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DCF Methmachine Dad Livestreams Standoff With Cops After Refusing Wellness Check For 2 Kids He’s Been Moving All Around Jersey, DCF Moms And Candidates For Governor Come To His Defense And Get Arrested For Livestreaming In Court

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This is Lee Kenworthy from Lodi, NJ:

He lives in public housing with his two kids and what appears to be his girlfriend, and recently sued the housing authority for unknown reasons.

He’s a methhead who blamed the police for the loss of his wife in 2016:

According to a SoundCloud audio phone call, Lee’s wife was having breathing issues and they reached out to 911 for medical assistance. Lee claims she died due to having an asthma attack and not getting help in time due to the Police Departments presence delaying the help.

In reality she died while in police custody. This week he started a GoFundMe to create a documentary to get to the bottom of it and prove that the police killed her.

I’m sure that documentary will be made any day now and the money totally will not be spent on meth.

Shockingly Child Protective Services (the Jersey version of DCF) was involved in Lee’s life. We don’t know why, but we do know that if DCF is a regular part of your schedule, you are a full blooded ratchet. And when they stopped by his house to do a welfare check on Monday he naturally refused to let them in, leading to an all-day stand off with CPS and the police as he barricaded them in the home and yelled at the police from the window with his pit bull. He’s uploaded multiple videos from the day, and obviously no one has time to watch all four hours of this one, but if you do skip to certain parts, it gets INSANE:

Those poor kids are gonna be so fucked when they’re older. They’re going to to believe that cops have no authority, and fighting back against them is reasonable. Do you understand what an asshole you have to be to put your kids through a traumatic ordeal like that? It took them an hour and a half to get into the house and coerce him into letting go of the pit bull while using his daughter as a prop, before finally removing him.

Pro tip for ratchets – if you have a problem with CPS then deal with it in a court of law. If you’re a fit parent it shouldn’t be a problem to get them back. Normal people don’t get their kids taken from them by CPS.

Of course the real insanity started around the 2:01 mark when an unknown male spoke to them on the phone while Lee Kenworthy was at the psych ward being evaluated. The woman he lives, who he refers to as “the nanny,” and who was uploading the standoff to Facebook Live (Samantha Brown) put this completely SANE individual on speaker phone so he could continue to give his children really, really bad advice:

“Ask the children where they would like to be right now.”

Yea dude, that’s not the way it works. It’s like letting them decide that they want to eat ice cream for dinner. Obviously they’d pick the parents, which would be really bad for them because they don’t know any better. Because they’re kids.

This was sound advice too:

“Children, if they touch you, you fight back.”

Oh good, he’s teaching the children to hit police officers and resist lawful attempts to keep them out of harm’s way. All on a Facebook Live stream that hundreds of thousands of people watched.

Then the fun started….

“You’re speaking with a candidate for governor you idiot. If you were in my state your badge would be on my desk by the end of the day because you are a criminal. I will be the next Libertarian governor of South Dakota.”

So I guess he’s from South Dakota now and he’s about to be governor. Turns out his name is CJ Abernathy, and he actually is running for SD governor.

He lost custody of his kids four years ago for unknown reasons, in a state where individual liberty is a core value. Do you understand how hard it probably is to lose custody of your kids in South Dakota?

Naturally he then took to Washington DC for the “million parent march” which was really just him talking to a handful of other deadbeat parents, except with a microphone!!

Obviously he’s the first person any sane individual would call during a standoff with the police and CPS.

“My daughter was kidnapped by paternity fraud in 2013” seems like a solid campaign slogan that ay reasonable person would identify with.

He’s not the only candidate for governor who’s going to bat for them either. This is Jamie Sparks Werheim Johnson:

And she’s running for governor of Indiana, also on the “DCF stole my kids” platform. She’s the founder and President of the “Family Rights Protection Foundation” which appears to be a non-affiliated Facebook group that she pulled out of her ass.

When she saw the video she jumped in her car (because you have plenty of free time when you don’t have custody of your 4 kids) and livestreamed herself driving through Ohio and Pennsylvania before meeting up with the “nanny” Sarah Brown. When she got there she went to court and illegally began livestreaming the proceedings inside the courtroom, and as a result she was arrested.

She describes herself as “Lee’s business partner” and did another video with Samantha the nanny right afterwards, whining about how she was just trying to save the kids and #FreeLee. And obviously the best way to Free Lee is to swear at and berate police officers outside of the courthouse on Facebook Live:

Get it girl.

Since this entire ordeal began a few days ago it’s united ratchet DCF Moms and Dads with broken caps locks buttons from all over the country, who have voiced their support for the standoff and offered fantastic advice on how to get the kids back:

You should definitely listen to women named after a state capital and other DCF Moms who have mastered the art of the SnapChat dog filter. Those are high percentage moves right there.

Obviously the next move for her was the GoFundMe scam, now that she had DCF Moms and Dads from all around the country telling her how brave she was:

Oh, and the nanny is now forcing the two children who lived through the standoff to pose with pictures telling people about how they’ve moved 60 times in order to run away from CPS:

Uprooting school aged children 60 times to run away from a government organization in charge of ensuring the safety of children seems like a good way to prove that you’re a stable parent who should be tasked with caring for these children.

The best part is that this is just the beginning. They’re still uploading new videos every couple of hours. And once Lee finally gets out of the loony bin the popcorn is really gonna start getting eaten. So stay tuned turtle riders from around the country, because something tells me this will just be part 1.

2 Comment(s)
  • British TG
    May 31, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    There seems to be much more to this story. They don’t come across particularly ‘ratchet’ to me, just poor. They speak in a way that suggests they’re reasonably educated and are obviously very methodical with their recording of events.

    I skimmed through some of the long video. Even the young girl comes across very reasoned and articulate. It was hard to make out because that guy was so loud on the phone, but it sounds like the reason they fear CPS is because one or both of the kids were sexually assaulted at the hands of them. It was disturbing to hear the little girl describe an experience around the 2hr05 mark. There’s also talk of a grandmother making false reports about the safety of the kids.

    Yeah, I dunno what to make of this one

  • Stunt Penis
    May 31, 2018 at 11:23 am

    The titty tats are a clear indicator you’re dealing with citizens of the highest character and integrity.

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