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    1. KJDS

      And yet, social media users who threaten the lives of cops, promote ISIS, talk about their drug habits, etc. are all allowed to continue on their merry way.

      This is why I dropped FB.

    2. ItsAllABadDream

      Fuck Facebook. All turtle riders need to dump them. Immediately

      1. Ticked off

        Tell all your friends to go directly to the blog!

    3. Publius

      Who the F cares about face book.

    4. Rhino

      In all fairness, I do see Rhianna’s nipples quite a bit on these ads

      1. Nip

        EVERYONE has seen them!

    5. Margaret Melican

      There once was a Face Book suspension. Caused by 1st amendment prevention. Freedom of speech? No, Face Book bleach. And Mak Zuckerberg pretension

      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        Yes!!!! Welcome to the dark side!

        This. Makes. My. Day!

        Sorry TB that you are experiencing the bullshit of Facebook. I hope it can be resolved, but we all know FB doesn’t give two cares in the world. Perhaps for the time being you can figure out a way to bring traffic directly to the blog? Do you have twitter? How many followers? Advertise the blog there. Make an account and post on the visitor section of your FB pages directing them here. Do it once a day until you aren’t suspended so people can see it.

    6. Tom

      Facebook sucks… I’m on this cool place called MySpace… Don’t tell too many people about it or it’ll get all lame and shit, just like Facebook….

    7. Kevin Lynch

      Well, I must admit that I played a role in your pages being shut down. I did this because Turtleboy had become Donald Trump, “Do as I say not as I do.”

      Turtleboy directed people to attack people’s Facebook sites to have them unjustly suspended. Tammy Go aka Jullianne Kearney had my page suspended by mass reporting for my post which read “Chris is Matty Mo.”

      So for 30 days I am not allowed to contact family ,friends and aquantances. Turtleboy ruined my Facebook experience.

      Turtleboy has become exactly what they chastise and attack others for being, “BUTTHURT”.

      So they were given a “safe space” but they had to violate that space and they got themselves shutdown. Now they are crying. What did Tammy Go say? “Cry me a river.”

      Turtleboy over steps as they instruct people to attack their subject at work, at school, in their churches, on any boards they sit on, in their communities, they attack their family and friends.

      Turtleboy mocked me when I requested for them to remove the pictures of the minor children in my family which Brett called for violence to bestow them. Brett even threatened to brutally rape my 15 yr old niece. His threat contained him stating that he would physically make her handicapped through analysis sex.

      15 years of age. What does Turtleboy do? They add salt to my wound be holding Brett on a pedestal.

      Turtleboy has been swimming in the sewers of burning hell for way too long.

      I am tired of seeing a couple local firefighters, police, emts and 911 personal entertaining the hatred that Turtleboy spews. They have turned Auburn into the KKK headquarters officially through their town hall.

      Then Gaffney who is a city councilor and the guy Hefner who works in city hall want to entertain such hate as well?

      These are public servants. I can only imagine being a person of color in Worcester calling for an ambulance, firetruck or police assistance.

      Shame on those who entertain Turtleboy racist hate. Just yesterday Brett stated the label “wigger.” This word means .”white nigger.” So I ask the guy running for office in worcester to break this wording further down for us?

      I will do it for him. Turtleboy has also used this word in their story on this blog. It stands for white person acting like a black person. So if we match them up they are stating a black person is a “nigger”.

      Now you can call Bill O’Reilly over at Fox and ask him how he create the spin before he states “the spin stops here.?”

      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        Is this how you held it?


        1. Tiger Lynch

          FORE… head…

          1. FiestyLawyerLady


        2. Kevin Lynch

          Margaret Melican. That is a skill you have there posting pictures and videos on a blog that no one else can.

          The address for Turtleboy safe space was your office on Main street.

          1. KJDS

            I can see it. I don’t think you know how to use your computer.

