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  • Juice Biscuit DCF Mom Disputes Turtleboy Coverage, Claims It’s OK To Drive Around Smoking Blunts With Child On Lap Because Baby Daddy Is Jamaican, She Doesn’t Smoke And She Owns 3 Carseats 

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    Putnam Diesel-Fueled Dumpster Fire, With Golden Facebook Page, Takes Off On Police – She’s So Well-Known They Just Call Her Up To Turn Herself In, But She Forgot To Take The Heroin Out Of Her Purse Before Meeting Them At McDicks

    Oh man. We’ve got another Track Mark Betty out of the Connecticut corridor. This one is a doozy. y Getting Drunk On Cinco De Mayor And Tweeting Jokes About Trump Want…

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    New Bedford Xanny Goblin Whines To Desk Girl Because Turtleboy Is Causing Her Mental Problems, But After Seeing Pictures Of Her Passed Out On Heroin, We’re Guessing It’s Not Really Our Fault

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  • Heidi Wellman For Senate

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