• Certified Breeder With Six Illegitimate Kids Drops Baby Out Of Her Tunaflap On Dirty Malden Sidewalk, Claims She Didn’t Know She Was Knocked Up

    After six kids, the baby probably just fell out anyway.








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    SOURCE: “It was a surprise for neighbors as well as for the woman who had gave birth on a Malden sidewalk.

    Doug Rogers said his girlfriend Christine Harvey was in a lot of pain Monday. It was so bad that a friend was on the way to take Harvey to the hospital.

    Rogers said Harvey was on Salem Street when all of a sudden, she went into labor. “She went from here to there and the baby came,” Rogers said.

    “I thought it was her daughter’s doll,” one neighbor said. “No, it’s a baby, a baby.”

    Neighbors called 911, but Harvey had already given birth to a 6-pound, 6-ounce baby girl.

    “She was holding something really small and there was a lot of blood,” Rogers said. “I held her. I was like ‘Huh?’ But she’s gorgeous.”

    Although the baby has been alive for a few hours, neighbors are already offering help to the family that had no time to prepare for the birth of their daughter.

    “She’s doing good. The baby’s doing good,” Rogers said. “I’m just blessed right now.”













    Meet Christine “I thought it was a tumor” Harvey, Malden resident and breeder extraordinaire, with a total of SIX illegitimate kids. Two of the kids reside at home and are with her current boyfriend. It’s unclear where the other 3 are.


    And apparently, this is NOT the first time she didn’t realize she was pregnant. With her last child, she had *no clue* until she was almost 6 months along.


    How.in.the.fuck.does.this.happen?! When I was pregnant with each of the million North Shore Turtlebabies, I knew right away. The bigger they got, the more fucking miserable uncomfortable I got. I couldn’t imagine carrying around a nearly 7 lb. human being around inside of me and being totally oblivious to it.

    But… Christine and her baby daddy Doug look like the type of people who ignore what their bodies tell them. I mean, their dental hygiene habits are a clear indicative of that, considering they have a total of about 5 teeth between them.

    Yellowed whites of his eyes, no teeth, Newport behind his ear. Claaaaassy. Let’s take a closer look at his choice of attire, though.

    Filthy freebie Planet Fitness T-Shirt that is more than likely NOT filthy from a hard day’s worth of honest work, it’s blood and guts and just general filth. This is Malden, folks.


    Here’s the whole video, for good measure



    And here’s Christine, in all her gummy glory

    Now, I know this couple appears to be old. But in reality, they’re probably only like 32. They’re aging in Malden years.

    This is just utterly ridiculous to me. Now the neighbors are all reaching out to “help” them with what is the SIXTH KID to fly out of this lurchbeast’s tunaflap. How long before the GoFundMe is set up, especially now that this has made international headlines?

    Seems Christine is basking in her idiocy, too, sharing local news links to the story about her plopping a baby out right in the middle of a filthy Malden sidewalk

    This happened on Salem Street, which, if you’re familiar with Malden, you know is a main, disgusting street that is filled with brick subsidized apartment buildings, Dunkin Donuts, and a few schools and houses thrown in for good measure. There’s really nothing good on Salem Street, it’s just… congested and gross. At least passing motorists were in for a good show, though, so there’s that.


    I’m still not buying that this toothless wonder wasn’t aware that she was pregnant. Call me prejudiced or whatever you’d like, there is NO WAY that this woman isn’t a fiend in one way or another. You don’t get toothless and withered before, say, 60 without some hardcore drug use. That’s just science according to NSTB. She was probably rocked out of her gourd the entire pregnancy and that’s why she didn’t realize it.


    At least they look happy, though.











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    1. KJDS

      I think I just threw up in my mouth. The idea of coitus between these two . . . *shudder*

    2. Carl

      Common sense, intelligence, impulse control, all run like a jalopy in these people. But their reproductive organs are as smooth and powerful as a Maserati.

      1. KJDS

        That’s so true. I wasn’t able to get pregnant until I was 38, and I’m a healthy person!

    3. Mark D

      What are the chances she wasn’t drinking / doing drugs throughout the pregnancy?

      1. Shawna

        I know Christine personally and she’s a sweet woman attends church on Sunday with her kids regularly and just like a lot of people in this world she too strugglesbut that’s normal but this website has made her and her boyfriend look like total trash bags and I’m appalled I can tell you that she does not drink and she doesn’t do drugs but it’s really none of our business and how she got to the situation that she’s in but to post nasty things about her like that its disgusting my heart breaks for her family and innocent t chikdren

        1. JQ Taxpayer

          “but it’s really none of our business and how she got to the situation that she’s in”

          If anyone not in that family (ie: taxpayers) is supporting anyone in that family (her, the not-husband-but-BOYfriend, any of the children), it IS our business.

        2. ChrisInShrewsbury

          There appears to be veracity here. I (quickly) searched for drug arrests for Christine Harvey in Malden and found none.

          Usually heavy drug users have atleast 1 arrest.

    4. Fed up

      what will happen when there are more people like them in this country than tax payers?

      1. Turd Burglestein

        There already is.