          2. FiestyLawyerLady

            Hi Kevy! Here is a video just for you. I only recorded it because I don’t want Margaret being held responsible for the shit I spew to you on here. Enjoy.

            P.S. There is a little something in there for you Greg Marsden, aka BobnMic.

            Love you both, xoxo!


            1. Reddog

              Is that an E or a C class?

            2. FiestyLawyerLady

              Reddog, I dont want to answer the E/C class question because, well… Im being stalked lol. However, you have good eyes… How were you able to tell the make? I kept it away from the steering wheel on purpose lol.

              Also, last night I spoke to ProM and I told her, “There is no way that’s Reddog talking to me like that… not possible, no way” I came to that conclusion after I made my comment. So, I knew it wasn’t you. 😉

            3. Reddog

              Videos of your ride on the net are very classy. Do you have 20″ spinning hub caps?

          3. Stu Pidazzo

            Kevy, it’s called “code”. You see, that device you’re looking at is called a “computer” and it is made up of “hardware” that runs “software” “programs” that tell the hardware what to do, like display “videos” or allow fucking morons like you to type whatever insane bullshit you’re fucked up mind comes up with 24/7 and share it with the world while assholes like me have to get up at 5:30 every morning and haul our asses to work to pay for you to sit at home and do that! Or maybe we’re all just TB, which, as you know, is a front for the FPD and FFD. Whichever makes more sense to you.

      2. Mirror Mirror

        JFC. First we had Spurts, then the moronic BobnMic, and now we have to suffer with this nut job troll on the blog?

        There really is no god.

        1. BobnMic

          Mirror Mirror – First of all asshole God is spelled with a capital G you atheist fucking idiot troll. Second of all you are just one person with a lot of different screen names. You do not like people with stronger opinions than yours. You do not like people that ARE smarter than you. You get angry, frustrated and confused. And then here comes the demeaning part because that is what it is that you know best.

          You suffer from extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a very strong craving for admiration. I know who you are and you are fooling nobody but yourself into believing that we are your little dumb asses that will yield to your awesomeness.

          Nice try. Not really. Give it a rest already. This blog could be filled with 5 year olds that would still see through your bullshit.

      3. Wwy

        Kevin is not a dictionary,nigger means ignorant. Here it is in a sentence. Kevin lynch is a nigger when it comes to free speech. All slang words mean something definitively,so go fuck yourself.

    8. Ed Augustus

      The only suspension I care about is the suspension of hate and of homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia and of gender-identity-phobia. Let’s all hold hands and strive for the day where we can be siblings in a rainbow-hued, harmonious civic village. I love you all. I love Millis, And, most of all, I love my salary.

      1. Nip

        And you used to work at Bradlees at White City. As an adult.

        1. Mr Bunker

          White City?!? There’s an oxymoron…

          What’s black and glows in the dark? White City…

    9. Feisty Lawyer Gentleman

      Is TBS a business or a whiny teenager? Honestly last week you were encouraging your ‘turtle riders’ to behave in exactly the same fashion towards a Worcester woman’s personal page – you encouraged in *several* posts people reporting her pages for fake offenses… and now when someone does it to you, it’s blog posts crying foul?!?

      They might be dinosaurs, but last I checked ‘old media’ wasn’t holding Facebook virtual lynch mobs… Maybe that’s something you learn in journalism school??

      1. Kevin Lynch

        I cannot articulate it as well as you did. You are right on. Turtleboy has been encouraging people even to physically attack homeless people.

        They have encouraged people to totally harrass others. I talked to another one of their victims who happens to be a 19 yr old student. They harrassed her to the point of suicide, she sheltered in as mutual friends called her only to have her answer the phone in tears.

        Turtleboy is so irresponsible and to see adults especially an occasional firefighter, an emt or an officer join in on the hate is just appalling.

        They were responsible for the one mother committing suicide. They are a vile blog that are criminal harrassers.

        They overstepped as they deserve what is happening to them.

