Don’t Like Police? Here Are Some Countries You Might Like

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I promised Turtle Boy I would write a blog for him weeks ago and had yet to get to it. I was super busy with work and kids. Ya know, NOT being an asshole “Fuck the po-lice” protester. Until now. And like Turtle Boy, I am sick and tired of hearing about them and seeing them on TV. But after seeing them out there yet again on the latest “police brutality case”, I finally got fired up enough to make the time to write something. I thought everyone could learn a little something about anarchy and where it eventually leads you. Ya know, not giving a shit about the government and its repercussions. This does seem to be the general consensus among these Christmas wrecking douchebags. Because I’m assuming “Fuck the police” means, well, “Fuck em.”

And before I go on, for the record, I strongly disagree with the grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officers that were involved in the death of Eric Garner. I’m usually pretty pro cop considering I try not to go around pissing them off. Hence I’ve never had a problem with them. But this one I had to take a step back on and say something was wrong. With that being said, let’s move on.

Let’s start with Somalia. By the way, I hear it’s a lovely place to vacation this time of year. Total fucking chaos over there. Civil War breaks out in the early 90’s, and over the next twenty years you have a 100% desertion rate of their police force as well as the murder of Mogadishu’s police chief. This entire country is engulfed in crime and can proudly call itself one of the most dangerous counties in the world! Now that’s a fucking achievement. Pirates, human trafficking, terrorism, warlords, militias. Awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 7.35.07 PM

I wicked wanna be friends with this dude. His two sidekicks…not so much.Take a trip around the globe to Columbia. Visiting this shithole is definitely on my bucket list this year! Kidnapping, murder, and let’s not forget the drug cartels! This country has one of the highest murder rates in the world thanks to endless wars between rebel groups and the government. Although I hear Pablo Escobar did traffic some pretty sweet cocaine.

Then there is Honduras. Wow, talk about fucking paradise! I mean seriously, look at these stats:

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 7.36.31 PM

I mean, I get that this was for 2011 but I’m gonna run with the notion that things have not improved thatdramactially. So we have drug trade and violence of course. Hondurous has also been regarded as the most dangerous country on the planet outside of a full-fledged war zone. You got some stiff competition with Somalia though.  When does the next plane leave? Your trip would also include a delightful tour through the ravaged areas patrolled by MS-13.

Yeah, that’s rough isn’t it? Kinda sucks when stuff like this happens.  But it’s poverty and POOR LAW ENFORCEMENT that are huge factors in Honduras that contribute this this bullshit. Yes, POOR LAW ENFORCEMENT.  Ya know…and then the gangs etc. take over. I.e. anarchy…

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 7.37.57 PM

But come one, what chick wouldn’t find this hot? Seriously. I’m a stickler for ink myself.

I could name at least a half dozen other shitty countries where there is little to no organized police or government state and guess what? Total fucking anarchy! I’m not even going to talk about N. Korea and the Middle East because if you can’t figure out how ass backwards those places are you need a hole in the head. And this is just today; 2014! Open a fucking history book and you will see a plethora of clusterfuckedness all over the world.

We need the police and government. Plain and simple. I’m all for limited government, believe me. I hate communists and I hate socialists but if we don’t stop going around targeting all of our senseless bullshit at the police it’s going to backfire big time. The above mentioned countries are places that suck ass royally because they don’t have the police force and the government to control what happens when shit gets out of control. I think these dirty, useless piece of shit “hippies” that Turtle Boy likes to call them, should take that fucking vacation to Honduras or Somalia and see what it’s like to actually live in a place where there isn’t any law enforcement. So maybe when the next criminal steals their I-Phone or decides to gang rape their pretty asses, they’ll be praying to sweet Jesus for the cops to come along and save them. They should be kissing the cop’s asses over here for all the shit they put up with. Because if we don’t start doing a little less bitching and a little more of that ass kissing, we’re looking at civil unrest.  And I’ll take a permanent vacation to Japan.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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17 Comment(s)
  • Chris
    December 8, 2014 at 2:07 am


    That link I posted, regarding people rioting over utterly useless things, was an insignificant part of the post. It was merely anecdotal evidence of unruly behavior going relatively unnoticed.

