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Cowboys-Broncos and 5 more Must-Watch NFL Matches this Weekend

The NFL Week 2 is ready for its kick off and the first games will be played on Thursday night, starting with the Bengals and Texans. Because of this, many of you, especially those who are checking out NFL betting odds for Week 2 are wondering which games you should watch in the coming days. Here is the breakdown of the top six best matches that will take place over the weekend.


Titans vs. Jaguars, starting at 1 p.m.
Titans -1½ O/U 42

Interestingly enough, the Titans were the favorite against the Raiders but the same expectation fell through when Oakland ended up with a 26 to 16 victory. Now, the same team will have a tough game in their division against the Jaguars whose new defense team made easy work of Texans for a 29 to 7 victory. With Titans facing off against a strong defense with effective runners, it is a question will their spot as the favorite stay that way against the Jaguars.


Eagles vs. Chiefs at 1 p.m.
Chiefs -5½ O/U 45½

The Eagles are on their way up with their quarterback Carson Wentz looking like a bright future star and a solid defensive line. In Week 1 their division rival stood no chance against them, but on Sunday, a new task awaits them. The Chiefs are also in a great mood after a win they attain against the Patriots, who are the defending champions. But, the question is will they be able to do the same against the Eagles.



Vikings vs. Steelers at 1 p.m.
Steelers -5½ O/U 45½

The new offensive line of the Vikings was looking great on Monday when the team stood up against the Saints. Sam Bradford had a great showing and Dalvin Cook, a rookie running back found excellent paths in the opposing defense. But, those who wonder is this win the result of the Vikings strength of Saints weakness will find out when the team squares off against the Steelers. With their star Ben Roethlisberger as one of the best in the NFL and excellent offensive line, the Pittsburgh team will undoubtedly provide a great challenge for the Vikings.


Cowboys vs. Broncos at 4:25 p.m.
Cowboys -2 O/U 42

The interesting fact about the Dallas 19 to 3 win against the Giants was their defense. They stifled the opposition completely, leading to just one opponent touchdown. While Odell Beckham was sorely missed, Dallas still provides a great game. On the other hand, the Broncos are a team that looks very similar to their previous season’s setup, with a fantastic defensive line and a less-than-stellar offense. Also, there are excellent receivers in their ranks like Demaryius Thomas, along with top-notch running backs, but a competent quarterback is still missing. The game with the Cowboys will be heavily contested.


Packers vs. Falcons at 8:30 p.m. – Sunday Night Football
Falcons -3 O/U 54

Some believe that this match is a Championship preview for the NFC. The Packers and the Falcons both had a win against their previous opponents. Both Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers are elite players. If you love offensive football, this is a game that you should not miss.


Detroit Lions vs. Giants at 8:30 p.m. – Monday Night Football
Giants -3 O/U 43½

Most are certain that the Giants offensive line cannot be as bad as it looked like against the Cowboys when it was positively terrible. The sprained ankle of Odell Beckham was partly to blame for this, but the rest of the offense did not step up to the plate. NFL betting odds for Week 2 are divided if the same scenario will occur once more against the Detroit team. Lion’s do not possess a very strong defensive line, but other things are on their side. Matt Stafford, the team’s quarterback, is coming into his own and there are players, including Golden Tate, Kenny Golladay, and Eric Ebronto to support him. Will this be too much for the Giants to counter?

This question and everything else will be answered this coming weekend in NFL Week 2.

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  • Wabbitt
    September 17, 2017 at 5:14 am

    I understand this is a business, but these sponsored blogs suck more cock than Kevin Lynch.

  • Lt Dan
    September 15, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Vikings +6 at Steelers

    Book it!

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