    10. Kevin Lynch

      Now Turtleboy should reimburse the people who advertise on their sight as they state Facebook is 80% of their business.

      Turtleboy has become a criminal harrassing machine. They are intent on ruining people’s lives. They take random pictures of people sitting on their porches and they label as being down trodden and less than. Shame on Turtleboy and shame on their mothers for raising such evil people.

      The people involved are school teachers. This would be unheard of years ago or they would whisper their hate of others who are different than them. Now with social media they yell it from rooftops.

      Honestly, how do you think people of color who live in Worcesyer feel when they see a firefighter, an emt, a city councilor or a police officer entertaining Turtleboy hatred?

      These city employees need to be fired under an absolute ZERO tolerance. Gaffney should also step down.

      1. Tiger Lynch

        Hey Sport! How ya hittin’ um?

    11. Dave

      Hey Kevin ………If we match them up and a white person is a Wigger….then wouldn’t a black person be a Bligger? I would also love to see the proof of talking about raping your niece. TB would not say that. Do us a favor you slug…… Go back to bed, and fuck off

    12. Calculating Lawyer Gentleman

      If FaceBook took money for a service that it did not provide, you have a MGL c93A claim. Triple damages, plus attorneys fees and interest. You should at least call the Attorney General consumer fraud division.

      While you are business, you are small enough to claim protection under 93A.

      FaceBook will point to its terms o service and claim that you forfeited your money when you didn’t follow its terms, but you can prove that this is not the case. Even if it were, this is Massachusetts, and FaceBook has to face a judge who in all liklihood hates large companies.

      Hey, even if you lose or your case gets dismissed, continually filing a claim for every shut down will get the attention from FB that you ask for.

      1. Ignorant Lawyer Gentleman

        Basic failure of your argument – “If FaceBook took money…”

        Facebook doesn’t charge money to open an account and start a page. Their money is generated via targeted marketing (and selling your data to all those advertisers). When you open an account you agree to the Facebook terms of agreement. People have been gaming the terms violation to shut TBS down, and instead of handling it with aplomb, TBS encouraged others to do it to a TBS target.

        Turnabouts fair play in my book. Now TBS needs to stop crying about it (of course the subtext is that every time their page is suspended, they lose money – there’s the real problem). Inexplicably TBS decided to wage a war against a functioning business (Mambo Drinks) – demanding they be shut down and thereby put people out of work, lose money etc… Looks like they took to the TBS playbook and struck back – and the funny thing is, they may get the last laugh… Internet business are susceptible to losing business when they can’t keep those clicks flowing…

        And ergo, no claim.

        1. KJDS

          Facebook takes money – you can pay them to promote your posts, and many businesses do. Check it out sometime. Knowledge is power.

          1. Ignorant Lawyer Gentleman

            STFU – the implication is that by suspending the page somehow Facebook had taken money from TBS & they could sue. Reading comprehension 101.

            Face facts – TBS played a dirty game & got burned – unfortunately they have lots to lose, so playing it probably wasn’t all that smart…

            1. KJDS

              Reading Comprehension 101, you say?

              This is from the article, jackass:

              “They took our money and the service was never provided because the page was arbitrarily deactivated.”

              “So basically Facebook urges you to create a business page. So you do. Then you build up your business, give them money, and become dependent on them. ”

              You’re an idiot.

        2. Illiterate Poster

          Umm… He isn’t arguing about opening a page. Learn to read. He claimed that he paid for an ad and sponsored posts. He didn’t get it.

        3. Calculating Lawyer Gentleman

          Since you clearly have not even read the point, much less understood it, your drivel exposes your incompetence.

          In much simpler words that will be easier for your tiny brain to grasp: I win. You lose. I strongly suspect that this is largely reflective of each of our entire lives. 🙂

    13. Mediocrity

      We don’t need Facebook. But it would be great to have an individual “ignore” feature for all the a$$holes that post here.

    14. Kevin Lynch

      Let’s talk about the Big E story. Turtleboy talked about infomercials. This entire website is filled with infomercials.