    If you were to actually read the content of what I posted, you’d see that I’ve not once mentioned white or black and made the discussion of the shooting strictly along lines of Officer Safety and Police Procedure. In fact, aside from the link that you’ve obviously latched onto, I’ve only mentioned race once and it had nothing to do with the shooting.

    However, as you seem keen to latch on to my obsession of race, I’ll quickly dissolve any allusions that you might have about my thoughts on the matter:

    Do I think that minorities are unfairly targeted by Police in the United States? Yes

    Do I agree with violent protests? No, but I’m not being oppressed so it’s not my place to judge.

    Do I think that the protests are warranted? Refer to answer #1

    Do I think that the protests are effective? Well they’ve certainly got your attention, maybe you’ll learn something or possibly change your view on the topic of unfair treatment of minorities in the United States.

    Now, here’s my question for you, or the author of this blog post (if in fact that’s a different person):

    Are you mad at the protesters for the destruction/ inconvenience they’ve caused, or are you mad at them because you disagree with the message?


    -Someone from the internet

    p.s. using North Korea as an example of a lack of police presence was a bad choice.

  • Chris
    December 8, 2014 at 1:52 am

    To whom it may concern,

    Well, considering the testimony Officer Wilson gave the Grand Jury, it’s highly debatable that he knew Michael Brown was a criminal at the time of the encounter. Just consider these two direct quotes:

    “While on the sick call, a call came out for a stealing in progress from the local market on West Florissant. . . I didn’t hear the entire call, I was on my portable radio, which isn’t exactly the best. I did hear that a suspect was wearing a black shirt and that a box of Cigarillos was stolen.”

    -Darren Wilson

    “And that’s the only other thing I remember thinking about is I heard the car radio going off and mine wasn’t. . . So then I looked at it and I was on channel 3. I was like, I don’t know what was heard or what wasn’t heard.”

    -Darren Wilson

    So we all obviously know, that Michael Brown did in fact steal the Cigarillos from a store prior to the encounter. We know this because we’ve seen the security camera recording and read the testimony of Dorian Johnson, who was in the store at the time. However, at the time of the shooting Officer Wilson candidly admits that his personal radio was not on the correct channel and further stated that he ostensibly heard the initial broadcast for the robbery on his personal radio. If you read the above quotes, he also states that he wasn’t really listening to the call.

    Considering the series of tactical blunders he displayed throughout the encounter, and his terrible mishandling of evidence following the shooting, I find it highly debatable that he actually correctly heard the initial broadcast. Maybe through some coincidence he did hear those several specific details for the call before changing the channel on his radio, I highly doubt it though. Unfortunately, this will never be properly examined, much like the mishandling of evidence following the shooting.

    As far as far as the use of deadly force, it was absolutely the Officers poor judgement that lead to the rapid escalation of force. Are you somehow suggesting that he placed himself at the tactical advantage by positioning himself in such a situation? Let me ask you this, if he had already called for backup, why did he not wait for them to arrive before engaging Michael and Dorian the second time? Why did he not examine the situation and find a better approach, of which there would’ve been several.

    If he had simply done his job as a Law Enforcement Officer, Michael Brown would probably have been taken into custody alive.

    Civilians aren’t expected to have an understanding of police tactics, and shouldn’t be responsible for officer misjudgments, but the Police Officers certainly are.

    • Race Baiters should go to Hell
      December 9, 2014 at 1:05 am

      Chris– Based on what you’ve just posted, it really isn’t “debatable.” Rather, we can both agree that he did NOT know that Michael Brown was a criminal at the time. Thus, your statements, as previously mentioned, contradict one another. You criticized the “tactics” shown by Officer Wilson when “engaging a suspected criminal.” Well, you just made it CLEAR that he was not a suspected criminal at the time. So, which one is it?!! Oh wait, let me guess… You’re going to manipulate the definitions of the words “knew” and “suspected,” in order to fit your desperate arguments?

