• Burrillville High School Scandal: A Secret Dropbox Full Of Sexually Explicit Images Of 40+ Female Students Has Been Uncovered, And Rumor Has It This Was Happening For Years And Administration Knew

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    Scandal has hit Burrillville High School in Rhode Island.

    A police investigation is underway after the existence of a secret Dropbox housing sexually explicit images and videos of underage Burrillville girls was brought to the attention of administration. This Dropbox has 48 folders labeled with names of the girls and their respective images.

    48 folders! That is unbelievable and disgusting.

    Sidenote: If you’re not familiar with Dropbox, it’s basically a cloud storage service where you can upload a file to your Dropbox from your computer, for example, and then view it on your smart phone. As long as you, or say a hoard of horny teenage boys, have the software installed you can view the files on any device.

    According to an unidentified female student interviewed by the Providence Journal, this has been happening for years and the process is that girls would send these photos to boys and they would add them to this Dropbox, unbeknownst to the girl. This Dropxbox would disappear when girls complained and then inevitably ramp back up.

    WOW. I have never heard anything like this and I have so many questions. Who even started this? It’s like a secret society of teenage perverts passing down the Dropbox baton. I think the answers all lie with the population of male students. This Dropbox information has to be passed down somehow.

    Besides the incident itself, it is incredibly disturbing as to how long this has been happening. Years seems to be the consensus.

    If this is true, if administration has known about this issue for 5+ years, then they have done a HUGE disservice to the students they were enlisted to teach and protect. I hope if it is proven to be the case that there are appropriate consequences for those cowardly individuals.

    There’s also a lot of comments about not treating the females involved like victims because, after all, they did make the conscious decision to send explicit images to these boys. That’s a touchy subject and while I think, speaking as a woman myself,  that women have a reasonable responsibility to protect themselves there is also a reasonable expectation of privacy. But perhaps in a time with rampant technology and voyeurism, sadly privacy shouldn’t be expected. I don’t know, but I do know the real victims here are the girls and if I had a daughter involved in this clusterfuck I would be operating at full mom-rage right now.

    These are underage high school girls, who I doubt understand the repercussions of sending these images- the bigger picture of how these actions can come back to hurt them for the rest of their lives.

    The boys involved knew exactly what they were doing operating their real life amateur porn stash. What they’ve done is repulsive. This isn’t any “boys will be boys” garbage, this is some malicious and invasive shit. I doubt it will be difficult for police to ferret out the truth. These are high school kids after all.


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    1. Detective Dolittle

      That must be a fun investigation! I’d investigate that all day long haha!!!

      1. Karl

        15 and 16 yr old girls? you sick fuck!

      2. Detective DoChildren is a homo

        Because you’re a piece of shit pedophile that wants to look at naked children? You’re fucking cool. Loser

        1. vice principal chester

          somebody is investigating it wouldn’t be surprised if a school official had to look at these pictures to better understand the situation. highly trained law enforcement professional will take a careful look at each picture and try to identify the victim after an exhausting investigation that officer may have to file for a tax free disability pension from the ptsd and horrors of all those nude pictures of young women.. god bless school officials and the police for being brave enough to thoroughly investigate each pic. who is there for the teenage boys that look at these pics, where is the teens disability pension.

        2. Momma

          Is it possible the post you are reacting to was sarcasm? This is tb, take comments with a grain salt peeps. You should stick with msm where everything reported is true.

    2. your name here

      Can’t wait till you post the pics

      1. Your name here*

        If you’re gonna steal my name, do it correctly dickbag

    3. Stunt Pennie

      Unfortunately this is an example of where technology, morality and maturity are out of sync.

      I remember when I was in high school, and admittedly I’m somewhat of a perv (truthfully, what guy isn’t? we’re all pigs at some level), and to be honest I could easily see myself (back then) participating in something like this.

      Not now, obviously. Age, maturity and a better sense of morality finally rooted in my head in my late teens.

      Most of those kids likely did not realize the full implication of what they were doing: The girls likely didn’t realize the implications of “sexting” nudes to another boy in their class, and the boys likely didn’t realize the implications of setting up a secret, real-life porn stash. (When you’re 15 years old, you’re not thinking those nudies your 15-year-old girlfriend sent you makes you a “kiddie porn” felon.)

      This is, sadly, just another example of why kids shouldn’t be given cell phones (without adult supervision) — the technology is too easy for them to abuse, because they lack the proper moral judgement to use it wisely.

      1. Gunt Pennie



      The girl bends over and takes a pic of her balloon knot sends to her boyfriend and then he shows his friends. Been there but now the girls will be the poor victims? If the girls never sent the pics there would be no drama right now. Respect yourself ladies. Once we see the Peach Shot there is nothing left to wonder.

      1. Sterling girl

        Lol..peach shot?