      This Web page actually looks more like a steamy porn site. It is tough to navigate through all the port as the page flickers all the time.

      1. 1776

        Don’t like it?
        THEN DON’T COME HERE!!!!
        It’s like changing the channel on your television.
        Simple as that!
        Or is that too hard for handle?

    15. Kevin Lynch

      I was wondering can I buy a mug at a discounted rate now? What about a sweatshirt as the weather is changing?
      Hello, hello, hello????? Can I get some answers in this hall???

      Hello, helllo, hellooo, he l l o o o o.
      Where is Tammy Gow? Hello?

      1. Lynch Mob

        Ignored… Kind of like when you need to shovel snow… Huh, ya lazy bastard…

        1. Kevin Lynch

          See, the absolute 100% true facts of that fake turtleboy story was that I shoveled my walk and the neighbors and the Police Chief called my cell phone and told me it was his mistake.

          But Turtleboy didn’t want to hear about any of it as they just wanted to harrass me.

          And harrass they did. Where is everyone?

          1. Toby

            Ignoring you obviously Kevin. No one wants to hear from you or read your stupid accusations.

    16. Kevin Lynch

      I thought it would be ironic if Turtleboy ended with the photo that it began with. Just a nice touch that I thought you would appreciate.

      Hey Brett, just think now you can play Pokémon for more hrs.

      1. Jimmy Beam

        You drinking again? That may violate your probation…

        1. Kevin Lynch

          Jommy, how you been? Long time bean.

    17. BobnMic

      Hey TurtleBoy check out what daily commenter Fiesty(so called)LawyerLady has been doing in here for the last 5 months. Chasing most, if not all, good commenters away with her total idiotic nonsense and deep hatred toward other commenters and offering absolutely zero on the subjects that you present.

      She comes here with a least a dozen alias screen names with the sole purpose of fucking with Turtle Riders here on the blog. And when it is time to chime in on a serious topic for discussion – here she comes again attacking anyone who has a real opinion. She never engages in any sort of meaningful dialogue other than talk about crass and vile genitalia or fecal matter describing how she cleans shit stains out of a toilet. I understand that this is grown up world and welcome to the internet and all of that but I am telling you man she is bad for business period. I was of the understanding that this was a family friendly blog. What this troll FiestyLawyerLady spews out has changed that whole dynamic and the only “followers” she has are her own 11 or so other alias screen names.

      So if this chick is doing all of this here and substantially fucking things up, and there is plenty of evidence of that, then why wouldn’t she be apart of sabotaging your Facebook accounts? What’s the difference? She’ll fuck up your blog but not touch your Facebook accounts? That makes no sense to me. And she is not a lawyer that is certain.

      I respectfully request that she be banned from further communication on your blog.

      This is my opinion from a long time Turtle Rider. Now watch what her response will be. Stand by for a load of bullshit…

      1. Kevin Lynch

        Family friendly blog with plenty of tits and ass.

        Margaret Melican is whom you refer to. She is the rude evil poet.

        1. Andrew McDonough

          I was a poet… 🙁

      2. FiestyLawyerLady

        Hi Bob. I made this video for you and Kevin Lynch.

        I did it because he keeps accusing me of being Margaret and I wouldn’t want her to be held responsible for the shit I say on here.

        I hope you both enjoy it.


        1. Reddog

          How does a video of your car door prove that you aren’t having sex with Bob and Kevin? Sure I could post a pic of my dashboard but who cares?

          1. FiestyLawyerLady

            Voices. Kevin knows what Margaret sounds like. He knows now that I’m not Margaret. Lol… that’s the only thing I was proving. Also, Kevin is dangerous. If he knew what I looked like than I would place bets I would end up dead by Friday!

            Reddog you should know better…. Yucky! Fucking gross the thought of that…

            1. Reddog

              Yea,not me. Was watching Ray Donavan with my wife at that time. You should know me by now anyway.