      Now, as far as the escalation of force. When a suspect throws punches at a Police Officer, said suspect has just become assaultive. When said suspect (who has just been upgraded to criminal) tries to take a Police Officer’s deadly weapons from him, said CRIMINAL has now escalated from ‘assaultive’ to’ assaultive with deadly force.’ Ultimately, the Police Officer used the appropriate level of force, according to the actions of the suspect/criminal. I’m actually excited to hear your response to this!! Lol, I can only imagine how you’re going to try to spin this one.

      Now, to your comment below (the one about the link), I will make this quick. Referring back to your original comment on this post– you made four points (first of all, second of all, etc.). Two of your points included the word “minority,” and the fourth point had the link attached to it. Thus, 75% of your comment was about race. You can call that link “anecdotal evidence of unruly behavior,” and we can agree that’s all it is. However, when you post that link which reads “white people” in the middle of a comment talking about minorities, then you are making that connection whether you intended to or not. Basically, you wanted to use examples of white people burning things and rioting, in order to oppose the critics of the Ferguson rioters and protesters nationwide (that is because– as I exploited yesterday– you made an assumed connection between minorities and the rioters/protesters. When, ironically enough, it was the white college kids being criticized more than anyone else). I mean, mentioned Keene was pretty much a given.

      Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice how you just referred to that link as “people rioting over utterly useless things,” when that is CLEARLY not what its titled. C’monnnn maaannnnnn!! Did you think you could sneak that by? Did you REALLY think that you could race-bait throughout an entire comment, then sleep on it, and then claim that you never mentioned race? And THEN you removed the word “white” and changed “stupid sh*t” to “utterly useless things”?!! Lol, nice try, Chris..

      • chris
        December 9, 2014 at 8:59 am


        If we can both agree that Officer Wilson did not know that Michael Brown was a criminal at the time of the shooting, that makes this simpler.

        First of all, if it is unsafe and of poor tactical judgement to interact with a person suspected of criminal activity in the way that Officer Wilson engaged Michael and Dorian that afternoon, then it is actually worse for him to engage with someone who is otherwise to be presumed innocent. Ostensibly, and this is according to the testimony provided by the Officer to the Grand Jury, he was concerned that Michael and Dorian were obstructing traffic:

        “I see them walking down the middle of the street. And the first thing that struck me was they’re walking in the middle of the street. I had already seen a couple cars trying to pass, but they couldn’t have traffic normal because they were in the middle”

        -Darren Wilson

        So in this particular situation, and according to the Officer, he stopped his patrol vehicle in the middle of the street and politely asked them to walk on the sidewalk. Additionally, and this is something that is exactly reflected reflected in both the testimony of Dorian Johnson and that of Darren Wilson, Johnson responded politely by saying “We are almost to our destination.” Oddly enough, this was one of the few points at which the Officers credibility was directly challenged during the Grand Jury testimony, and I’ll note that it is amazing how well both testimonies corroborate this particular point.

        Anyway, immediately following this short interaction, and again this is according to both testimonies, he continued to drive down the street before placing his vehicle in reverse and quickly approaching Michael and Dorian from behind and then blocking the entire roadway with his vehicle. This action not only served to exacerbate the exact situation he was ostensibly worried about in the first place, but also put the safety of two pedestrians at risk and created a hostile environment. So, in any police interaction, the onus is on the Officer to deescalate the situation, and again his actions failed to do so. Beyond that, once the situation was escalated, by his abrupt vehicle maneuver, he further placed himself in a sitting position at close proximity to people he was stopping, again bad tactics. Worse if we can agree that the Officer didn’t actually know Michael Brown was a criminal at the time.

