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Clive McFarlane, ANOTHER MAN, Condones Sexual Harassment By Protecting Sexual Harasser Walter Bird And Blaming Turtleboy And Mike Gaffney For Exposing Him

Clive McFarlane, ANOTHER MAN, Condones Sexual Harassment By Protecting Sexual Harasser Walter Bird And Blaming Turtleboy And Mike Gaffney For Exposing Him

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In the least surprising news ever, I woke up today and found this Turtlegram column from known racist Clive McFarlane, in which he blames City Councilor Michael Gaffney and Turtleboy for revealing the fact that Worcester Magazine editor Walter Bird is a sexual pervert who uses his limited power to try to have sex with women he has working relationships with.

Wait, you’re telling me ANOTHER MAN isn’t bothered by serious allegations of sexual harassment? Color me shocked!!


Not once in Clive’s column does he ever suggest that sexual harassment of women you work with is at all inappropriate. Because Clive is a sexist who hates women. Based on his dismissiveness of these allegations one could reach the conclusion that Clive has quite likely sexually harassed many women before who are too afraid to come forward since they know he’ll just call them a racist. Or use his column/bully pulpit to smear their good name. For a bunch of people who hate Turtleboy they sure have mastered our playbook.

Let’s check out some excerpts from his latest gem….

n October 2015, the Rev. Aaron Payson of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester petitioned the City Council to determine whether there was established decorum in how councilors communicate with residents. The reverend was troubled that an email he sent City Councilor Michael Gaffney, requesting the councilor explain himself for “liking” what the minister believed to be offensive posts on a local blog, wasn’t answered directly but was posted on the blog to be a magnet for derision.


“Is this the kind of treatment we can expect to receive from our city councilors when we communicate with them through their council-related email address?” Rev. Payson asked then.

The “likes” that Rev. Payson had tried to get Councilor Gaffney to explain were one linked to a video that used Adolf Hitler and members of his inner circle to mock Mayor Joe Petty, and one that read in part, “Tatnuck is nice, but it is filled mostly with Jewish and Albanian natives, also by the way, I love it.”

This is the video endorsed this video that Councilor Gaffney “liked.” As you can see, it’s a Hitler caption generator movie that you can add captions to. It works with so many things because Hitler gets SO mad when he realizes he’s losing the war. But since there are lots of reasons people get mad it works perfectly to satirize current events. Get it? And even far left, progressive communities like Northampton have used it as part of their economic development plan. I shit you not, the City of Northampton, the most liberal municipality in the state, used this video to address economic concerns:  

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.53.07 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.54.04 PM

The same video has literally been captioned millions of times. My favorites are the ones they do every time the Patriots win a game. 

This is what Spanky McFarlane and the fake pastor Aaron Payson have deemed “offensive.” Yes, they ARE this stupid. 

Instructively, the City Council didn’t think that Mr. Gaffney’s subjecting Rev. Payson to ridicule by releasing his email to the Turtleboy Sports blog, known for its crass, racist and dehumanizing posts and comments, was something that merited a response from them, and voted as such by filing Rev. Payson’s complaint.

Hey Spanky – the only racist here is you. But please, provide one example of racism in our blogs and we will take it down permanently. Just one. Should be easy, right?

The latest iteration of Mr. Gaffney’s conduct occurred recently when he used the blog to post snippets of conversations between Worcester Magazine editor Walter Bird Jr. and an unknown female. The information, which the blog claims shows Mr. Bird as a sexual predator, was apparently collected by Mr. Gaffney and represented, according to his Facebook post, only a sample of the information he has on Mr. Bird.

Actually the first person to claim that Wacky Walter is a sexual predator was one of his victims:

But they must be lying, right Spanky? Stupid victims!! If it was up to Spanky these women would just shut their pieholes and get back in the kitchen where they belong. But unfortunately they ran to Councilor Gaffney and Turtleboy because we’re the only ones who are more interested in exposing a sexual harasser than we are about protecting the mainstream media. 

Even if you believe Mr. Gaffney is concerned about sexual predators (and that stretches credulity since he is aligned with a blog registered to Aidan Kearney, a former schoolteacher who left his position while being investigated for lewd and intimidating behavior he allegedly directed toward a young woman at a Patriots-Buffalo Bills game in Buffalo in 2014), his actions are reflective of a bully rather than of a city councilor.

Here we go again with the “I know who Turtleboy is because I read it on the Internet one time.” For the record, these rumors all come from a website called “,” written by this man:


James Kriger is a mentally unstable alcoholic, who was NOT at a Bills-Patriots game in 2014, but yet claimed that a guy we hired to run our marketing strategy sexually harassed a bunch of underage women by jerking off in their faces. In public. And no one did anything. And no one taped it. And no one was arrested. 

So you know it’s legit. Except the website no longer exists:

Because a federal judge ordered the site be shut down for libeling a double-amputee cancer survivor and claiming that his charity, Bills Fan Thunder, which pays for Bills tickets for sick and terminal children, was stealing money:

As a result, Kriger posted a short series of articles calling Pellien and BFT members “scumbags” and alleging that contributions were being stolen and used to buy horses and to fund vacation travel. “I tried to tell him I own no horses and that I pay for my own travel with my personal money,” Pellien said. “But he wouldn’t listen and insisted he had proof.”


“What proof? There is no proof because I don’t own any horses and I use my own money for my personal expenses,” Pellien said.

