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  • Didi Delgado Makes White Women Buy Stolen T-Shirt Idea From Black Woman, Gets Called Out On It, Starts “Anti-Doxing” GoFundMe Instead

    Didi Delgado Makes White Women Buy Stolen T-Shirt Idea From Black Woman, Gets Called Out On It, Starts “Anti-Doxing” GoFundMe Instead

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    Another day, another white guilt scam for Didi the Cheesehog Delgado…..

    I shit you not. She’s raising $3,000 for herself for “anti-doxing.” Whatever that means. Once again, doxxing is when someone reveals personal information about another person on the Internet. There’s literally nothing anyone can do to stop it. She’s basically just playing off her temporary Turtleboy fame to try to make a quick $3,000. Because the $2,000 she raised last week wasn’t enough. Didi needs a new pair of shoes and another trip to Aruba, stat!!

    Naturally her dumb white chick cult member followers are reassuring her that she is in fact a victim:

    And she’s doing this because she got with her hand in the cookie jar with her latest reparation t-shirt sale. Ya see, she initially tried to capitalize off of her Turtleboy fame by selling, “Die Mad About It” shirts:

    I guess we’re supposed to die? Don’t even know what this means, but it sounds woke as fuck!!

    “Comment so I can match you to someone who wants to purchase it for you.”

    Translation – if you’re not white, holler at me and I’ll hook you up with one of these dumb white broads who will gladly pay for it for you.

    You get a free shirt, Didi gets her reparations. Everyone’s a winner.

    Except that she got called out in the comments by another black woman for copyright:

    Oh snap!! Shots fired!! Looks like Didi is the one who owes reparations now.

    Naturally her friends called this other black woman out and defended Didi’s honor:

    Corny hoe. I like this woman a lot already.

    Didi wasn’t trying to hear none of that:

    Nevertheless Didi announced today that she’d no longer be selling the shirts:

    Which is why she felt the need to start her anti-doxxing fund today. Because she ran out of ideas and needs a new pair of shoes.

    Anyway, she had another post taken down today. If you guys keep reporting her posts she’s gonna start getting suspended. How is she supposed to raise that reparation cash without her Facebook page?? Stop reporting her page!! Stop it now!!!

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    1. KJDS

      She’s apparently ‘doxxing’ (using her definition) a woman who said mean things to her by encouraging her followers to make negative comments on the woman’s employer’s FB and Yelp pages.

      Taking the high road.

      1. Shandrika

        And making threats to their lives when no threat was ever made to hers can’t forget that

      2. Gina

        Did you see that posted on social media?

        1. Stuart P

          Gina- Yes, it’s on Didi’s FB page. Report this menace!

    2. Savage Squaw Bitch

      Lol, that stupid fat bitch can go get a job blowing herpes dongs if she wants more of them daquiris with extra butter.

    3. AgingCynic

      “Death or worse”. What’s a fate worse than death, losing your government checks? Voting Republican? Inquiring minds want to know!

      1. True Reality Speaks

        To her – having a job/class/integrity/honor/class/self-respect.
        Using other black women so that she can profit – typical liberal lowlife.

        1. Anonymous

          “To her – having a job/class/integrity/honor/class/self-respect.”

          Isn’t that most blacks?

    4. Lookie Here

      You gats ta give da bitch credits. she don’t just be steal from dumb white bitches. She be stealin from everybody!

    5. whatevuh

      I already paid my reparations, it’s called WELFARE, not another dime from me, EVER This is why whites hate blacks, all they do is take, take take, go fuck yourself you ugly fat ass black POS whitey is not feeling guilty

    6. Andrea Lloyd

      DiDi. I’d send you money or buy t-shirts from you for the other angry blacks, but I’m not sure how to do that and not have angry blacks find out where I live. I don’t want to be, what did you call it, doxxed by a black. Ever since I met a black, I’ve been trying to get that rush again. To feel so close to something so dangerous. It makes my spine tingle just thinking of it! There is this other thing that I was thinking of, and maybe you can help me with that… I want to have a big black man savagely make love to me while my cuck husband watches. How can I safely do that? I’ve heard that Haitian blacks have that AIDS. How do I know if it is one of the Haitian blacks? I think a Jamaican, Rasta one might be cool… You know, if he showered first and shared his, what do you call it, ganja?