    5. Sperm Donor

      In 1986, when my wife and I had our first child, there was a woman in the room next to us who was told to push once by the doctor, and the next thing we heard was a baby crying. My wife, 18 hours into her labor, asked the nurse “why can’t my labor be that easy?”, to which the nurse replied “after your 8th kid, they’ll just fall out”.

    6. bird

      The poor baby will no doubt be mentally impaired if this “mother” is on drugs. When she gets older she will go to school and be unable to pass MCAS. She will be put on an IEP and still will not be able to pass MCAS. Multiply this scenario 1000 times at the under funded school that she will attend. DESE and that pompous ass Mitchell Chester will blame the teachers, declare the school “underperforming” and institute a state take over. What a bunch of bullshit.

      1. Gutterslug

        She’s not a drunk/junkie. Usually when I see gums I assume drugs, but I have to confess, I know that’s not the case.
        What I would like to know is, how did the baby just come out of her on the street? I know she wasn’t wearing a skirt, did the baby just slide out of her underwear and down her pant leg?

    7. HappyHippy

      Not knowing your pregnant does happen. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 24 weeks along. I had my period the entire time. It was a complete shock. But still after the sixth one you would think you see the signs. This was only my first child. Makes me shudder all around either way!

    8. Shawna

      for starters shame on you and whoever is behind this website how dare you make people sound like they’re trashy and like their lives are bad because of a situation that there in doesn’t matter how many kids she has bottom line is they get taken care of and they’re not bad people and your article makes them out to be like they’re monsters I don’t know about anybody else but I’m going to do what I have to to try to find out and put as many complaints in as possible if I have to start a petition to get to shut down this is not the first story I’ve read that you turn someone situation into s*** shame on you do your research because she’s not the first female that’s ever been pregnant and didn’t know down in these people who you what right do you have I’m pretty sure you’re not perfect and if someone was to go unplug your information and make it up worse than it is you’ll be pretty pissed off too I’m baffled and I’m appalled at what I just read illegitimate kids they have 5 teeth among staff are two of them seriously if she didn’t know she was pregnant she didn’t know people need to do their research but I’m definitely going to go to the Better Business Bureau Commissioners Office and find out what I have to do to start a petition because this is just awful to read just awful I for one was pregnant with my daughter for 4 months before I even knew things happen this! This woman and her family attend church every Sunday at St Pauls in Malden and no she’s not on drugs it doesn’t matter how many kids a person’s had sometimes you just don’t know but to make her out like she’s a monster absolutely absolutely disgusting

      1. Turd Burglestein

        How many kids have you popped out of your stench trench? And how much public assistance do people like you and that woman get from us hard working taxpayers? So you can go take your petition and stuff it up your gaping tuna vault. Have fun at the bbb…spoiler alert, they’re gonna tell you to go get fucked…just like I am.

      2. wabbitt

        The Better Business Bureau? That’s a new one. Usually you incoherent skanks threaten lawsuits.

        1. ChrisInShrewsbury

          I love the BBB comment!!! OMG. Reporting this to the BBB is *exactly* what any news organization wants. More traffic on the website is the goal. The BBB doesn’t shut businesses down.

      3. Linda

        Shawna must be pregnant because she missed a whole bunch of periods.

      4. KJDS

        Can I interest you in some punctuation?

        1. Malden non-trash

          Exactly! Fellow incoherent trash. Oh, she goes to church so that means she can’t be a druggie or child abuser who lives off the state!!

      5. More Cranial Diarrhea

        Holy Crap Batman! What a river of diarrhea emanating from Shawna! That hurt to read! Do the uneducated not use punctuation anymore?

        Just wondering!

      6. wahwahelsewhere

        ” bottom line is they get taken care of” – but not by her…apparently the first three are being taken care of by adoptive families. (See follow up article.)

      7. Itsjustme

        So Shawna what did this wonderful person do to lose custody of her first three kids? Or was that a mistake too?

    9. Wtf

      I semi understand how some people can go a few months and not know. If you never have a reg cycle or something off like that. But at some point there is enough movement with elbows , kicks , back handsprings and all that fun stuff. that any mildly
      Intelligent person will think , hmmm , that doesn’t feel
      Like any other shit I have ever ever had to take. And maybe go to a doctor. All that movement and no fart would get me to the closest dr.

      1. Not buying it

        Especially when your on child number 6…

    10. Sonny's Mom

      With payments coming in for just 2 kids, they must have decided it was time to ask for a raise. /s

    11. Pops Zadinia

      Hopefully they will have a heart and put the baby up for adoption before she becomes another DCS statistic.

      But then again, Medford Peter might try and adopt….OH NO!!!!

    12. wtatnuckgangsta

      This is how I want it to be when I’m ready and wanting a kid. I don’t want to know it’s in there and I just want it to fall out. Why does the white trash get all the luck? I’m going to have to get all drugged up and push that little shit in an expensive room. I also won’t have the welfare to pay for it. Fuckin A.

    13. Jesus Fucking Christ

      How that gross woman got laid at least 6 times is beyond me

    14. Spelunker

      Any hole will do…

    15. bird

      Shawna needs to enroll in an English grammar course.

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