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    1. Turd Burglestein

      A man after my own heart. I had the same thing happen. A woman got too close before I realized I wasn’t into vagina that much so I did the natural thing, made sure she disappeared. C’mon, no harm no foul. Just make sure the body doesn’t show up. Or any DNA. But I did it before you had to worry about CSI and shit like that. So I was free to chase my true love: Cock’n’Balls!!!!!

      1. Twat tickler

        Fuck off, bob

    2. jack sprat

      People run away. Its happened to me. I had a friend who lived with me and ran away. Her friends claimed I killed her. The truth was she was preggers, living in Lawrence, and didn’t want people to know. I’ll believe the woman is dead when they find a body; until then she is simply missing. Leave the husband alone.

      1. King Fah Roo

        Maybe your the husband using this fake name to cover your ass. I served Active Duty Army with her Brother. He’s a brother for life to me. I’ll have his back. Her husband looks like a douchbag.

      2. Tyrone

        I agree tbs always wants to be the first one to break the story but he just likes to point his fingers at people. The guy don’t know shit he’s only following fb posts like all the other sheep. Same ol dipshit

    3. Joe

      Is Clarksburg another dump town like Colrain?

    4. Jack

      Questionable, not good. She’s attractive too.

    5. Ben

      I could take “she’s where I belong” as meaning “I belong with her”. And while it’s true that the husband or boyfriend is the first logical person to scrutinize when a woman disappears, that isn’t evidence against him, it’s just statistics about cases like this. I’m not defending him, I’m just saying that people potentially turning their fears for her well-being into a witch hunt against him isn’t going to help find her. If hasn’t done anything wrong, people might be making accusations that make this all even harder for someone already living with incredibly difficult emotions. If he did harm her, it still doesn’t help the investigation to attack him on social media. I’d encourage everyone to focus on the facts (as few as there seem to be, unfortunately) and not get carried away by wanting to find someone to hold responsible.

      1. KayD

        I was thinking that too–reading it as “Wherever she is, I should be there.”

    6. Concerned

      I have a screen shot of something he posted on her page that was deleted by him and totally creepy but it won’t let me upload pics…

      1. Alice

        I have seen a few “off” things he wrote on his page too..not the kind of stuff a heartbroken husband of a missing woman would write, IMO of course.

        1. snoop

          like the posts of other missing people?

      2. snoop

        what did it say?

      3. Anonymous

        Please reach out to the bring jo ringer home page they seem to be very helpful any concerns should be given there or to the police.

    7. johnnyb

      Cold-Blooded..Think about the statement “I BOUGHT 300 flyers”…

      1. KayD

        Could you clarify? I don’t follow–how else would he get fliers? Go into Staples and beg at the copy center counter?

        1. johnnyb

          Sure…Had 300 flyers made would be more appropriate..Just letting everyone know he “BOUGHT” 300 flyers. He’s invested..sure..

    8. Sloppy

      There was a front-pager on this in the Gazette recently, and it just reeked of general ineptitude on the part of the police and the press around here, whose investigatory activities are more often focused on finding missing pets and solving mailbox baseball cases.
      They seem to be taking everything anyone close to her has to say at face value. “Oh, you have no idea where she be? OK, works for us! Case closed!”

    9. Apparently the only person on the internet who has a grasp on reality.

      Everyone who is reading this article, and commenting with out even the slightest bit of information better check them selves. Half of you don’t even know either of the people in the relationship. Of course the husband looks guilty without any evidence, the person who was trusted with someone’s love and life should be first questioned for the situation. It’s proper protocol. There is no evident in favour of him and by the law, that means he is innocent. Imagine if you were being blamed for you’re loved one going missing. Calm the fuck down and find something better to do with you’re time.

    10. Jatie

      I find it kind of odd! In an article I read that her husband said she went to work overnight and he thought he surprise her with breakfast for when she come home. Now he’s saying that they had breakfast and then she went to visit a friend. Kinda confusing

    11. Chris

      How about the police give him a polygraph test??? He should have no problem with that if he has nothing to hide. So how about it,mass state police????

    12. Lenny

      I’d love to fuck her deep inside her pussy

    13. Find Jo

      I would also look closely at any male friends – perhaps one that she might not have told her husband about… or one that she has known who liked her a little more than she liked him back. If she went to meet someone – and that person hasn’t come forward- it would be either the h making up a story- or a someone the h wasn’t supposed to know about. If the latter- that type of person might be very involved in looking for her and perhaps pointing fingers at the h in the process.

    14. Candace caswell

      The husband just killed himself didn’t he?

      1. Ben Winkley

        Yes the weak excuse for a husband and man took his own life because police were likely closing in on him.

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