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  • Facebook Took Down Our Black Lives Matter Page Because They Don’t Think Black Lives Matter, But We Have A New Plan And New Page

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    So our 7th page, Turtleboy Sports Black Lives Matter, was unpublished today:

    It’s official – Facebook does not believe that black lives matter. We do. Which is why we created a page dedicated to that cause. But Facebook would not let it stay up because they are run by racists who do not believe that black lives matter.

    I don’t even give a shit anymore. Not getting too attached to any of these pages since something is we’ve never seen before is obviously going on here. We are no longer having posts pulled down. They’re just getting unpublished without warning. This means we’re not even being reported by the likes of Didi or Lynch anymore. And if they are reporting us they’re not getting our pages taken down because they’d be sharing the messages they got back from Facebook like trophy hunts:

    But they’re not doing it because they no longer have to report us to get a page taken down? Why? Well we’re 99% sure we found out why.

    Facebook doesn’t allow fake names, which is stupid because half the people on Facebook aren’t using their real name. But if they wanna bust balls they can use that as an excuse to shut you down. Many admins on the Turtleboy page have been flagged by Facebook as fake names, even if they’re real. But, these fake names survive for years on their own, until the moment they become admins on the Turtleboy pages, because then they become associated with other names that FB believes are fake. So basically what Facebook has done is flagged certain admins as poison. Any account they add as an admin is assumed to be fake as well and it gets shut down. We know this because we’ve used our real names and the same shit happens the second it becomes an admin on one of these flagged pages. We take 10 year old accounts that have real names, it happens again. CWE is blacklisted.

    Keep in mind, Facebook’s newest initiative is to weed out “fake news,” which is going to completely fuck up Facebook because it gives people the power to decide what news is real and what is fake. They’re convinced Russian bots manipulated the election so Congress is forcing them to crack down on fake names. That’s why we’re where we are right now. It’s no longer a Didi or Lynch thing.

    This is why the We Support Turtleboy page has been able to last so long and now has over 8,000 followers – because no one who works for Turtleboy is an admin, and all the admins for that page use real, verifiable names. And that’s how we’re going to keep it.

    In the meantime we have created a new account, using a REAL NAME that has never been associated with any of our previous pages, and that personal account has created our newest page, which we hope will last longer – Turtleboy News:

    Let’s see how this one does. Like and follow it while the times are good. We need a page like this if we ever want to bring back Facebook Live.

    In the meantime, what about our real page? The one with 112,000 followers which we invested a lot of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into. Facebook is not responding to our lawyers. It’s different from last time. This time they’re actually paying attention to us and won’t fix it because doing so would be acknowledging they fucked up, which would mean they owe us money. So they’re ignoring our lawyers, hoping we don’t have the money to sue them in a California court. In the meantime we are working with paralegals and students at Stanford Law School to research the best way to go about this. Because it’s complicated, and we’re not looking to drag this out over years. If they offered us our page back right now, or a long drawn out lawsuit that could lead to a big pay day, we’d take the page right now.

    However, our lawyers have advised us to sue all the idiots you see above bragging about maliciously reporting our page with fraudulent claims, leading to its demise. See those? Those are confessions to a criminal conspiracy. If we want to we could sue each and every one of these dumbshits who maliciously reported our business page for fun, because they were dumb enough to post the evidence. The problem is that they have no money. But on the other hand, it would cost them a few grand in legal fees and they’d all lose. If any of them comes from money they pay us. Reporting Turtleboy is fun because it’s free. Once it starts costing you money you probably won’t do it anymore. Should we sue these people? Vote in the poll at the top.

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    1. Steven Stover

      Keep putting up links to their FB pages so we can get them taken down.

      1. Hugh Jass

        What a sad little, pathetic little cabal TBS has engendered. Snicker.

    2. Ozzy

      Even if you bring them to court it wouldn’t cost them anything. Their dumb ass followers would pay the bill and then some.

      1. Turtleboy

        Not if we sue the white ones

        1. Jimmy James

          Just a reminder – for Sharinna Travieso TBS gave step by step instructions on how to fake report a Facebook post/page. And encouraged followers to fake report her page “if she ever came back”. Good luck with those lawsuits.

    3. #thisshouldbeawesome

      The ultimate revenge, suing Didi’s fat sloppy racist ass, that would be such poetic justice for the things she has done, the money she has scammed from stupid liberal white women, the words she has published about whites, just everything she’s about. We know what she’s about, she’s a scam artist that has figured out how to guilt white people out of their hard earned money by using her skin color as a platform, nothing more. She’s no better than any other Facebook beggar, gofundme junkbox, or sign holding drunk and she deserves the clothes sued off of her fat ass. She’s published phrases that call for the killing of whites, like she’s a terrorist, and we don’t have room for anyone like her in America. I’m not afraid to call her out and I wish a fat bitch would, she’s too much of a coward and uses race as her defense, and anyone that says anything against her blubber butt gets reported for hate speech, when in fact her whole self is one huge hate filled page of speech. I’m calling her fat ass out, right here, right now, givebit your best shot Didi, I bet you won’t and can’t say one thing back without using your skin color as a defense. btw Didi, did you hear from JFS yet on the money you’ve hidden from them on your gofundme?? Or how about DCF and the fact that you admitted to neglecting your child by not using a car seat that is required by law? 