        2. BobnMic

          Right on cue Fiesty and just as I thought all along. You do sound like some ghetto trash blocked nose Rose Perez Rican with the personality of a cracked soap dish. Congratulations sucker. Now we all know first hand what a real piece of shit you really are.

          A audio only video of the inside of your shitbox? Really just how much of an idiot are you and what the fuck are you now trying to prove?

          And Reddog I wouldn’t fuck this ghetto P.R. trash with your dick dude. Just image having to hear that voice…

          1. FiestyLawyerLady

            Shit box? Lmao. You don’t even have the credit qualifications to ever drive my baby. It just hit 15k miles, definitely no shit box! If you walked into that showroom, you would be kicked out. Anyway, a car doesn’t define me, because it’s a useless investment that holds no weight.

            My nasal Rosie Perez accent does. Crazy people always say Leah Remini, never got Perez before. Know your actors, cry baby.

            Whaaaaaah waaaaahmbulance!

            1. BobnMic

              Cry baby huh? You literally sound like some GBV Rican hood rat with multiple EBT cards that doesn’t work, watches porn all day with a crying kid in the same room. Boy that kid has a chance in life huh?. Ya ok right.

              The way your brain works is just off the charts amazing and worthy of a scientific study on brain damage after excessive cocaine use after you overdose. Who comes up with crazy shit like that? A 4 minute audio rant on gay sex on a blog such as this and then you say you are not homophobic? What is it? You can’t have it both ways and nobody (and I mean nobody) comes here and says shit like that to anybody. You’re a Pioneer in the field of Fucked Up.

              I used to think you were kidding and edgy back in the spring but you seriously are fucked in the head. You need help my little ghetto queen stat.

              Cocaine: $100.00,
              Mulitiple EBT cards: Free it’s on me no worries,
              Bad Parenting while watching gay porn with a kid present: Again free it’s on me no worries,
              Overdosing or getting shot in the hood while just being you: Priceless…

            2. FiestyLawyerLady


              You get all of that out of my accent? Wow. Didn’t know an accent and some curse words prevent financial success and the ability to be a loving and responsible mother!

              Tell me more about how much you know me when you don’t!

              No need for me to list how you’re wrong in every way. I’m confident in who I am, what I have become, and the level of success I have reached by being down to earth, no snob behavior here. You won’t believe how many people prefer “honest and real” over the “pass the Grey Poupon” type.


              Bye Greg Marsden from Spencer, bye.

            3. BobnMic

              When are going to grow a pair and provide proof that I am this Greg guy? And when you finally realize that you were wrong this whole time how fucked up will that make you feel knowing you just trashed talked a guy for months who is not this person you think he is?

              Can you deal with realizing your mistakes? My money says no because you are a thick headed ghetto Rosie Perez sounding queen and is not happy unless you have someone in your cross-hairs. Your Mom and Dad did a great job raising you. Or were you dropped on your head when you were born? You value nothing. You hate people especially those that are multiple times smarter than you, and it is always all about you.

              Prove that I am this Greg guy. Fucking prove it bitch. You can’t can you. Like I said the only Greg I know is from the Brady Bunch.

            4. BobnMic

              “being down to earth, no snob behavior here.” Are you that far gone? You are certifiable! Go away ghetto queen.

            5. Independent Thinker

              Most people who have new cars don’t even own them. The bank owns them.

              I drive an older, well-maintained vehicle that was an upscale GM product when I purchased it and paid cash years ago. I will not buy a new car until this one is hauled off to the junk yard, because a car is the absolute worst investment you can make, but it’s necessary to take you places.

            6. Reddog

              My wife drives an E. Glad you know who’s who. I’m not savvy enough to figure all that shit out.

          2. Kevin Lynch

            You probably don’t agree with me much politically but I have to say that you are right on with this douche canoe.

            The voice is enough to make many guys go gay if all women sounded that way.

