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Dog Dies Under K9 Trainer’s Watch When Dog Ends Up Emaciated And Neglected During A 30 Day Training Stay

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Dog Dies Under K9 Trainer’s Watch When Dog Ends Up Emaciated And Neglected During A 30 Day Training Stay

It’s a sad day when a professional who is supposed to be responsible in caring for your dog ends up neglecting the dog so horribly that it ended up emaciated to the point that the dog can’t be saved.

A post from a woman on Facebook will bring you to tears if you’re an animal lover. I can tell you that I love my dog and treat him like a son. I am that crazy dog lady that people make fun of, just not to my face because you know, I’m kind of scary.

Here is her post:


Can you imagine leaving your dog in the care of someone who has great reviews and is highly recommended only to get a phone call that your dog is “sick” but when you arrive, the dog is beyond sick? It’s emaciated. The dog was dehydrated, not fed, and neglected. Let’s hope that he wasn’t starved on purpose. Even if he had a preexisting medical condition that caused this, the fact remains that Matt Noone who is the dog trainer and owns the business, should have noticed these signs. This is not something that happens overnight. There is no way a dog can look like this in just a few days either. This is long term neglect by a company who is trusted to take care of dogs, train them, and return them back to their owners in the same physical condition they received the dog.


Look at this poor pup. Look at the condition this woman had to see her dog in after she left him at a place where he was supposed to be safe, and free of harm and neglect. Everytime I look at that picture of this poor dog on that table…. suffering from clear neglect, probably in pain… all I could think of is, “Why?” I think whether or not this man has a history of hurting animals. I wonder if this was a mistake? It can’t be. He was neglected, clearly. I am in shock. How could a person with a 5 star 36 rating review on Facebook and a 4.9 star 34 review on a different website be capable of something like this? Look for yourself:

Matt Noone has since removed his personal Facebook as well as the Hynoone K-9 Ultimate Dog Training page from Facebook. Does that mean guilt? Probably. He wants to be hidden because the post is being shared, and the information is coming to light. He’s going into hiding. That, or he is not responsible and he’s afraid of backlash. I’m going to assume he’s responsible, because he did not attempt to defend his honor. You don’t run away when you’re innocent. You defend yourself until death, because your business is what puts food in your mouth and a roof over your head. Wouldn’t he want to let everyone know the real truth if he was innocent?

When you leave a dog off for boarding, training, doggy daycare there are forms to fill out. There is usually a form where you give your dogs insurance information, and health information. There is usually (at least where I bring my dog when I’m going to be gone all day and don’t want him to be alone) a form I fill out that asks me what I want to do in an event of an emergency, and how much I’m willing to spend if he needs to be brought to a vet. It’s a tough question to answer, because I love my dog. I’m sure most people feel the same way. I always say no limit, because I can’t imagine saving my dog who is 11lbs would cost anything more than $5-$7k and to me, there is no price on his life; I love my boy.
My question is, did she have that form filled out? Even if she didn’t, a facility like this would not let a dog die, they would send the dog to the vet, and worry about the money later. This is why I think this man neglected the dog on purpose. There is no other explanation, well besides this story being fake, but I highly doubt it.

I am torn because the dog could have been sick previously, but it is still the responsibility of the trainer to make sure this dog is kept safe, and unharmed. There is no way a Great Dane could become emaciated so quickly that he didn’t notice in time. The dog would have not been eating or drinking for quite a few days, so it would have been apparent well before this dog became so ill. It’s not like Matt fell asleep at night and woke up to a dog who was clearly deathly ill. Why the lag on contacting the owner and the vet? So many unanswered questions here.


Here are some people who have left bad reviews regarding the recent incident. This is all the negative information I could find.




Since the owner has deleted his personal info and business page on Facebook, I will link you to their website here, and to another place they posted their business info on here. As you can see, it states they have been in business for 9 years. I’m shocked that a person with this much experience can be guilty of such gross negligence. This is all so confusing in so many ways.

I’m capable of pulling up his Facebook page because of Cache on Google, but all there are is a bunch of 5 stars reviews, which again, leaves me to wonder, what really went on?

