• Good Friend Warns Hoodrattoo Face Not To Sell Food Stamps For “His Boy” On Facebook Or He’ll End Up On Turtleboy, He Doesn’t Listen

    Good Friend Warns Hoodrattoo Face Not To Sell Food Stamps For “His Boy” On Facebook Or He’ll End Up On Turtleboy, He Doesn’t Listen

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    My favorite thing that happens when people go on Facebook and announce that they are either buying or selling food stamps, is when people warn them that they’re gonna be on Turtleboy:


    It wasn’t her that sent it to us though. A bunch of people did and she wasn’t one of them. It’s becoming second nature for people to summons the turtle whenever this happens. Because the turtle is always watching.

    I love how it’s always “selling for my friend” now. This is the new thing ever since we started Food Stamp Friday. As if it’s not illegal if you’re selling someone else’s food stamps for them.

    Just for the record, when you say, “selling stamps for my boy,” we all know it’s really for you. It’s like when when a celebrity tweets something offensive and they say they were hacked. Because if it was true it would mean that the person looking to sell the stamps either doesn’t have Facebook, or was wise enough not to commit a crime on social media. Instead they called up this guy:

    OK this one might actually be believable. Because obviously Eddy Allen Lopez has no fucks left to give.

    But yea, keep telling me how rare this shit is. Hardly ever happens.



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    1. light

      Where is ICE when you need them?

    2. The Vorlon

      I’d love to stuff him in a MRI.

      Just to see him float in the torus.

      1. Joe Lupinski

        I’m happy to drag him into a 760 KV switch yard and YouTube him doing the Tesla Coil dance.

    3. Hector Macho Camacho

      Scary, looks like a really hard and failed reincarnation.

    4. Mojo Cracker

      Is this thing even human? What a POS! He needs to have a good flamethrowering taken to that face.

    5. Cell Block 7C

      yo Papi when you coming back home yo! miss you in da excercise yard yo! throwing bones and shanking the KSB


    6. Ron O'Clair

      Dear Clarence Woods Emerson: AKA Turtleboy;
      Yes, you do provide a service to the community by exposing the fraud, waste and abuse of the programs meant to be a temporary “hand up” instead of a lifelong “hand out”.
      I can’t dispute that.
      Your expose of the Latin Lottery Insurance Scam on Kingsbury Street AND the attendant fall out from that was classic, and I commend your posting it to bring attention to the problem that your post is only the tip of the iceberg on Insurance fraud, waste and abuse that drives my own damn premiums through the roof.
      I know for a fact that I registered my old Lincoln here, and then up in Maine when my pigeon Bill White had a cottage right on Lake St. George in Liberty, Maine, 04949.
      It cost precisely 1/4 for the same level of coverage it does in Worcester for the same vehicle in Liberty, Maine as it did in Worcester, Massachusetts.
      I got away with that for quite some time, and finally had to pay the exorbitant Massachusetts fee’s after getting stopped by the wrong cop once too often down here in my back yard.
      It was good while it lasted, and I did have a 1978 Ford Grenade (Granada) registered once again up there when I actually spent the year of 04 July 1995 – April or May of 1996 as a resident full time of Waterville, Maine where I went to see what made my Maine born and bred parents of a different mindset than those who had parents born into where I was born, Worcester, Massachusetts.
      We, and I would have been born in Maine if not for my parents eldest child contracting Polio Myelitis in the early 50’s and coming to get treatments by Doctor O’Meara at our City Hospital, apparently he was the best Doctor for polio patients at that time in the entire region of New England. Great legacy Worcester has of having the best of everything, and you also are the best at what you do, HOWEVER, you could be so muck better, and less hated if you toned down the slanderous treatment of the disenfranchised and the downtrodden.
      I know you see no value in those people, it is more than obvious in your manner of posting stories such as this, I mean come on, Mr. Eddie Lopez has feelings too you know? Is it his fault that Food Stamp Fraud has become a way of life in our Cities across America?
      Is exposing him going to change anything?
      (I am betting it will actually have some benefits by raising awareness to the problem enough to get the attention of those who CAN do something to STOP it, our elected representatives in Congress, the State House, the Senate etc. It takes a lot to open their eyes to corruption, they are so busy hiding their own!)
      Please understand I say this because I believe you would actually do the public a greater service with less vitriol, if you see what I mean?
      Mr. Ronald L. O’Clair – Worcester, Massachusetts USA # 1
      @0503 Hours, 03 SEP 17
      U.S. Code, Title 17 Sections 107-119 inclusive apply.
      **The author hereby gives his permission to share this material that is the intellectual property of the author and may be used in one or more UNPUBLISHED WORKS IN PROGRESS, due to the complexities of copyright protections regarding social media postings, some sort of gray area in the Federal Copyright Laws.

      1. TortugaNiño

        Well this guys blog oughta be interesting….

      2. Encyclopedia Ronica

        Ron LLC US code 17 sec 107-119 Dear Ron,
        We need the entire Library of Congress posted in a blog comment section. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. Thank You
        Merriam Webster

      3. Ghandi

        Less vitriol? This guy is an ass maggot using MY taxes as he has chosen a lifestyle of not fucking working for a living! Cornholers like you asking for taxpayers to be kinder is nothing short of laughable. Only sunshine on society’s problems will help solve them.

    7. They call me Ponch

      Nothing says ” hey Elizabeth , hey Ed…….suck it royally” like that picture of Eddie Lopez with the money fan.


    8. whatevuh

      Somehow, I don’t think he made that money from his job . . . but I could be wrong

    9. Anthony

      I personally know this piece of shit. Not only did he convince my innocent and nieve 18 year old little sister to date him when he was 37 years old he also dated my oldest sister awhile back and beat the shit out of her so bad he had to serve 18months in jail. Also he gave half of Worcester MRSA with his shitty tattoos. Im still waiting for him to stop being a bitch and unblock me so we can talk like real men

    10. Anthony

      I personally know this piece of shit. Not only did he beat my oldest sister sister so bad he served 18 months in jail he then convinced my nieve 18 year old sister to date him when he was 37 years old. He also gave half of Worcester MRSA with his shirt tattoos. im still waiting for him to stop being a bitch and unblock me so we can talk like men.

    11. Stunt Penis

      I’m heading down to the tattoo parlor today and getting a giant hand grenade tattooed on my face. That’s so bad-ass. I don’t care what it does for my job prospects either, since I don’t work.

    12. Publius

      one of mayor petty’s bois.

    13. TurtleBrownie

      Damn, the guy bites his nails? Where is his self-pride in appearance?

    14. KAOS

      A story like this should be broadcast on the local news and in local newspapers, but it will get a good leaving alone by the mainstream Media. It will not be addressed by any level of government. They don’t want tax paying citizens to know they are being stolen from and that those who are entrusted to protect us from this behavior are turning a blind eye to it.

    15. Wannabe

      It never ceases to amaze me how these full blown idiots hold up a fan of $20 as if it’s done huge, major accomplishment, at 38 years of age, to be in possession of $220!!’n what a fucking LOSER!!!! Wow bro you are a high roller! A tycoon! A mogul! Note to Loser; most sane, functioning adults have that amount of money diverted to a 401k or IRA every month!!! Having a couple hundred in cash and thinking it’s something to brag about speaks volumes about you! It basically means that you’re as broke as a joke and don’t have a very tight grasp on reality, the World or your place in it.

    16. bigdaddy

      i really expected to see at least 1 picture with a flat brimmed Bulls cap

      1. Wannabe

        I know right… I think what happened was the guy that bought the food stamps off of him said ” throw in the FBCB hat I’ll I’ll give you an extra $20″

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