    7. Nelson Mandela

      why do nigger women want everyone to die? and to die mad?

      is it there maternal instinct to kill off competitors for welfare and free shit

    8. Dick Hertz from Holden

      blacks can’t make it on their own, take a look at Detroit, Baltimore, even Springfield MA, Democrats keep them in perpetual slavery with welfare, food stamps ,free cell phone, section 8 housing, etc. . . Why get a job, when they get handouts? They don’t realize it, but white Democrats are keeping them fat dumb and happy so they can vote in the next election . . . Think about it, sometimes the truth hurts

      1. Urban Democrat

        “white Democrats are keeping them fat dumb and happy”

        Oh they know it. They know the fuck out of it.

        They don’t have the dignity to not let that happen, and that’s why bloated leeches like Didi the Cheesehog exist.

    9. Stuart P

      At the same time, Didi and her fraud brigade are ‘doxxing’ the social media sites of the employer of a turtlerider who dared speak out against her. Hypocrites much?

      1. Stuart P

        “…raising money for BW so we don’t get evicted, so we can eat, fix our cars, take a vacation… You know SURVIVAL…”

        Everything that is wrong with these idiots summed up in one sentence fragment!

      2. Gina

        How did you find that out?? That’s horrible! but I guess when you don’t have a home or a job then you don’t really have to worry about that

    10. Some Guy

      Damn, that is one fucking fat slob.

    11. Angry Black

      Gibs me 40 acres and a mule!

    12. elizabeth warren

      you buy a stolen t shirt from fat black lady but why you buy it story not make sense. like to dance get your groove down

    13. bleh

      I don’t know her, but if there is a fight, my money is on Amber Breckenridge!

    14. Troubled Nostrils

      Didi looks like she might spontaneously combust at any moment. All that grease and chaffing heating up is bound to cause a spark. Move over LA – the East Coast gonna blaze, starting with Didi’s inner thighs!

    15. Thisbitchisgonnagetanassbeaten

      Didi needs to be investigated!! For fraud and wrongfully using the system and bullying!!!

    16. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

      If you like niggers, it’s probably a good time to get off this site. TB, take this monkey down!

    17. Fatty Delgado

      that probelms is the white man, white devil

      1. Hughbo Mont

        Luv the vid! Black sumo.

    18. Race trader

      So if I read this right, she wants black woman to let her know the style,size and color so she can have someone purchase it for them. Meaning a white chick to buy it for them. I’m sorry but how is any “white” woman okay with being treated this way? It’s disgusting. I would love to give DiDi something. A slap.

    19. DirtyElGato

      Fuck this noise lets just laugh, sjws down know how to deal with people laughing at them. Also her kid’s named Egypt which makes me think shes in to the whole Nation of Islam Kemet (we wuz kangs n sheit) non-sense. Also lets keep it festive and sing the olde timey kwanza carol:

      Melody of the 3 kings:
      We wus kangs,
      While ya’ll lived in caves,
      We ruled earth,
      and whites were our slaves,
      Traffic-lights and spaceship flights,
      And dinners in microwaves,


      Kill the crackers,
      Kill the whites,
      Loot myself some shit tonight,
      Food-stam needing,
      Never- reading,
      We will win this ancient fight.

      … (Hear the full version on youtube “we wuz kangs three kings parody”)

      1. DirtyElGato

    20. JayJay

      This obese I Love New York ripoff is the best entertainment the Turtle has come across in a few weeks. I’m like that dumb white bitch outside the big black crack dealer’s section 8 apartment begging for another hit…Except I’m begging for another blog post.

    21. Kiki

      She got some real crazy eyes. Fetal alcohol syndrome type. She isn’t dealing with a full deck, people.

    22. Hughbo Mont

      Tucker Carlson needs to get Didi on his show. Offer $$$ and she’ll be there quicker than she can swallow 3 Big Macs.

    23. Maura Stealey

      I had no idea that taking a vacation was considered part of survival, this is news to me and this should be written in to state and federal law.

    24. hahahaohreally

      Can I choose where my reparations go? because I totally choose Amber!! It takes some serious lady-balls to stand up to that bitch, Didi in that echo chamber of a page.

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