I do NOT want this to be a witch hunt because I need more information before I begin to tear into this story. Therefore, I urge anyone who has ever dealt with this man and had a negative experience, or if a dog of yours has unfortunately died under his care, to please contact us on Facebook or send us an email to turtleboysports@gmail.com – You’re identity will remain anonymous. The same applies to Patricia. My condolences to Patricia McArdle, I can’t imagine going through what you are going through right now, I love my dog too much. Just thinking about him no longer being here can bring tears to my eyes. If there is any further information you want to share with me that will shed light on this horrible human being, please contact us as well. I need to know if this man has a long hidden history of hurting animals. This man clearly doesn’t deserve to be a dog trainer, and if he’s done this before, we want to make sure everyone in Massachusetts and beyond knows about it. If in fact this was a horrible mistake, in some way, I still believe he needs to learn from this mistake in a way that speaks volumes, not just a slap on the wrist.

I tried reaching out to Hynoone K-9 today, but no one is picking up the phones. I imagine that perhaps they could be overloaded with calls at this point, and since mine was private, they didn’t bother. Maybe he could end up in the Turtleboy graveyard if he’s done this enough, what do you think? I would love to be responsible for a headstone in that place, it’s like a dream come true for me.


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8 Comment(s)
  • Damon Green
    August 30, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    He is an amazing trainer. He loves dogs and takes great care of them. Her dog was sick and she passed the blame. Shameful how ppl like her, turtle boy sports and many others have tried to tarnish the best trainers name!

    He is very knowledgeable, caring, loving. We are fortunate To have a beautiful healthy loving dog thanks to him!
    He’s watched her several times and she was totally fine!

  • Very sad
    September 11, 2017 at 1:52 am

    I would like to say, pls don’t leave your dog with anyone fir weeks at a time. The dog is your responsibility when you get him. Although you may feel like your dig needs extensive training, you can do most of it yourself and there is no need for you to leave a dog at a facility for 3 weeks plus. I’m not excusing the scumbag that took your dig in. I hope he pays the full penalty of animal cruelty and ends up in jail but pls don’t leave your dog for that long. Be certain that any valid trainer will nit have you away from your pet fir that long. It’s nit normal. Many valid trainers come to your home so the dog can be trained in their own environment.

  • patk
    July 7, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    let’s see what the autopsy says before you destroy a mans life. it’s been more than a week and we’ve heard nothing. sounds like a witch hunt to me

  • Brand
    July 4, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Kinda fucked is all i gots to say, really

  • Cathy
    July 1, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    What everyone needs to realize is that this is ONE SIDE of the story. I am a huge animal lover but there is so much more to this story. This mans lively hood and life are being destroyed and will have a hard time recovering from that! He has 5 stars because he is amazing at what he does. Unfortunately with social media bad news (even if it isn’t the truth) travels faster than good news! I am sure he was advised to not answer any calls and to take all social media down. That does not make him guilty. Nobody who does such good for the veterans and soldiers and who supports his family with this job would abuse or neglect an animal. I am sad beyond words for the family that lost their pet…but destroying someone’s life and reputation is not the answer. This man is very well known in the community and highly respected in his career. I just wish people would get the entire story before judging!

  • Stunt Pennie
    July 1, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Since this guy is taking dogs in for his training program, he must be licensed by his local Board of Health (or similar commission) to operate a boarding kennel. The local ACO has to inspect the facility on a regular basis. A copy of his license, the inspection reports, etc., are all a matter of public record and should be easily obtained with a public records request sent to the Town Clerk in Mashpee.

  • Animal Lover
    June 30, 2017 at 4:00 am

    This is just sad and turtleboy is right that doesn’t just happen over night even if the dog was previously ill. Being a former vet tech I know for a fact it takes weeks for a dog to become THAT emaciated. My heart goes out to that poor woman that lost her pup. Im guessing the dog was on the younger side since he was off being “trained.” And from personal experience if I had to guess this guys 5 star ratings were either paid for by him, or simply friends and acquaintances of his or a mixture of both.

  • Emily
    June 29, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Thoughts and prayers to Ms McArdle for her loss. This is heartbreaking. Some of us really do consider our dogs family members. We seriously spend more time with them then any other person.
    I know people these days send their dogs to be trained by professionals, but I just could not and would not allow that. You never know their training methods and I will not take that chance with my girl.
    RIP sweet boy

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