      1. Itsjustme

        She admitted she doesn’t use a car seat for her kid? Isn’t she like only a year old? Didn’t she just pay (or actually her “nice white women”) $6500 for a car seat that came with a “free” suv? God I hate that woman.

    4. Karma

      I flag all tbs shit on fb. Tbs is garbage fake news..

      1. Rich

        See the funny thing about karma is it goes against those who are injust.Tbs only reports justice.So karma won’t be your friend.See how that works.

    5. sdfoimnsdofin

      How do I contact turtleboy? There’s a guy in Holyoke who is running for school committee that got arrested for B&E. All of a sudden the case got dropped and he’s ranting all over Masslive acting like a racist weirdo. This guy can barely spell and he wants to have input into Holyoke education.

      1. LGriffin

        Aren’t these Holyoke fools also petitioning to lower the voting age to 16?
        Holyoke is a sewer managed by a nut with a rubber butt and his constituents are village idiots.
        They need another adjustment. 

        1. sdfosin

          They wanna squeeze those votes out of them before they get shot in a drug deal gone wrong.

    6. I dont FB

      Maybe they keep shutting you down because the rules are everyone gets to have 1 free page and you have like 20?

      In a way you are like a welfare addict abusing a system.

      There is no law that says everyone is entitled to a Facebook page. You need to lay off, go to internet rehab or try MySpace or something.

      1. Burt Hurtensteiner

        [email protected] addict abusing the system. In a way TBS is selling “food stamps”


        1. I dont FB

          It’s the truth man people at Facebook must think all Worcester people are greedy trash and that’s not true.

          But this fucking guy, they give him a FREE web page and he wants more and starts like ten more. Total welfare gimme more free stuff attitude.

          What’s even worse when you think about it is the guy who raped the two year old hasn’t been suspended so how much of a piece of garbage do you have to be to get suspended?

    7. TJ

      Adding things like “black lives matter” to your page just so it looks bad when they delete you is pretty cringeworthy and obvious

      1. Burt Hurtensteiner

        Indeed it is. Very juvenile too. I thought Ayden (sic) Kenney (sic) was an adult?


        Burt H.

      2. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

        Love that TB is trolling these niggers though. Advance the white race by any means necessary.

    8. Black pride

      I never seen so much white guilt before. Where can I score free cash from these idiots, did. Help a brother out. These people are Desperate to give out cash. We live in same state did! How do i.get these white guilt people to feel bad for me being lazy like you

      1. pro trump

        tb please ban this monkey. white power!

    9. A Fly on the Wall

      You’re gonna sue someone for reporting your page? And your “lawyers” recommended that.

      You’ve got some pretty stupid lawyers.

    10. Turt

      Yes sue. Even if they have no money. THis crowd is all about not having personal responsibility for anything. Make them have it.
      Its just an extension of the DiDi mentality that she can never work, make bad and selfish decisions and have someone else pay for it.
      Shut that stuff down, please.

    11. Burt Hurtensteiner

      Dear TBS,

      Would you like some cheese with that wHine?


      Burt H.

      1. TBS is SO PATHETIC!

        Same old “FB hurt us, and we’re going to sue” bullshit!

        You’re grasping at what little you can grasp ahold of, based on your comments in that last paragraph! You’re hoping for law students to bail you out? GOD, that is so fucking pathetic, that you have to reach out to LAW STUDENTS to help you! Just shows that you REALLY ARE FULL OF IT!

        You have become a laughing joke!

        1. Rich

          So which article were you featured in butt nugget?

    12. Warren Peace

      Gone already?

    13. Warren Peace

      it is facebag you should sue.

    14. Stunt Penis

      twitter staff members have admitted to ‘shadow banning’ people whose political opinions they disagree with. why is it any surprise facebook would likewise censor political opinions they consider ‘wrong’?

      1. KJDS

        Prager U is suing Google & You Tube for flagging their educational videos as “inappropriate”. The reason they’re “inappropriate” is that they have a conservative point of view.

        This could actually be quite a turning point for social media usage.

        1. Stunt Penis

          Unfortunately “freedom of speech” does not apply to private institutions, so youtube and google (and facebook and twitter) can censor any opinions they disagree with all they want.

          1. KJDS

            Ah – but the argument PragerU is putting forth is quite compelling. I can’t share any links here, but if you look up the suit, it’s very interesting. There’s an article in The Federalist from November, 2017 that discusses it in depth, and also compares a recent Twitter case that was brought before the Supreme Court.

            The other part of it is that PragerU has followed YouTube’s terms of service – no nudity, profanity, or other adult content. The videos are being removed because other users have reported them, or because automated algorithms have flagged them.

