Brockton Casino Threatens City With Jobs, Revenue, Entertainment; Illiterate Brocktonites React Accordingly

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I’m going to come right out and say it – of all the ignorant arguments I’ve heard over the last few years spanning hundreds of different topics – the anti-casino theories have to be the most ludicrous. It’s been 25 years since Foxwoods was built, during which time the state of Massachusetts has squandered billions and billions of dollars in lost revenue to neighboring states (all of which have some form of casino gambling except Vermont) by not legalizing casino gambling. Eventually in 2011, the lethargic state legislature finally enacted a poorly worded and extremely bizarre statute, allowing for three casinos and one slot parlor to be built in Massachusetts, one per designated region.

This cluster-fuck of a process, which of course is the brain child of the brilliant Deval Patrick, led to the formation a group of corrupt hacks named the “Massachusetts gaming commission” to waste several years and millions of taxpayer dollars to decide who would get the casinos and where they would go.

Finally, after years of bantering and unnecessary trips around the world, the Gaming Commission decided that two of the three casinos would be given to Steve Wynn (Everett), and the MGM group (Springfield), while the slot parlor would be given to Plainridge racecourse (Plainville).


At this point of the drawn-out process, MA citizens should have finally rejoiced. After all, tens of thousands of jobs were about to be created – construction, security, firemen, dealers, waitresses, entertainers, valets, bartenders, hotel employees, on and on and on. Host communities would be granted tens of millions of dollars in revenue and even surrounding communities would be paid “mitigation” costs. People who were struggling in this economy would be able to find work, towns would have surpluses of money to spend. We were no longer going to be handing Connecticut and Rhode Island billions of dollars out of our pocket. Everyone would finally be happy.

Oh but wait. This is Massachusetts, and no one is gonna give us a free lunch. The anti-casino prudes hate rich, successful people and they’d rather be broke and force all of our residents to drive to Foxwoods before allowing them to gamble in a casino here. Despite the fact there is already Keno at every bar, scratch tickets at every convenience store, horse racing, simulcast dog racing, online poker, legalized fantasy sports wagering, Mega millions, etc. existing in our state. The insane group of anti-casino freaks suddenly became opposed to gambling in our state?!?!


One town selectman famously compared crime in the surrounding towns of Foxwoods to Las Vegas (which is akin to comparing Donald Sterling to Martin Luther King), and exclaimed that our innocent little state was about to be overrun by organized crime. Thousands of potential casino employees stared in disbelief as protestors pompously paraded up and down the streets of Foxboro refusing to let the third and final Massachusetts casino to be built in their innocent little town.

Three years later – after potential casino plans were unceremoniously squashed in Middleboro, New Bedford, Bridgewater, Foxboro, Norfolk, and others there finally appears to be one last hope for a casino after Raynham Dog Track owner George Carney announced his intentions last week – in the City of Champions – Brockton, MA.


Brockton is perhaps the most desperate town in the state for jobs and revenue, with a staggering rate of unemployment, murder, illiteracy, drug addiction, crime, and tons of other good stuff. The mayor Bill Carpenter wholeheartedly welcomed the idea of a casino to be built at the Brockton fairgrounds, but that wouldn’t stop the self-proclaimed anti-casino Brockton geniuses from having their say.

Here are some excerpts from a discussion in an The Brockton Hub’s Facebook Page:

Megan M. kicks off the lunacy with by inferring that casinos will reduce funds for local aid – “Casinos also = higher crime & bankruptcy. Not to mention some casino goers will chose not to spend money on the state lottery…which means less for local aid.”

Interesting! Except of course for the hundreds of millions of dollars the casino will be giving directly to local aid.

Joseph B. then chimes in with: “Vote No. the jobs will only go to the politician freinds [sic} and families”.

The fact that he can’t spell “friends” is quite telling. Brian B. theorizes how there is potentially a government conspiracy in Bangor, Maine to hide all the crime the casinos have created:

“Maine has casinos? I had no idea. I guess all that crime is kept quite[sic].”

And naturally he can’t quite spell “quiet.”

Timothy M. is looking forward to an upgrade from the current Brockton nightwalkers: “AND GOOD LOOKING HOOKERS FOR A CHANGE.”

Billy R. and Peter B. then equate the potential Brockton Fairgrounds casino to a zoo and prison respectively before Anthony L. retorts with his optimistic take – “Fuck every one against it theres been killing drugs prostitution nd robbing in brockton for years so whats the difference.” 

You think the fact that these people can’t tie their own shoes is gonna stop them from having such strong, confident opinions? LOL. Then you’ve obviously never been to Brockton. A voter referendum will be held in “City of Champions” on May 12 to determine if a majority of residents will officially endorse a casino being built at the Brockton Fairgrounds. Protestors have already begun campaigning. Look for anti-casino signs with misspelled words scattered across Belmont St. Fun times ahead.

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