• Boston Firefighters Pull Charlestown Gutter Weevil Out Of Sewer After She Fell In Trying To Get Her $5 Crack Money

    Boston Firefighters Pull Charlestown Gutter Weevil Out Of Sewer After She Fell In Trying To Get Her $5 Crack Money

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    Meanwhile in the Polk Street Charlestown projects, here’s a ratchet getting pulled out of the sewer because she got stuck down there after trying to retrieve her $5.

    Gotta get that money dog. Newport 100’s don’t grow on trees, and Diego the neighborhood H dealer doesn’t accept food stamps.

    That chick did not wanna get out of that sewer. Which makes sense because it probably smells better than wherever she’s sleeping tonight.  Christ, it was a whole project to get her out, and it almost seemed like she wanted to get back in.

    She was down there so long she almost became the 5th ninja turtle.

    It took a whole team to get her ass out of there.

    And this guy had to call for backup.

    Finally she emerged, covered in hoodrat juices and junkbox feces.

    All in a day’s work for the Boston Fire Department.

    Apparently this septic swamp donkey goes by “P” and is well known in the projects:

    She also recently moved back home from Framingham, which in the hood means they just got out of chick jail:

    Rival gutterslugs laughed at her predicament, even though it’s really only a matter of time until they find themselves in a similar predicament.

    Either way, we’d love to know her name. The real question is, did she get the $5? That’s the only thing that really matters.

    P.S. Is that dookie in the sewer?

    Kind of looks like an ethnic sex toy too. Just sayin.


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    1. TortugaNiño

      “Henny Hay” has got to be the most ratchet facebook name in the history of ratchet facebook names.

    2. YUCK

      Those people are grosser than that sewer water.

    3. fuck you

      How’s that cunt wife you yours? Julianne?

      I hope your smart enough to send her away before we come for you.

      1. Worcester Lawyer

        IP addressses are an easy search for police, which is where this comment will be in an hour.

      2. Logic

        WTF… if you have a problem with someone deal with them. You sound like a jerkoff talking about going after someones wife. My parents taught me to deal with issues directly where/ or who they arise with. Targeting family is a cowards way! You must have no one you care about, because by your theory they would be fair game. Fuck off to you “fuck you”! 🙂

      3. Noob

        Who the heck is this creep talking about? I didnt see Julianne in the screen shots or article… and who tf goes talking shit about going after someone’s wife? What a spineless weasle.

    4. Sue

      its sad to think this all was over a five dollar bill.. smh. Time to evaluate your priorities!

    5. whatevuh

      This was actually a sewer guppy in it’s natural habitat, a rare find indeed.

    6. Megen

      She was down there so long she almost became the 5th ninja turtle

      1. LocalYokel

        Its almost like you got that joke from the article. Good one!

    7. Troubled Nostrils

      Now my nostrils are REALLY troubled!

    8. Mr. T

      Brittany is surprised that people recorded her? WTF, this was like spotting sewer Sasquatch. You see this once in a lifetime, if at all. P must turn into the Hulk when she’s high because that iron grate gotta weigh about 200 pounds. Hats off to the BPD.

    9. LocalYokel

      Looks like she wanted to stop in and say Hi to the Cosby kids.

    10. Enlightened

      First of all morons, it’s not a sewah. It’s a stohm drain. Rain watah that lands on the street goes down there and likely flows to the Charles Rivah or some other waterway before ventually makin its way to Boston Hahbah. Second of all, she likely climbed down there without takin the grate off, it’s a lahge nuff openin. Third of all, they shoud’nt of fished her out.

    11. Chaos

      The way in which you wrote this repost is fucking sad. Addiction is a bitch and comments like the ones you made just keep people down. Shameful reporting.

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