Denver Broncos Fan In Peyton Manning Jersey Gets Pummeled By San Diego Chargers Fans

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Several San Diego Chargers fans beat a man wearing a Broncos jersey, in San Diego, Sunday night after the second-round AFC playoff game, shown in a video posted on the Internet.

The 18-second clip was posted to YouTube around 7:30 p.m. and showed people in Chargers gear kicking, punching and stomping a man wearing a Broncos jersey.

The info box for the video states the Broncos fan showed up to the area in the Highlands of San Diego and was beaten for doing so.

Police can be seen in the video trying to stop the attack.

A dispatcher for the National City Police Department said arrests were made, but did not have additional information.

Looking at the size of those guys I’m surprised they didn’t break out into sumo wrestling right after. You know who isn’t surprised by this at all? Colts fans. A guy in a Peyton Manning jersey getting his ass beat in January? What else is new? Get ready for more of that on Sunday. Jamie Collins, Aqib Talib, Chandler Jones, Devon McCourty. The Pats can stop Manning. They can beat anyone. That guy got his clock cleaned but I’m willing to bet he had it coming. Just can’t imagine the gigantic fat guy in San Diego who happened to be wearing a Broncos jersey around a bunch of aggressive, nothing-to-lose, hooligans. To make things worse by the time he gets out of the hospital he’ll get home just in time to watch the real Peyton Manning do what he does best: lose to Tom Brady.

Sunday is either gonna be the awesomest day ever or the crappiest day ever. If the Pats win we get to spend the next two weeks getting ready for ANOTHER Super Bowl. If not then you can never turn on ESPN for the next two months. Not that anyone would consider doing that anyway. Seriously, if you’re not pumped for this game there’s something wrong with you. Seek help.

Go Pats.

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Go f*** yourself San Diego.

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  • John Clark Sucks
    January 14, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    Calling National City part of San Diego just diminished San Diego’s housing market 50%…it’s like calling Brockton Boston

  • Curtis Boudreau
    January 14, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    You never hear about this happening in Boston. Anf we have to play te Yankees and Candanians all The freaking time. It astounds me when fans get so angry that they need to beat up Someone for liking another team.

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