            She actually thinks she is Mrs thang.

          3. Reddog

            Don’t drag me into this Bob. She wouldn’t give you a second look,and she’d be disappointed with my Irish dick. I kinda like the accent. Reminds me of Joey Buttafucco’s mistress.

            1. BobnMic

              Reddog I apologize I did not realize that was a fake Reddog posting. I know what that’s like it happens to me alot as well from Fiesty. You got to admit it is sometimes hard to tell.

              But I’ll stand by what I said anyway minus you in all this of of course in that this idiot chick Fiesty sounds like the Rican GBV hood rat that I always thought she was. Especially after those stupid (who gives a fuck) stories about her life in Bronx, NY.

              But did not mean to drag you into anything. I was mentioned in what I thought was a post from you so I responded. End of story. End of issue. Rock on with your bad self.

        3. lynch

          Hello Mrs Thang aka the cunt with no soul as you self define yourself to be.

          You could be Julliannes duck lipped cousin “the nannie” who is also the projects trap queen/Cum dumpster.

          But who knows but what we do know is that you are definitely displaying a busted roast beef sandwhich in your car there.

          Or you could be bianca. Who knows, either which way you do not know me and you definitely cannot read as it says nowhere that I ever hit anyone with a weapon but you will continue to run your dirty cock sucka burger King burping douche canoe. Springs
          So listen sperm burping trap queen wipe your mouth and face from the 10 Johns you were servicing today.

          I had to step down a few notches to be able to talk on your level which is in the gutter.

          In your video you talk about a stiff dido that you have a plunger attached to. Girl your pussy is so dry due to you being busted open add some gel from your grease all boyfriend and slide that dido up in yourself girlfriend.

          Have a great night though. And I cannot believe that you have the herpes.

          1. ProfessorM

            You two asinine fucksticks need to find a room and “get busy”.
            You’re fucking perfect for each other.

            1. BobnMic

              You disagree with what I have to say and you got to go there huh? You just re-invented the word lowlife there FiestyFakeLawyer/Fake ProfM hood ghetto rat. How far will this disbelief take you? Where/when will it end? Do you think I am going to leave because of you? Fat chance fat ghetto Rosie Perez sounding fuck. But hey – knock yourself out trying.

              It is becoming more and more apparent that you are on a mission to ruin this blog’s comment section in it’s entirety. I just hope TB and Co. can do something about you before there is nobody left on here. Just you left here calling yourself soul-less and the “C” word. And probably right in front of your kid how nice…

    18. KevinLynchFistingFest

      Kevin Lynch, the only person responsible for a suicide is the person committing it. You are a fucking idiot.

    19. Maine turtlerider

      You should all be ashamed of yourselves for fucking acting this way from a fucking blog. All of you, and yes especially you a Kevin Lynch need to stop this bullshit. People like tb, and it’s too bad that you continually have to sabotage his Facebook pages, and wreak havoc on his blog. Some of you aren’t any better either, Fiesty, BobNMic, I read your shit every day, good god. It’s got to the point where this is nothing but a fucking sideshow. You aren’t doing yourselves any favors by fighting this shit. It’s not even fucking entertaining anymore, so someone writes a blog about you and you are maniacal enough to spend all your energy into shutting this down? Really? Do you not have a life? This has gotta end, Turtle riders like myself will jump ship

      1. BobnMic

        Nice try Fiesty/ProfM/Mirror Mirror. Once again – God is spelled with a capital G asshole. Everybody knows this except for you!

        Anymore fake screen names up your sleeves? Can hardly wait.

      2. Kevin Lynch

        Are you fucking stoned? So, I should just take this pos writing lies about me and spreading it all over social media so a bunch of misfits like yourself can attack me as you see fit?

        You cannot be serious. First thought was to straighten it out the old fashion way. Yes, I did have issues when I was younger as I became extreme meaning I would hurt him 100 fold times.

