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Guest Blogger: Clive McFarlane, Melinda Boone Disgrace Worcester On St. Patrick’s Day

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1. Imagine being driven from your home to a foreign land by a culture that spits at you and looks at you and your people like animals.

2. Imagine starvation , sickness , and over a million of your people dying. You arrive into the unknown, a new country where you’re enslaved and continuously treated like a number , a mere nothing who in the minds of your new countrymen is only good for carrying out manual labor , dangerous , horrible , back breaking jobs with no regard for your safety or well being.

3. Imagine walking down the street and being shunned for your heritage. Reading signs in windows prohibiting you from entering businesses and other public places and advising you that if you are of a certain background, you should just carry on , for you will not even be considered for service or employment.

4. Imagine living that life every day? A life of discrimination and hate , solely for the accent you have , your physical features, and the country you derive from. Would you just lay down and continue to be oppressed and just succumb to the foul treatment? Would you defecate on the memories, legacy , and hard work of those who fought to make the world a better place for you and future generations? Would you become the horrible stereotype that plagued your ancestors for the years past and accept the life you were given ? Or would you overcome and become a people that thrive and fight for what you truly deserve? A people who take those terrible jobs and become the best at them. A people who will no longer let the boots of their oppressors walk on them and will continue to educate and better themselves with the goal of a brighter future always in mind…

I look at the time we live in and I’m disgusted that some people continue to take an alternate route. Do I think this oppression and discrimination still happens in some ways today? ABSOLUTELY…. however I think it happens with all Races , Colors , and Creeds. Its becoming increasingly pathetic to watch our local educational governing parties and local media outlets setting our community back years by continuously bringing forth the topic of Race. This is the year 2015.  Clive Sharpton McFarlane and Superintendent Melinda Boone along with the T&G as a whole lately, are basically attempting to ignite a powder keg for a racial split amongst students throughout our city.

In an article today it was announced that a group of “Colored Community Leaders” would be publicly releasing their assessment and recommendations from a recent meeting that involved our Mayor , City Manager, and School Superintendent, in regard to the situation at North High. Well I have a gold fish… Sorry,  I thought we were sharing useless information.

Let’s break down the situation into the simplest factors possible. You have high school students , some bad , a whole bunch more good. You have a school that has successfully functioned moulding the minds of our youth since 1980 ( Opening in 1972 as a Junior High). You have a superintendent who whether black, white, orange, or rainbow , IS FAILING TO DO HER JOB AND PROVIDE THE CHILDREN OF THIS SCHOOL WITH A SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT.

Now Clive can try to spin that whichever way his one tracked mind may like to, but the fact of the matter is, it’s going to come full circle and the facts remain the same. Enough Clive talk though, he’s proven quite successfully lately that he’s not worth the carpal tunnel I will more than likely be faced with in the future.

Now back to the topic at hand. There is an outcry of misjustice in a request by students and faculty alike for an increased police presence at North High. The police also agree that at this time, this request for increased presence and additional surveillance is without a doubt necessary. This does not mean that the school will be placed under marshal law, which seems to be the common misconception.

However it does acknowledge that at this time there are “students” that have no regard for themselves, their peers, or their teachers (God forbid I say superiors, some people would run away with that). For anyone to have a problem with this would be absolutely unheard of right? Increased police presence and protection around your children! What more could you ask for

That is unless your bundle of joy and or his/her friends are the “students” that we speak of here. So this as we all know has become a topic of outrage for our leaders and Ms. Boone and her peers are looking for alternative solutions rather than making our schools safer because let’s face it some shit just can’t die so let’s turn this into a race debate.

Luckily for us all though the voice of reason is now stepping in to offer their mediating advice in an attempt to smooth things over and fix what’s been broken. A committee of “community leaders of color”… Weird … I feel like we should have something long term , perhaps a group of people to oversee the actions of the superintendent and who ultimately govern all school  policies and procedures. We could call it the “School Committee”… Brilliant I know.

“The Worcester School Committee is the legislative and policy-making body that deals with supervision of the Worcester Public School System. Under M.G.L. Chapter 71, Section 37, the School Committee selects and terminates the superintendent, approves public education budgets in the district and sets educational policies and goals for each school in the district consistent with the laws, goals and standards set by the MA Board of Education.”

I guess we’ll have to work on that. So hold on to your seats folks… I can hardly wait to see what infinite amount of wisdom is offered from this “Assessment” today. Rather than listening to the voices of the students and faculty who are on the front lines every day we’re going to stand by and let this become a growing political and now , more evident than before, racial battle and pissing contest between the “powers that be”… Makes sense.

I can only imagine the earth moving changes that will be made based on the observations of this diverse, unbiased committee. Hopefully it’s along the lines of “Maybe we should take our heads out of our asses and actually help the students we’ve signed on to help”.

In closing , take a look back at numbers 1-4. Guess what? If you can relate to any of those issues or have relatives that can , you’re Irish and you’ve overcome. Happy St. Pat’s, catch me lucky charms. #RideTheTurtle

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5 Comment(s)
  • dowen0895
    Dick Scratcher
    May 1, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Unsurprisingly, 4 years on and ol’ Spanky McFarlane is still peddling his race-baiting agenda.

    A total cunt.

  • andy
    March 19, 2015 at 3:32 am

    so she is a professional race-baiter who has a direct investment in creating animosity. Seems fitting for all the actions as of late. Can we stop this bullshit and help our kids, school, and community,

  • Woo Crew
    March 18, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    I’m OK with Joyce trying to make a few bucks where she sees an opportunity. That’s capitalism. I love her ambition. No problem with her at all. She is not hiding who she is and what she does for a living.

    And she seems to be the only one in the Collective who actually has a business skill that might be a useful supplement to what North is currently implementing. The police seem necessary, but it doesn’t have to be the only measure. I just hope that she keeps wearing those glasses. Love it!

    • RSoxGuy
      March 18, 2015 at 4:16 pm

      So you dont see an issue of someone jumping on the racism bandwagon to make a buck (ala Al Sharpton) when this issue clearly has nothing to do with skin color but rather lies, deceit and cover ups? People who are here to rabble rouse and/or make money off of perceived racism aren’t here to solve the problem.

      We need solutions, not pad the pockets of race hucksters.

  • RSoxGuy
    March 18, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Know what i find interesting? Joyce McNichols is all part of this”Coming together as long as you agree with us that racism is everywhere collective” and “We need a a culturally sensitive faculty” is the same Joyce who owns a “Diversity Training” business? The same Mrs McNichols who is married to known racist and hater Carlo Baldino from lily white Sutton? I thought all the people from the uppity suburbs couldn’t possibly understand “the struggle” in the city?

    Me thinks there is some conflict of interest going on here. Someone jumping on the race wagon in order to make a few bucks?

    I think TB could/should look into this a little further.

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