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Davidian Brothers Farm Christmas Trees In Northboro Supports A Great Cause And Jams Christmas Joy In Your Face

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Attention procrastinators – it’s not too late to save your family from the embarrassment of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Sure, you’ve been naughty for waiting this long, but luckily for you a magical place called Davidian Brothers Farm in Northboro has plenty of trees left that can save your family from public humiliation.

Last year Mrs. Turtleboy told me to go fetch the family a Christmas tree. Naturally I went to the first place you go to the place that had never let me down before – Walmart. They had a bunch of trees pre-wrapped outside and ready to go. They were cheap and easy to put in the car. Sold.

“Turtleboy Ruins Christmas.”

That would’ve been the headline in the paper if I hadn’t made it right. The thing literally fell apart within three days. Charlie Brown even stopped by my house and told me he felt bad for us:


This year I vowed there would be no repeat. This past autumn you might recall, a homely gentlemen that we call “Apple Daddy” lost his MIND when he saw this sign at Tougas Apple Farm:

10672235_847879435224480_8621762283362917851_n (1)

Well after that fiasco we went to Tougas for a taste test, and on the mine eyes were laid upon Davidian Brothers Farm for the first time. We got a pumpkin there on the way out and noticed their insane collection of Christmas trees ready to be cut down by disgruntled dads while their families drank hot cocoa and laughed from the warmth of the car. I told Mrs. Turtleboy that this is where we were going in December to avoid the disaster that was Turtleboy Christmas Tree Fiasco 2013.

Check out this bad mamma-jamma:


That tree just oozes Christmas joy. As an extra bonus the people that run Davidian Farm are great people and have successfully passed the Turtleboy dooshnozzle test. Oh yea, and as an added bonus 10 percent from the sale of the trees goes towards a 23 year old young man from Marlboro who is currently battling cancer. Awesome trees, good prices, good cause, and happy children. That’s what a Turtleboy Christmas is all about. Get your ass down to Davidian Brothers Farm and grab yourself some Christmas joy. Tell em Turtleboy sent ya.


Merry Christmas Turtle riders!!

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