    5. carlos danger

      I will help with the investigation I know w thing or two about sexually explicit images

    6. that sucks

      they think this dropbox is bad. there is a website that is called anon-ib that allows anyone to upload pictures of anyone in each city. after a few weeks that board gets deleted and restarts. its a vicious cycle of fuckin morons lol. I feel bad for the girls who think its safe to send pictures to their men and it gets blasted like that or vice versa.

    7. tngsucks

      First of all the pedo thing needs to be scrutinized. I assume these a post pubescent girls who are more adult than children. Secondly you cannot completely blame the boys. Porky’s is over 30 years old but the peep hole in the shower scene is not much different. Then there was John Belushi in Animal House bouncing the ladder along the sorority house. You can call it fiction but it depicts the reality of our society. This is the digital age and it changes the way the game is played but trust me, the game is not going to go away.

      1. Stunt Pennie

        The law is tricky. Back in the 90’s I served on a Grand Jury. One case brought before us was a statutory rape case, where the 18 year old boy had sex with his 15 year old girlfriend. We voted “true bill” and likely that kids’ life was ruined. Fair? Probably not. Maybe if the 18 year old kid was 25 or 30 and the girl was 15, but the two kids knew one another in high school.

        Today, we’re giving condoms to 12 year old girls in schools. Isn’t that being an “accessory before the fact”? What are they using the condoms for, water balloons? Why are we not charging school officials with crimes?

    8. highschoolslutsrule

      5 plus years and only 48 folders? sounds low to me if it’s a big of a problem as they say it is..Does rhode Island have revenge porn laws now? Anyway in modern days if you exist on the internet you willingly sign away your rights and privacies constantly..Not to mention places like facebook and twitter if you send or post a picture to the site they legally own it at that point.. But nobodies busting them on the thousands and thousands of child porn media on their site.. I think in court the boys could technically say they own the picture since it was sent to them under age or not. There’s also no real way to trace who’s responsible.. Also where are the parents of these females allowing their children to sext and take snatch pics and then send them in to the abyss knowing what we know about privacy in 2017, that there isn’t any..

      1. Your name here*

        yeah they can say they own the pics all they want… they are underage girls you dumbass. its kiddie porn. it doesnt matter that the boys are underage as well.. they are in possession of fucking child pornography. you would be a dumb ass lawyer lmao

        1. porkys

          dude you take these comments wayyyy tooo seriously

    9. Pebo Williams

      If they are over 18 we need to see the pictures to understand the story. Can anyone contact Diane Williams to see if she has any ass pictures of these 18 year old high school students.

    10. Hillary Clinton

      Umm, do you have the, huh, huh huh, link?

    11. Thin Blue Line

      WALTHAM, Mass. —

      A former veteran Waltham Police officer, guilty of possessing child pornography, was sentenced to five years in federal prison Tuesday afternoon, Wicked Local Waltham reported.

      Paul Manganelli Jr., 47, of Waltham, broke into tears several times during the hearing at Moakley Courthouse in Boston. U.S. District Court Judge F. Dennis Saylor sentenced him to 60 months in prison followed by five years of supervised release. When he gets out, Manganelli will have to register as a sex offender.

    12. Thin Blue Line

      PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A veteran Massachusetts police officer is facing child pornography and child enticement charges.

      Federal prosecutors say 54-year-old Richard Woodhead was held without bail following his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Providence on Thursday. He did not enter a plea.

      Woodhead is a resident of Attleboro, Massachusetts, and a 32-year veteran of the city’s police department.

    13. evidence room happy time

      A Massachusetts police officer was convicted of possession of child pornography while on duty in 2011 after mistakenly sending a CD of child porn images to the local district attorney, including photos of himself masturbating to these images inside the evidence room of his agency.

      Alan Vigiard, who resigned from the Adams Police Department, was sentenced to two years in prison, serving a year in prison.

      Last week, the former cop was sentenced to prison again for trading and viewing child porn online, even though the conditions of his release forbid him from accessing the internet for five years.

    14. Thin Blue Line

      A former Amesbury police officer accused of raping a young child will be arraigned on a slew of disturbing charges in Newburyport District Court today, police said.

      David J. Connor, 62, will be arraigned on charges of indecent exposure, aggravated rape and abuse of a child, two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 and three counts of possessing child pornography, Amesbury Police Chief Kevin J. Ouellet announced today.

    15. Educators and Mentors

      WELLESLEY, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts high school track coach who once coached at Harvard University has been arrested on child pornography charges.

      Federal prosecutors say 69-year-old Walter Johnson was arrested at his Framingham home Thursday and charged with distribution and possession of child pornography.

      Authorities say Johnson traded sexually explicit pictures of children with someone he met through Craigslist. Police say the images were found on a thumb driven hidden at his home.

      Johnson was an assistant track coach and head girls’ cross country coach at Wellesley High School. The school fired him Thursday.

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