        Second of all, if we can both agree that Officer Wilson did not know that Michael Brown was a criminal at the time, or at least that he didn’t know he was party to the robbery at the market, then we can both agree to the fact that the Officer also misrepresented the events of that day to the Grand Jury, in other words- he lied under oath. If that is the case, and considering how he acted both at the scene and immediately after he left the scene, a reasonable person could conclude as much, the only other evidence we have to go by is the testimony of Dorian Johnson. And according to that testimony, the Officer actually struck Michael Brown first, in an aggressive and unsafe manner.

        Again to reiterate, civilians aren’t expected to have an understanding of police tactics, and shouldn’t be responsible for officer misjudgments, but the Police Officers certainly are.

        Anyway, following the notion that the Officer is willing to lie to the Grand Jury during an official testimony, I don’t really need to explain why his actions were completely incompatible with proper Police Practice and Officer Safety any further. You admitting that he lied to the Grand Jury, and understanding that it was because of his obviously false testimony that he was not indicted proves that the system isn’t working properly.

        That being the case, in all of my previous post I only asked three questions. Two of them now being moot, I have one remaining:

        Are you mad at the protesters for the destruction/ inconvenience they’ve caused, or are you mad at them because you disagree with the message?

        Looking forward to a thoughtful response,

        -someone from the internet

        • Richard
          December 9, 2014 at 1:25 pm

          I hate the fact that people assume that Wilson’s actions were racially motivated. It’s also funny how people don’t hold Michael Brown’s actions against him. It was a grand jury who had heard all the testimony and decided not to indict officer Wilson. A Grand Jury!! Those people heard ALL the evidence and ALL the testimony. The people who are rioting and protesting , I bet most of them haven’t looked into the facts of the case. I suppose if Michael Brown was white, officer Wilson would have let him take his gun and shoot him. Are we arguing that race was the reason for the shooting or the officer not following protocol was the reason? Which is it because it seems whenever someone comes up with a valid point, the argument changes? I guess whatever fits. I also bet if it was proved he used proper protocol then the argument would change yet again. And when did you become an expert on police protocol? Michael Brown’s actions got him shot, not his skin color.

          • chris
            December 9, 2014 at 11:24 pm


            Honestly, I agree and also hate that people assume that Officer Wilson’s actions were racially motivated. What I hate more, however, is that those same people might have a point.

            Sure a Grand Jury did hear all of the testimony, and saw what evidence was collected. However, as we’ve already established, the testimony given by the Officer was probably not entirely true. What you’ve probably not read yet is how the DA presenting the case to the Grand Jury treated Dorian Johnson during his testimony.

            Marijuana had no bearing on the case whatsoever:

            “There is some talk about smoking weed and those kinds of things, but that’s not anything that we are here to prosecute you for. I want to make that clear on the record, okay?”

            Assistant D. A. Kathi Alizadeh

            However, before they even got to talking about shooting, Ms. Alizadeh asked Dorian whether he or Michael had smoked marijuana at least three separate times. Officer Wilson was never asked about smoking marijuana.

            “Whatever, you know. He owns the street right there, right, kind of?”

            -Assistant D.A. Kathi Alizadeh

            “Was he sagging, was his pants sagging or you say he wasn’t wearing a belt?. . . we probably all know the kind of, you know how young folks do it.”

            -Assistant D.A. Kathi Alizadeh

            Above are two additional quotes from the prosecutor during the Grand Jury, clearly coloring the testimony of Dorian Johnson. If you actually read the entire testimony (it’s pretty interesting from a sociological standpoint) you’ll see a very defined pattern of this happening throughout the questioning. So when people say that the Grand Jury heard all of the testimony prior to making a decision not to indict, we have to consider just what they were hearing.

            Earlier this year, Richard Sherman was called a thug after he went on a short rant about his football skills. Clearly he is an amazing football player and his rant was well warranted. However, immediately he was labeled a thug. Even though he is definitely not a thug, it was a simple three letter word that colored his personality in an instant.

            Even if the DA wasn’t intentionally trying to discredit Dorian Johnson’s character, these simple statements littered throughout the questioning definitely did a lot to unnecessarily discredit his account of the events that day. Sadly, even jurors, just like sports fans, are impressionable and will be influenced by subtle cues like that.