        Aiden Kearney is a piece of shit

      3. Kevin Lynch

        Either you are playing stupid or you really are. Aiden Kearney is a pure pos who runs his mouth on this blog and spreads it around everywhere and then the cock sucka goes on radio and spews his cock sucka more.

        Then he had his henchman the freak Brett threaten to brutally rape my 15 yr old niece to the point she would be handicapped.

        If anything happened to her Aidens mother would be eating her son as he would be mixed in her fucking tuna sandwhich and the rest of him would be in a million pieces and placed in the rest of his puke family that backs this pos.

        It is not a fucking game as he is a criminal stalking pos who never had anyone beat the piss out of the bitch.

        He doesn’t know what he got into. I will not say anymore but he and his family and freak friends should be counting their blessings that I said no.

        This freak pos allowed pictures of the minor children within my family to be shown on his fucking freak show website with threats to do bodily harm to them.

        It isn’t a fucking game. Who the fuck is this freak show???? Back in the day I would have already smashed that pos, thrown him out his fucking window and thrown him back through his window then thrown him back out again.

        Since Feb 13th this pos been fucking with me. And those sissies at the radio station think they are bad ass also.

        Nothing short of that pos with Brett and Jullianne apologizing to myself and my older brother face to face will fix what this pos began.

        I sleep, eat and think about these pure pos scum of the earth. Fuck turtleboy sports and riders.

        Anyone of these pos, bikers included goes to prison and backs Brett up regarding his threat to my niece they will be sliced and diced in prison like the fat coward pos they become by backing this pedophile.

        1. Andrew McDonough

          You sure are violent little monkey… A lot of anger… A lot of extreme violence… Threats of murder, mutilation, cannibalization…

          Didn’t 7 years in a cage like a scolded animal teach you to watch the temper? You need therapy dude.

          Or maybe you like being in a cage… getting a good deep dicking nightly…

      4. FiestyLawyerLady

        I’m impulsive. Haven’t learned to control that side of me yet. Anyhow, I’m done for good now, cross my heart. It was fun while it lasted but now I’m just bored with it all. I have had my fair share of immaturity to last a lifetime. He has followed me under 10+ accounts for 3 months. Eventually, I was bound to ruin his Internet life, he deserves it. I don’t take kindly to people stalking me on that level, and lying about being in the army as well as hinting at being a police officer, that was my last straw.

        Cross my heart… I am done-zo.

        1. BobnMic

          How certain are you that I would lie about my military service? What makes you so sure? I gave you my two MOS skills aka the jobs I had while serving. Did you even look them up? You have no respect for our troops do you? I thought people like you were a fucking dying breed from the Vietnam era hippies but apparently not. Well all I can say to that is fuck you asshole and you’re welcome.

          And my knowledge of the law I still will never divulge to you or anyone on here. You called me in your dumb ass audio recording an undercover Cop. Ya ok real undercover I am huh? Fucking idiot. You probably hate Cops too don’t you? Real nice just like the ghetto rat that you are.

          Look I hope you are VERY serious about leaving here. People can not fucking stand you and all of your bullshit and because I call you out on it I get my fare share of shit. Mostly from you in all of your fake screen names. Whatever just go the fuck away so we can have fun in here again…

        2. Kevin Lynch

          You clearly are a bar whore. You have jet black long hair and a nice ass and you use that to your financial benefit. You are nothing but a twat.
          You are the host for the website and that is why you are able to post videos. You are a dirty cunt.

          But you prove alot about what Turtleboy stands for as you officially behind this sight harrassed me do to my sexual it as is written in many of turtleboy stories.

          You already put yourselves out there by using the word “wigger” in your stories that you are a racist blog.

          These two behaviors racism and anti gay are the underlying purpose to your stories. You grab onto that hatred out there where people are able to hate and attack openly.

          You have been skating by on Facebook. You were changing all the headlines as I was reporting you but I found a way around your disquise.

          You have destroyed dozens of lives. You are nothing but a spoiled little bitch Aiden. Aiden had jokes in college and could get a room full to laugh.

