstable Assbadger Husband Starts $5K GoFundMe For Junkbox Wife Locked Up In Florida For Drugs, Pretends Another Woman Started The GFM

    Barnstable Assbadger Husband Starts $5K GoFundMe For Junkbox Wife Locked Up In Florida For Drugs, Pretends Another Woman Started The GFM

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    Here’s your GoFundMe scam of the day from Florida via Cape Cod:

    It’s been started by this woman:

    So you know it’s legit.

    Let’s review why you should give these people $5,000:

    • Linda Corshia abandoned her kids to go to Florida and got arrested for drug
    • She turned to drugs when she “temporarily” lost her husband
    • She “lost” the family that she chose to abandon in Tennessee
    • Jail is painful because she can’t do drugs
    • She’s a great person when she’s clean, which apparently is never
    • One of her greatest joys is spending time with her 4 grandkids. Almost as much of a joy as getting high.
    • She needs medical care for her “disease,” and a “family approved” lawyer so she can get to a rehab hospital.
    • Here’s a link to her arrest and mugshot. According to the police she was not only using, she was also selling.

    Yea, that seems like money well spent. Who is more deserving of our charity than a woman who chose to move to Florida and inject poison into her body rather than be with her family? If you can’t get a return on investment with a face like this:

    Then who can you get ROI with?

    In the meantime her page is being run by the “husband” who “temporarily” was lost, leading to her downfall to addiction. This same husband is now running her Facebook page and sharing the GFM:

    And he really misses her now:

    But remember, according to the GoFundMe, it was created by this woman:

    Joy Gomes from Barnstable.

    Yet Joy hasn’t shared it once on her Facebook page, and two days ago he announced on Linda’s page that he was setting up the GoFundMe for his wife:

    Oh yea, this story checks out. I’m sure once the husband, who obviously can be trusted, gets the $5K, the first thing he’ll do is pay a lawyer to get her into rehab. He would NEVER take that money and use it on drugs for himself. Way too reputable of a guy.

    Oh wait, as it turns out the reason David Corshia was “temporarily” gone was because he was sitting in a Tennessee jail on aggravated domestic assault charges

    Not the first tim either:

    CORSHIA, David, 37, 579 West Yarmouth Road, Yarmouth; assault and battery, May 9, and larceny of a value more than $250 by single scheme, May 15 in Barnstable. Pretrial hearing July 21.

    But at least he’s never been charged with larceny……..

    CORSHIA, David A., 35, Abington; admitted sufficient facts to larceny of a value more than $250 April 22 in Yarmouth, continued without a finding for one year, $90 fees.

    Oh wait, yes he has.

    Nice try David. But if you wanted to get your next $5,000 fix, you should’ve been a little less obvious about it.


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      Geesh. She looks like Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.

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      What Would Duterte Do?

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        Rody would eliminate the whole crew instantly.

    3. ?

      Solution is to throw this woman into an alligator breeding pond. That will take one drug abuser off the streets while saving taxpayer expence for her incarceration.

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      I wanna spread some “joy” between her titties

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