            So, when you’re talking about the protestors that is what they are protesting. Remember, although many of them probably haven’t read the entire case and probably don’t know all of the facts, the fact still remains that this was a very questionable shooting and even more questionable Grand Jury proceeding. An indictment wouldn’t have been a guilty charge for the Officer, but simply allowed the case to go into trial. As it is, the evidence (or lack of evidence) will never be truly examined.

            So again, my question remains:

            Are you mad at the protestors for the destruction/ inconvenience they’ve caused, or are you mad at them because you disagree with the message?

            Anyway, in the previous post you asked two good questions:

            Are we arguing that race was the reason for the shooting or the officer not following protocol was the reason? Mathematically, I’d say that failure to follow proper Officer Safety practices directly lead to the shooting. Sure, on subconscious level race probably contributed to the way Officer Wilson interacted with Dorian and Michael, but it was the primary cause of the shooting.

            When did you become an expert on police protocol? I served eight years in the military and have dealt with use of force/ police procedures.

            And again, to reiterate, from reading all of the testimony and looking through the situation, it’s pretty clear that poor police tactics actually caused the escalation of force that ultimately resulted in the shooting.

            Civilians shouldn’t be expected to respond rationally to irrational Police Officers.


            -Someone from the internet

          • Richard
            December 14, 2014 at 5:48 pm

            There is so much to comment, I don’t know where to start. I can’t believe you’re now trying to tell me that they were protesting the line of questioning during the grand jury testimony. They protested purely on hearing there was no indictment. That’s all. They didn’t care on how they got to that decision. Before they rioted they didn’t go over the findings of the grand jury before they started rioting, looting, burning down buildings etc.. You give them far too much credit. Some protesters come out of the woodwork to fuel the flame. They hear of a shooting, immediately jump to racism and see how they can fit it into the situation. All the while dismissing facts to meet their agenda.
            As for Michael Brown, neither he nor Dorian Johnson respected the officer when asked to get out of the road. That one action speaks volumes. Was the officer’s request irrational? Upon hearing that the two fit the description of the robbery, he parked his car in front of them. Now at this point you say he didn’t follow proper procedure. I am not a cop, so I’m not sure. I would think though his job would be to address the individuals. I am pretty sure it’s in his job description. Should he have just let them walk away? Should he have asked them to wait until backup came? We know from the simple request to walk on the sidewalk that they really weren’t the accommodating type. No matter how irrational, as you say, the cop was to dare address the individuals, it does not give Michael Brown the right to attack him in his car. Michael Brown became violent and attacked him in his car. That is a fact. Nobody ever has the right to attack a cop. You just can’t.
            There is so much more to get into, but this is all I have time for now. I’ll answer your questions that you so desperately want answered though. As for the first, I don’t like the destruction, looting, etc. As for the second part about the message, well that’s tough. I would have to say I I can’t agree or disagree with their message. The reason being because it is so muddled. The whole message is ever changing. What is the message??? Racism? Excessive force? Grand Jury procedures?
            If you’re asking me about the initial rioters, looters and building burners, then I am against the message. They had an agenda right away. They wanted an indictment whether it was warranted or not. They didn’t care one iota the facts of the case. They didn’t care about any of the findings of the grand jury or how they got to their determination. People like that screw up any rational message that some people may have. It really is too bad.
            Lastly and most importantly, thank you for your 8 years of service.

        • Race Baiters should go to Hell
          December 9, 2014 at 8:33 pm

          Chris– I would like to thank Richard for pointing out your constant changing of the argument. I mean, you’ve already contradicted yourself too many times to even keep up with what your original point was. Anyway, I find it funny that you read the alleged facts of the case, and you even pasted them on here, but you’ve ignored so many glaring things.