Still, Kriger’s social media posts and articles got increasingly aggressive. Within days, online fundraising dried up. The group had to cancel a planned Holiday season fundraiser that was expected to pay for the kids’ season tickets.

This is why whenever someone reads our blog and doesn’t like it they scream “Aidan Kearney sexually assaulted three young girls at a Bills game.” Because they’re using James Kriger, a man who attacks charities that send sick kids to NFL games, as a legitimate source. Clive is one of them. That and the fact that they know we’re right, and so their only defense is to deflect to Internet rumors. This is how we know we’re winning the fight. 

Then Clive whined about Gaffney censoring the press:

Worcester Magazine and Mr. Bird can rightly conclude that Councilor Gaffney, the chair of the Republican City Committee, through threats and intimidation is trying to influence the paper’s coverage of him, or as Mr. Gaffney stated on social media, “there are consequences” to how the magazine covers him.

Translation – we can call Councilor Gaffney a white supremacist and a slave master, and when he punches back he’s the bad guy trying to censor the press. The MSM is the victim here. Please stop being mean to us while we sling mud at people we don’t like!!

I reached out to Councilor Gaffney for a comment, but as is his modus operandi, instead of getting back to me, he posted both my voicemail and email messages on the blog.

Yes he did. Because you called him a slave master and you are human garbage, not worthy of a phone call back from a successful, respected politician and lawyer. Once again, Clive’s phone number is 508-793-9228. Do NOT call him and let him know that you’re disgusted by his endorsement of a man who many women are calling a sexual predator. 

Spanky HATES the police. Probably because he’s still mad that he was arrested during one of his raging alcoholic benders in Worcester. That’s why he frequently accuses the police of protecting the “thin blue line,” when good cops don’t call out “bad cops.” But that’s exactly what him and the rest of the male dominated MSM is doing. Not once in his column today did Clive suggest that Walter Bird had done anything wrong by sexually harassing multiple women he had working relationships with. Not once.


Of course this is hardly surprising since a Turtlegram reporter reached out to us in early 2016 and asked us to write about Walter Bird’s arrest for A&B with a deadly weapon, since his bosses wouldn’t let him write about it:

You gotta protect your own. Walter Bird is one of them. 

So instead of calling out a pig who will ultimately be fired for his inappropriate actions, Clive protected the “thin MSM line” by pulling the “yea but” and “look over here” when he tried to blame a City Councilor and a blog instead of the perpetrator of actual sexual harassment. But millions of women in this country have been subjected to similar sexual harassment in the workplace. And they don’t come forward because they know that sexist pigs like Spanky McFarlane will slut shame them and protect the sexist pigs who use their power and influence to coerce women into unwanted sexual encounters.  



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9 Comment(s)
  • Rightwinger
    September 1, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    Hilarious! TB and Gaffney getting some of their own medicine, Seems like they don’t like the taste!

  • Jus Juzin
    September 1, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    Clive, T&G and WoMag suck!
    On another note, liking the fine new advertisers this month! Many names I already support. Glad they’re riding the turtle!

  • Steven Stover
    September 1, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    When Nixon style cover-ups didn’t work in hiding a sexual predator against women they resort to this. A diversion tactic. Ain’t working. The woman haters need to be exposed and Turtleboy exposes. This is the best show in town. Watching hypocrites scurry like rats.

  • Fly on the wall!!!
    September 1, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    What a piece of shit!!!

  • Missing Something
    September 1, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    What am I missing here? Let me be clear: I am no fan of Bird and utterly detest Clive. But the text messages are: WB wants to see a woman in her skivvies and WB wants to have sex with a woman. (Who brought up the underwear topic, anyway?
    That’s missing from what I’ve seen and read.) That makes him a, what, heterosexual male? I’m not understanding the part where he is supposed to hold power over these women.

    Not saying its not true, just not seeing that link made yet.

    • Yuck Foo
      September 1, 2017 at 10:10 pm

      Imagine you’re that woman, and said heterosexual man making those comments is your boss or superior, if you still don’t “see the link”… fuck yourself.

      • Missing Something
        September 1, 2017 at 10:26 pm

        Was Walter her boss or superior? That’s what I’m questioning. I’m not saying we need names here, but could we at least know their professional relationship to determine if the accusation is valid? If it is, I’ll stand down.

  • CJT
    September 1, 2017 at 10:44 am

    The Telegram is the worst paper ever. I cancled my subscription years ago. Not only can I not stand Clive and Dianne but the rest of the paper sucks too. Its legit a waste of paper and money.

  • The Rant Queen
    September 1, 2017 at 10:37 am

    This is why feminazis exist. Because of garbage cans like these so-called “Men” getting away with sexual harassment and rape, while they’re labelled and blamed, and accused of “trying to ruin a good man’s life”. I don’t like feminazis either, but when one gender is allowed to walk away from violating and manipulating the other gender, well…extremists are born.

    And they’re really pulling the whole “Shoot the messenger” distraction as far as it can go, aren’t they? I can’t wait for it to snap back at their hands and leave a nasty, painful welt on their sensitive male egos. POC want to claim that black people can’t be racist or can’t be prejudice, but here’s your fucking proof, dude! It’s not called “Reverse Racism” it’s just Racism and there ARE ROC (Racists of color) everywhere. Especially now. Take these fake news people out! We don’t need them, we have TBS!

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