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  • Chinese Restaurant Guy In Worcester Cutting Up Raw Meat With Bare Hands Outside On Nasty Loading Deck Is The Least Surprising Thing I’ve Ever Seen

    Chinese Restaurant Guy In Worcester Cutting Up Raw Meat With Bare Hands Outside On Nasty Loading Deck Is The Least Surprising Thing I’ve Ever Seen

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    A few hundred people have shared these pictures on Facebook from a Chinese restaurant in Worcester……

    Looks like the secret ingredient for the orange beef is……AIDS.

    So……what’s the big deal here? Yea, what this guy is doing pretty much violates every health and sanitary law that has ever existed for places that serve food. He’s doing it outside on a hot day, handling meat with his bair hands, throwing them in what appears to be the bottom half of a broken storage container, right next to quite possibly the most filthy looking door that has ever existed, on top of stairs where two hobos oozed their love juices the night before.

    So again…..why is anyone surprised by this? It’s a Chinese restaurant in Worcester. This is what I assume happens behind the scenes at any Chinese restaurant in Worcester. They just operate by a different set of codes than everyone else. I thought everyone knew this.

    We used to go to the Tin Tin Buffet a lot back in the day. The only person who spoke English there was the 11 year old girl doing her homework at the register. The last time I ate there (before they either went out of business or got shut down by the board of health) we were stuffing our face with crab raccoon and I looked over and saw the same 11 year old girl and her old man cutting green beans with dull scissors you’d see in a elementary school art class. Neither had gloves. The table they were sitting at was filthy. There were no plates. Just a big pile of green beans and a bootleg assembly line cutting them in half in front of the only customers in the joint.

    Didn’t stop me from going up to get more General Cow. Because that’s just the social contract you accept when you step foot in a Worcester Chinese restaurant.



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    1. The Vorlon

      At least they were not skinning Fluffy. Or Rover.

    2. Barstool is getting stale

      what do you think they do in China without the stringent US Health regulations. Must be a g-damn free for all. That guy in Worcester most likely thinks he is operating under TOO MANY food handling rules.

    3. No big deal

      They only cut stuff up outside when they need to use the hatchet. Cats and hobos that don’t know better than to not sleep on that particular dock should be eliminated from the gene pool anyway.

    4. Sue

      This is just nasty! It makes you never want to go out to eat.

    5. Captain Meatwhistle

      There was a Chinese place in Everett MA. It was shut down when multiple PIGEON TRAPS were discovered on the roof.

    6. Don

      That plastic container looks like a litter box. Which of course would no longer be needed once the early bird special was prepared…

    7. Alexander Knight

      Not against the law to prepare raw food with no gloves…green beans, meats, etc. It’s all meant to be cooked before serving. At this point they’d need to wear gloves to handle once it’s cooked, but while prepping it this is standard practice. Whoever said it’s the dirtiest door ever clearly has never set foot in a restaurant kitchen. Ya know that grease that makes your cabinets sticky near your stove? Multiply that by thousands each month (for the thousands more meals prepared in a restaurant than your home kitchen) and it equals a lot of fucking grease. Ever stopped to take a shit in a McDonald’s then noticed you couldn’t get the smell off of you? It’s because every inch of those god damned restaurants is coated in kitchen grease. It never goes away. If you visit southeast Asia, or south America, street food is commonplace. It’s safe. It’s a way of life. It’s a non issue. Americans might become a lot healthier if they knew what went on in these kitchens and where their meals came from.

      1. Mat

        Youre right about not needing gloves you’re wrong about needing them once it’s cooked gloves is a personal choice or the choice decided on by the establishment there’s no law that states anything about having to wear gloves i worked in a restaurant for many years and rarely were gloves worn because we as cooks wash our hands every 2 seconds that being said fuck golden house and their nasty loading dock

      2. hmmmm

        In addition to the comments about grease, a commonly cited issue in restaurant inspections is related to ice …dirty, moldy machines, people using things they shouldn’t to scoop the ice, etc.

        Oh, except this doesn’t apply in Worcester, as inspections are done…not regularly. There was a report in the news years back about how they could not keep up, even to reinspect cited establishments. So, places that should have been closed would stay open.

        Many states have inspection reports on-line. Don’t believe this is the case in Worcester; been a while since I called to check on a report, but was told I’d have to come to their office and view it there.

    8. Steven Stover

      They squat like this to shit. Maybe he got diarrhea and wants to be ready.

    9. Bair(?) Hands?

      Bair(?) hands? Nice to see English is alive and well in the TurtleBoy offices!

      1. wabbitt

        Spelling and grammar just get in the way of quickly disseminating those hot takes. Always been that way.

    10. Linda

      It was a beautiful day out, who cares? Who wants to be stuck inside in the smoky kitchen?
      Haven’t you ever seen a hunter carve up a dear or bear in the woods? No table, no gloves, no running water, no nothing except a sharp knife. Skin the animal, use it for a pad, cut off the good parts, leave the rest for the scavengers. Bunch of pussies with too many rules.

      1. Chrissy's troll

        context context context

    11. Not Bob

      I just started eating there. I felt that the taste was quite authentic, and then I saw this post….I guess I was right, I can’t wait to try out their other dishes.

    12. jon

      i like golden house. sucks for them. chef hos gonna make a billion.

    13. Justice

      That is fucking disgusting. If you want Chinese food that isn’t going to kill you, you have to step it up a bit with Nancy Chang’s or Wong Dynasty. Personally, I rarely eat Chinese food…especially the meat. It just looks wrong. The shape, the color, the texture. ICK! I swear it’s road kill. It’s probably shipped FROM CHINA, like everything else we buy. Make America Great Again (buy American!)

      1. hmmmm

        “It’s probably shipped FROM CHINA, like everything else we buy.”

        I think there was a story years ago about one of the ‘upscale’ Worcester Chinese restaurants and how they were shipping their EMPLOYEES in from China, then shipping them right back when the visa was over.

    14. aDdm

      And that’s why I only go to Nancy Chang for my Chinese food fix.

    15. chrissy

      I may not like chinks but you have to give them credit. They come to this country, learn the language, get an education, work hard and move out of the ghetto. The same can’t be said about the many generations of darkies and spics! 🙂

      1. chrissy loves her troll

        lol thanks for the adorable racism, troll

      2. chrissy loves her troll

        where I’m from, we don’t use words like that, my adorable troll

    16. Too Tall Tim

      Reminds me of the news story some years ago. A Chinese restaurant was caught making “pressed duck” by putting the duck in a ziplock bag, taking it out to the rear parking lot, and running it over (pressing it) with their delivery truck.

      1. Too Tall Tim

        Just to be clear: By “duck” I meant the duck meat, plucked and eviscerated, prepared, ready to cook.

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