          For instance, you eluded to the testimony that the Officer politely asked the two young men to walk on the sidewalk. Is that correct? Well, rather than the young men moving politely to the sidewalk, one of them replied “we are almost to our destination.” The fact that you passed over that interaction as if it was NOT a part of the problem is exactly why this conversation will go NOWHERE. Lol, they ignore the Officer’s “polite” suggestion (which would soon become a command– since, being an expert on Police protocol, you must be completely familiar with the ‘ask, tell, make’ progression), and continue on doing what they were doing.

          Again, you are an expert in courtroom procedures, Police protocol, and (according to your link– which you’ve since attempted to downgrade the significance of) the demographics involved in rioting in America (and some parts of Canada). How or why would you ever discuss these situations with a non-expert like me? Well, I like to make progress when discussing things, and that seems to be impossible with you. You have ignored the inconvenient facts, and jumped all over the ideas that you like to consider facts (like lying under oath and not using effective Police tactics– that one actually made me laugh out loud).

          To answer your question about my feelings on the protesters, I will need to call you out for a second. First off, you introduced that LEADING question with only two answers. Did you REALLY think I wouldn’t notice that?? Did you think I would just pick one of your options and fall into your next line of leading questions?! No, Sir. Not today, not ever. Secondly, you made reference to destruction and inconvenience, but you only attributed both of those to the “protesters.” Let’s not act like there isn’t a HUGE difference between protesters and “rioters.” After all, the headline in that link you posted didn’t read “White People Protesting Over Dumb Sh*t.” Did it?? No, it most certainly did not.

          Now, for you answer: I don’t like rioting in any form or fashion. My favorite sports teams have won multiple championships over the years, and I have never rioted for any of that nonsense. So, I do not think that the Looters (let’s not forget about them– “them” having no racial connotation whatsoever. Only speaking to the individuals involved) and the other rioters causing destruction were REALLY doing that to make progress in the area they were allegedly “protesting” about. Also, to that point, many of the rioters were not concerned with the facts of the case. Even if facts were presented, they would not have accepted them anyway (and I have video evidence of a few people who proved that to be true). Finally, we will move on to the “protesters” who were causing “inconvenience” in cities all over the country. The problem I had with them (again, no races being targeted– just speaking to any and all individuals involved) is that MANY of them were doing it just to do it. Turtleboy wrote an article about them immediately after they started filling the streets, and he really hit the nail on the head. The demographic he complained about the most (which was white, unemployed college kids, attending classes on their parents’ dimes) were probably the most annoying. Some of them had no idea what they were even doing out there. They just wanted to wear a shirt or hold a sign, all while “exercising their right” to be out there.

          I hope that answered your question. My responses are always thoughtful, and I appreciate the respect you’ve shown in this thread. However, as previously stated, this is going nowhere fast. Good luck with whatever it is that you do, and God Bless..

          • chris
            December 9, 2014 at 11:35 pm

            Fair enough, and likewise with the good luck.

  • chris
    December 7, 2014 at 3:50 am

    First of all, this mistreatment of minorities by police in the United States is a real thing, as evidenced by the shooting of Michael Brown this summer.

    Second of all, protests aren’t supposed to be convenient, that’s kind of the point.

    Third of all, saying you want the police to stop abusing and/ or unfairly targeting minorities is a lot different than saying that you don’t want any police.

    Fourth of all, at least they are protesting for a worthy cause. . .

    • chris
      December 7, 2014 at 3:53 am

      Where was the outrage after the riot in Keene this year?

    • Twistws Sistah
      December 7, 2014 at 1:40 pm

      Michael Brown wasn’t shot because he was black. He was shot because he was a criminal and an asshole!! Look at the facts.

      • Chris
        December 7, 2014 at 2:18 pm

        Actually, if you were to believe the Officers Grand Jury Testimony, it’s debatable he even knew that Michael Brown was a criminal at the time of the shooting. Additionally, he also put himself in a very precarious situation, which in turn lead to him shooting Michael Brown. In any situation where an officer interacts with a civilian, the onus is on them keep the tactical advantage. This officer clearly did not do that, putting himself in a very precarious situation. Unfortunately, he immediately escalated the situation to deadly force.