          Now you attack the most vulnerable. I guarantee you that it is going to bite you in the ass you little bitch punk.

          Does Jullianne strap one on for you Aiden? Or do you have to strap one on you tiny dick bug fucka?

          1. Andrew McDonough

            Your Mommy must be proud… She raised herself a fine respectable little murderer.

            I’m sure she’d be proud to see the gentleman that she raised using such classy language.

            But then again, if having her heart broken by a murderous sociopath didn’t kill her, I’m sure she’d be fine with a few ‘C’ bombs.

          2. mr butthurt

            How is the election campaign going shit for brains?

          3. Mr Butthurt


            I notice you spent the day commenting on every TBS blog. Must be tough to not work for a living. Fucking loser.

    20. Independent Thinker

      Facebook will soon go the way that myspace did.

      Anyone who uses sensorship to prevent free and open communication has a short lifespan. Furthermore, facebook promotes certain types of news in order to promote their own political agenda.

      And for those of you who like to post useless platitudes which show that you have an attitude, keep in mind that potential employers will go onto facebook before finalizing their decision, and if they don’t like what they see (even if the post isn’t offensive or in bad taste), then they will not hire you. The same can be said for those who post political messages.


      1. Kevin Lynch

        You pos Aiden. This is you, you stalker. Bitching about Facebook.

        You ruin people’s lives and you just mocked that fact. You think you are a slick pos?

        You are lucky that I have turned my violent behavior off decades ago otherwise you would have learned the hard way already you pos.

        But I am sure there are plenty out there that do not have the controls that I have and will break your face and ruin your life as you have ruined hundreds.

        You little smirking preppy pos. I pray that you and your family and friends will go through what you unjustly put others through and ten times more.

        You are a pure pos. You have this idea in your head that you are going to be able to stalk and harrass whom you don’t like.

        You are playing with fire and explosives you pos and I hope it all blows up on you but leaves you alive maimed and crippled.

        I will be there to throw change in your can you evil pos.

      2. Kevin Lynch

        You people have ruined Facebook. The vast majority use Facebook for a good experience. You people use it for hate.

        You are a bunch of hateful led losers of life. Sometimes racism is all people have left in their life and you tap into that audience. Otherwise many are poorer than everyone else but have been able to use the system and they hide on your bandwagon.

    21. Maine turtlerider

      No I’m not “fiesty” or any of those names. I’m someone that rarely posts on the blog sites. Good God (capitalized it to please bobnmic because he is perfect in every way). I enjoy these characters you play.

    22. BobnMic

      Well Maine turtlerider I thought we all got some great news earlier this morning at 1:34 a.m. that FiestyIdiot ghetto rat was going to leave here and go away for good. She says, “Anyhow, I’m done for good now, cross my heart” and then says, “Cross my heart… I am done-zo.” So stupid me I actually believed it and was psyched. But low and behold guess who came right the fuck back later today at just before 11 a.m.? Yup the idiot ghetto queen stalker is back and never left. Oh Lord.

      She just can’t help herself. I thought for sure after last night this freak side show would finally stop and get back to the topic at hand. Look – whether you are her or not with her gazillion fake screen names is irrelevant at this point. You just have to laugh at the table turning and the stupid drama. If I am such a stalker then why does she not get the fuck out of here when asked to repeatedly?

      Anyway I get your frustration I really do and I know I’m a big part of it and for that I do apologize (only if you are a real person – lol). I like my Maineiac buds up there. Heading up soon to close out the summer.

    23. Kearny's Clit

      Fucking losers… the whole lot of you.

    24. FatKevinsMother

      Kevin saw your mother last night what a fat smelly cow, hose the bitch down will yuh
      She is as fat as a cow and smells like pig shit

    25. Mr Butthurt


      I can see why you never get elected for anything. Your a complete douche.

    26. Ken

      Is lost boys of turtle gone?

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