            Also, other videos covering similar topics or content, but from decidedly left-wing or progressive sources, are not facing the same restrictions as those of PragerU.

            So – this is more about viewpoint discrimination.

            1. Stunt Penis

              I’m certain everything you say is true. And, on its face, I think this type of censorship is onerous and anti-american. But then, the people running Facebook Youtube etc. are not americans in the traditional sense, they are fascists/marxists.

              In the end, none of it will matter. Virtually all terms of service contain a clause which basically allows the company to delete content (or your account) at any time for any reason they deem appropriate without explanation. After all, you do not have an SLA with them, you’re using a “free” service.

              Freedom of speech does not mean someone has to give you a podium.

              It would be interesting if the case makes it to discovery, as it would force Youtube to disclose their software algorithms for removing content.

    15. Rethuglycon

      Facebook is “actually paying attention to us” because their lawyers aren’t responding. LOL.
      Stanford law students taking up the cause to defend anonymously harassing minorities and the poor. Good luck.
      Suing other bloggers for defamation who throw back the kinds of insults that TB engages in on an hourly basis. Pathetic.
      Whatever happened to that 30 day demand letter to FB? “Mexico will pay for the wall.”

      1. Kind of Sad, Actually!

        It’s actually kind of sad that they (TBS) have to access law students (who have SO MUCH on their plates already getting their licenses to practice) to defend a pissant, little website, for denial of service charges! Put your big-boy pants on and GROW THE FUCK-UP TBS!

    16. Heebie Peterson

      It’s a stretch to say this is a “criminal conspiracy”. Just make a new page and move on.

    17. Haha


    18. Hugh Jass

      TB’s bizplan was decimated by DeDe Delgado and her SJW friends. What a pathetic, faux tough guy you turned out to be! Your schtick has been exposed, TB. Leaving you with empty threats of grandiose FB lawsuits… pathetic.

    19. BBQ Crablegs

      Excuse me you said it yourself “any account we add as an admin … gets shutdown as well … without warning”. So start a page, and make Didi an admin,,,,didn’t anyone ever teach you how to fight dirty?

    20. Egypt Delgado

      Please help me! My dad is a gay ex-convict and all my mother knows how to do is rip off stupid white liberal women, and she’s going to jail for tax evasion!!

      I’m going to be homeless!! Please help!! I’m too young to have been a fat ratchet scamming and thieving cheesehog!!! I’m innocent!!

      I ACTUALLY DESERVE A GOFUNDME!!! Heeeeeellllp!!!!!!!!

    21. DaTruth

      Wow.  It’s gonna really suck when Didi and her flock realize you can’t always get what you want. Tides are changing and better learn how to swim 

    22. Mirror Mirror

      This is what happens when we allow the Dems to create a sub-culture of useful idiots to do their bidding. Censorship, anarchy, subverting democracy, supporting totalitarian/fascist ideologies, mob rule, etc. There are millions of DiDis and their lemmings out there with nothing better to do than stoke the fires that are smoldering underneath. I can’t wait until all this collusion BS backfires and Obama and the Dems are in prison. The Left will light the match and try to overturn our democracy but the true Americans will most decidedly put them in their place – whether it be jail or in the morgue.

      Hope all the trolls commenting here are prepared for the coming shitstorm they are complicit in egging on with their truly dangerous, groupthink behavior.

    23. Mike

      Hell yeah you should sue them! Imagine the butt hurt when they are forced to pay money to a “hate speech” author. OMG! Their little pea brains might just explode.

      1. pro trump

        tb should demand that they put ‘white power’ in the memo line of the check lol

    24. Chuck Zepper

      You guys could be the biggest bunch of whiners I’ve ever seen in my life. How awesome is it to see the big tough guys get reduced to constant whining because their Facebook page was shut down? God, you’re so pathetic it’s almost painful just reading it. “We could sue all of the people who reported out page”. . Only people as stupid as your bigoted scum readers would actually believe that. You talk like you hate Zuck and Facebook so much but still are trying so hard to get your page back, why? If you hate Facebook so much….why keep trying so hard to use it? Get over it, every page will get taken down. Time to find a real job, bums! Go back to anonymously dropping N bombs on troll accounts, your favorite past time. Atleast you scumbags have Trump in the WHITEhouse.

    25. Mass Report Didi

      The best thing to do is mass report Didi. Her posts are an interesting look into the real racism that exists out there. While Didi is posting she can’t leave the house before 11AM because of pillow creases on her face, she wants working white people, who are out the door no later than 7 to get to their shit jobs, to give her and her lazy friends money. Or kill their rich uncles and give her the inheritance money. Cuz rich uncle money bags was bitching about pillow creases instead of getting to work, right? So fuck him! He doesn’t deserve it- he’s a white male! Fuck you, Didi!

      1. Mass Report Didi

        “When Facebook bans accounts for broadly criticising white people and men, it contributes to society’s failure to understand power dynamics, and therefore enforces white supremacy and rape culture” -Didi Delgado Facebook post

        Yep! Nothing racist about that!

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