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  • Bleachie McMullet, Who Says Charlie Manson Dindu Nuffin, Should Probs Go Back To Blowing Dudes From A Bon Jovi Cover Band Instead Of Ignorantly Defending A Murderer 

    Yeah, he’s guilty. Take a seat, scumbox. 

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    So is this what happens when you get hit with a Delorean driven by a coked-out Sebastian Bach years before he dropped out of Skid Row, trimmed his mullet, and opted to do Jesus Christ Superstar? 

    When you fantasize about being humped by a fat Axl Rose with cornrows? 

    When you’re stuck in some never-ending time loop, aquanetting your hair with an aerosol stash hidden in your leather fringe purse, hailing Satan, and waiting for the Quiet Riot senior van to pull up outside the Legion Hall so that Randy Rhodes can sign your withered flapjacks? 

    I’m only asking because I don’t even know where to start on the amazing amount of ignorance here but I’ll do my best to break down why 80’s Groupie Barbie is so fucking off the mark with this it should hurt. Kind of like when Cliff Burton died under the Metallica tour bus and they replaced him with queefy Jason Newsted. 
    Alright, I’m done making the hair band analogies. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 

    Nikki seems to be a Satanist and values animals over the lives of innocent people. Isn’t that nice. 

    Along with a stupid knowledge of butt rock – I’ve been a student of true crime for as long as I can remember. So, needless to say, Nikki, who is grosser than the floor at CBGB’s, ain’t got shiiiiit on how much I know about Charles Manson and others like him. She couldn’t have made a bigger mistake. Well, unless she was trying to go Free Mah Boi on Jim Jones. 

    Claiming that Charles Manson never did anything wrong, or wasn’t a murderer because he wasn’t on the scene for the Tate/LaBianca murders is idiotic. In July 1969, about a month before the infamous killings, Manson shot a drug dealer in the chest named Bernard “Lotsapoppa” Crowe. He did it. Not a follower. MANSON HIMSELF. Rape, murder, hustling, pimping, burglary, drug sales? Yep, he was guilty of all of it by his own admission. 

    The only, and I mean ONLY, injustice that ever happened to Manson was when Richard Nixon announced he was guilty before the jury had a chance to convene and render a verdict. That’s it. 

    Many experts believe there were more murders that Manson got away with but never found.  Both lawfully and morally. Murder by proxy is a real thing and why Manson sat in jail. It’s the same thing as hiring a Hitman. If you orchestrate and order a murder you are just as guilty of it. His power is nothing short of apparent when you see the videos and pictures from how Patricia Krenwinkel, Charles “Tex” Watson, Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins, Bobby Beausoleil all behaved like mindless zombies, acting out at the behest of Manson, while they were on trial for seven fucking murders. 

    Members of “The Family” sat outside the court house, carving X’s on their foreheads, and regurgitating the cult mentality for the press. 

    Hell, it even continued after Manson was behind bars when Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme tried to gun down Gerald Ford. 

    Manson used a variety of powerful manipulation tactics to create the following that carried out these murders. They killed an unborn baby boy, and carved up innocent people, because Manson ordered the followers to make it as gruesome as possible. Why? So his hateful ass could blame the Black Panthers and start a race war. 

    I won’t go in to the entire history of it because I’ve spent years trying to gain an understanding as to how people so horrible can act like magnets to the weak-minded. 

    So you know what Nikki? You brainless, outdated, twat – I’ll be accepting your humble apologies on behalf of the families who are still alive that had their loved ones butchered. The next time you decide to make a scathing public update you best remember to not write a check your butt can’t cash. 

    Hail SSTG, Cunt. 

    South Shore Turtlegirl

    [email protected]

    Covering the dirty South Shore and Coast. Email me with tips, send me some hate mail, or just say hello!

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    1. Metal Headz

      Cliff Burton was not replaced by Kirk Hammett, you dummy!

      1. Bill from White Plains

        Just another satanic lost soul. There’s a huge underground movement out there of these sickos, delve into it. Expose thier stupidity. Tarot cards, psychics reike etc. Pure evil shit. They’ll say the pentagram isn’t a satanic symbol, its “nature based”, or that they worship nature, its all natural etc. BS, its all lies. This Manson follower shows that.

        1. Sick

          Rochelle Bond, baby Bella’s mother. The little girl that washes up on deer island. Her mother practiced this crap. This is sick. All of it

    2. chrissy

      “Hail SSTG, Cunt”

      Dark Dungeon Dominatrix!

      I think you have a potential side job!

    3. S

      Charlie Don’t Surf.

    4. phong

      That hair looks more mid-late 70’s, esp. with the feathering.

      80’s was more height than width, and center parts were kind of rare.

      1. KJDS

        Very Farrah Fawcett-like.

    5. nate s

      Manson was a killer but his views on the blacks were 100 per cent right on

    6. Randy Rhoads

      I’m dead, 1982.

      1. MetalHeadz

        Yes RR dead Another error in the article

    7. Brian Anderson

      As an Australian friend would say about SSTG’s thoughts: PURE GOLD!

      I seriously hope she tries to sue for deformation!!!!!

      (But now I’m listening to QRIII…thanks)

    8. JoeMomma

      Chuckies ashes should be flushed down the toilet….it’s a fitting end for every piece of shit.

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