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Use Our Patriots-Colts Prediction, Win $1,500 At Perfect Game

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I’m getting aroused just thinking about tomorrow’s game. We kind of take for granted that the New England Patriots will be in the AFC Championship game every single year. Now, we all know the Patriots are obviously gonna steamroll the Indianapolis Colts. Obviously. So the only question is, what will the score be? You wanna make the easiest $1,500 of your life? Watch the game at the Perfect Game tomorrow on Water Street, give em your prediction before kickoff, sit back, watch the facialization trasnpire, stuff your face with a Gronk sandwich, and collect your $1,500. Make sure to tell em Turtleboy sent ya. Sounds like a nice little Sunday to me.


Now I’ve predicted 45-24 since the beginning, since we haven’t scored less than 42 points on them in the Andrew Luck era. I know what you’re thinking – 24 points is a lot. But the Patriots will be up early in this one. Most likely we’re looking at two touchdowns by the end of the first quarter. So Andrew Luck is gonna have to throw, and he’s gonna get his. I bet he throws AT LEAST 50 times, gets three touchdown passes, and AT LEAST two interceptions. That’s what Luck does. He’s a great quarterback and a tremendous talent, but he’s not quite there yet. Meanwhile this is a Gronk game. He’ll get at least two touchdowns, the Patriots will have 28 points by halftime, and then we’ll start milking the clock in the second half. Last time we played these chumps Jonas Gray stole the show, but this time Legarette Blount will run for 120 and two touchdowns as we slowly put them out of their misery. This sums it up right here:

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 12.33.53 PM

He’s right. It’s been a nice little season you’ve put together in Indy. Good job. Good effort. I’m glad you’ve come to terms with the fact that it ends tomorrow night.

As always, if you see anything cool, like a big fat guy stuffing his face with wings, or a Colts fan getting kicked out of Gillette Stadium, send it our way and we’ll put it in the post-game blog. See y’all at the Perfect Game. Let’s GO Pats!!

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