        Besides, even if Michael Brown was an asshole, I don’t recall that being a crime worthy of capital punishment.

        • Rich
          December 7, 2014 at 4:08 pm

          Are you saying the cop put himself in a precarious situation? Did you even look at the facts? The thing that bothers me the most is that the only fact that some people look at is that a white cop shot a black man. That’s it! They immediately turn it into a racially motivated attack. Whenever somebody makes a statement about Michael Brown’s actions on that day, they completely ignore it.
          Enlighten everybody here, Chris. How should the cop have done his job? What should he have done differently?

          • Chris
            December 7, 2014 at 4:35 pm

            Yes, I am absolutely saying that the officer put himself in a precarious situation.

            Quite simply, he reversed his vehicle towards two people that he ostensibly suspected of a crime and positioned himself so that he needed to open his door into them. Being in a sitting position, and leaving it so that they were immediately at his door when he made the second contact, put him in a very unsafe position.

            For his safety, and the safety of the people he was approaching, he should’ve maneuvered the vehicle so that he was on the opposite side of the car from them. At a minimum he should’ve allowed himself enough space to safely exit the vehicle. Engaging with a suspected criminal while sitting in your patrol car, and without backup, is a terrible idea.

            “I then placed my car in reverse and backed up and I backed up just past them and angled my vehicle, the back of my vehicle to kind of cut them off kind to keep them somewhat contained.

            As I did that, I go to open the door and say, hey, come here for a minute to Brown.”

            -Darren Wilson

          • Race Baiters should go to Hell
            December 7, 2014 at 10:54 pm

            To Chris– So, you’ve said that “it’s debatable he even knew that Michael Brown was a criminal at the time of the shooting.” THEN, you said “engaging with a suspected criminal while sitting in your patrol car, and without backup, is a terrible idea.” You are not disqualifying that FACT that Michael Brown was a criminal. Yet, you’re somehow blaming the cop for putting himself at a disadvantage– and then saying that he “immediately escalated the situation to deadly force.” Oh, and you’ve completely contradicted yourself there– but I’m sure you already knew that, since you know everything about everything.

            Well, first off, the cop didn’t escalate the situation to deadly force– Michael Brown did that. Yes, that is the truth. Secondly, whether or not the cop knew about the robbery that had just taken place does NOT determine whether or not Brown was a criminal. You KNOW he was a criminal. But, instead of just calling a spade “a spade,” you’re somehow trying to manipulate the circumstances to blame the Police Officer.. Hmm, shocker!

            That link you posted about “White People Rioting Over Stupid Shit” is about riots. You attached that link in a comment about protesting. You DO KNOW the difference between rioting and protesting, don’t you? Well, you probably don’t. Also, not one person has complained about non-white people rioting or protesting– instead, they’ve complained about PEOPLE (of no specific color) protesting over something they know very little about. They’ve even gone as far as pointing out that some of those protesters are purposely avoiding facts, because they would have minimal reasons to be out there after considering the facts. Beyond all of that, they’ve actually described some of the protesters in question as being white. So, you can put your race bait back in your tackle box, youngin’.

            Yet, you found it necessary to assume that race was involved in the complaints, and so you post a link exposing “white” sports fans for being drunken fools (note that not everyone in those pictures was white– with the most likely exception of the hockey photo lol, which actually took place in Canada) . Well, those drunken fools are no better than the protesters/rioters in Worcester, Ferguson, or anywhere else in the country. They’re no better. BUT, they’re definitely not worse either.

            With all of that being said, it is glaringly obvious that you cannot help but continue to pull race into the debate. The FACT (there’s that inconvenient word again) that you posted that link about “white people rioting” tell us a lot about who you are and what you’re trying to do. You might be able to race bait some simple minded people, but you’re not getting ANYONE on Turtleboy’s level. Best of luck to you..

  • Andrew Petit
    December 6, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    Fucking brilliant! LOVE it! Welcome aboard!

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