• Bootleg Rapper/Record Label CEO Posts About Drug Testing For Food Stamps While Telling Addicts To Sell Him EBT For Half Price

    Bootleg Rapper/Record Label CEO Posts About Drug Testing For Food Stamps While Telling Addicts To Sell Him EBT For Half Price

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    Billy Knutson is a semi-famous Internet rapper and the “CEO/Founder” of “Murder Musick Ent. LLC:

    His music is about as awful as you would imagine a bootleg midwestern rapper’s music can be:

    Kill me now.

    Anyway, he uses his limited Facebook fame for social activism and making a difference in the community.

    Just kidding.

    He buy food stamps for half price from his junkie fans:

    Which is all the more hilarious since he posted this yesterday:

    Yea, if you’re a crackhead living off the government we should do something to stop you from being a crackhead living off the government. Oh, I have an idea – sell me your EBT cards for half price so you can continue to fuel your habits. Then watch my crappy music on Youtube. Because Billy Knutson doesn’t share any blame in this problem. It’s not like he’s providing a market for junkies to sell food stamps on Facebook. It’s all their fault. He’s doing everything right. Life is good for a CEO of a bootleg record label that produces free music on Youtube.

    Oh, and you’ll never guess who his favorite sportball team is…..

    Flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat? Never saw that one coming. Ever. A turtle rider put it best in the comments last week:

    Smart mom.



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    1. livesinlowell

      This is supposed to be posted on Fridays, ya donkey brains. Get with the program, Sir.

    2. Deval For President 2020

      These are just anecdotes. Everyone who is someone knows EBT card fraud is non-existent and just a vast right-wing conspiracy.

    3. bigdaddy

      we should be allowed to go up to any one wearing a flat brimmed Chi Bulls cap and kick them in the groin Odds s are they are a useless POS

      1. ScottyMFV

        I mean you can try, Mr internet warrior, but that dude would slaughter you.

      2. Shutupstupid

        Pleaee, you won’t do shit.

    4. Sonny's Mom

      “As of March 2017, at least 20 states have proposed legislation requiring some form of drug testing or screening for public assistance recipients this year. The states include: … Maine, Massachusetts, … Rhode Island, … and Vermont.”
      [CT and NH not on the list.]
      (Source: ncsl dot org)

      1. The Executioner

        Key word in the above statement is “proposed”. It always fails in a liberal SJW state like Mass.

    5. Shilo

      I’d like to see any of you try to walk up and punch or kick him he’d rip your head off. So don’t talk shit about someone you don’t know!

      1. Come at me bro

        Yeah like we are supposed to take him serious wearing that hat. Listen littleness girl, 1999 called, they want their hat back. I bet you draw your eyebrows on, and you’d date a shitbag like this. Grow up, you ain’t gangsta, you’re a classless little skank wanna be pill popping ho-bag. $10 my short self would whoop your ass from Ohio to Rhode Island. Back to the trap house skank whore

        1. Come at me bro

          Little*, not littleness
          Yeah I correct my own grammar mistakes bitch

        2. J~Dubba

          Like we’re sup to take u serious? Sports ball? Omg he’s wearing a flat brimmed hat, everyone grab ur kids and run! Dumb ass! U sound racist, I guess everyone who wears flat brimmed hats are no good pos thugs…

          1. Seriously?

            “everyone who wears flat brimmed hats are no good pos thugs…” is a fact. Race be damned, EBT, gangsta thugs, and flat brimmed hats = shitbags.

      2. Billy Knutso

        He’s a pussy. Can’t get a real job because he’s such a tough guy gangbanger. I would simply run him over and squash him like the rat he is…the sad thing would be getting his entrails stuck in my tire threads.

    6. Chant

      You guys have nothing better to do. Murder Musik / PTB for life. All you assholes do is hide behind a compiter running your mouths and making stories out of dumb shit like this. He posts shit like this to russle jimmies not being serious but im sure he appriciayes the free publicity

    7. ScottyMFV

      Internet warriors… That’s all they are

      1. Come at me bro

        Yo! This dude looks like he’d be following ole stanky sack around and wearing that hat backwards, part of his crew. Jesus, do you people wake up everyday and say “well my life sucks so I go boost the ego of an internet rapper/CEO and be part of his crew”. You set your fat ass up for the torment you’re about to get, you don’t get to look like that and defend this fuckboy on our page.

      2. Maura Healey

        You sound triggered you need to call the Attorney General’s Hotline at 1-800-994-3228 and request a comfort puppy

    8. Turtledeeznutz

      Do they call you turtleboy because of how slow you are?

    9. Brian

      This is one of those cases where you just look at a picture and see someone and know what kind of loser scumbag they are. This guy is the face of people with no life

    10. Wrong tree

      Don’t hate the playa hate the game. He didn’t create the problem, he doesn’t like the problem, but as long as it’s there he’ll exploit it.

    11. Filipino

      In my country he would already be dead and you people who speak for him would be dead with him.

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