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  • Help ID This Turdburglar Ripping Off Grannies Madoff Style In Danvers

    Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the Turtle comes for you?








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    Turtles, Danvers PD needs some help IDing this chucklefuck




    He’s wanted for ripping off someone’s sweet old Grandma in Danvers in a Madoff-esque fashion.


    Recognize this North Shore greaseball? Contact the Danvers Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at (978) 774-1388.


    Do you thing, Turtles! Nana needs some justice.

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    1. Shuduppayouface

      Damn Italians. You can dress them up but you can’t take them anywhere

    2. bloodyfarts

      Greezy cunt looks like a latino, surprise surpise.

    3. El Crapo

      With that protruding cro-magnon forehead I would look in Lawrence or Chelsea.

    4. Independent Thinker

      I believe that the death penalty should be used on people such as this. Identity theft is not taken seriously enough.

    5. Jiffy Lube

      Looks like it’s time to change his hair oil.

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