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This is just a reminder that Clarence Woods Emerson is suspended for 14 more days but can be messaged on Facebook with story ideas. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook we need you to go ahead and like or follow all of our pages as we attempt to rebuild. I was banned from Twitter for a couple years and I’m finally back on and they appear to be letting me stay there. Now I just need to get my followers back, so if you followed Turtleboy before then you might as well follow again.


Uncle Turtleboy (been up for over a year, which is a new record, it’s just growing slowly)

Turtleboy Sports (12,000 turtle riders and counting)

Clarence Woods Emerson (over 25,000 followers but currently suspended, so make sure you like the other ones)





@TurtleboyTweets (fan run account)

@TurtleboyQuotes (fan account that quotes blogs and the live show)


These tech companies do NOT want you following us, which is why they take us down so often. If they didn’t we’d probably have over 100,000 Twitter followers and 500,000 Facebook followers, based on the pace we were growing at. Stick it to the tech Gods by following all of our new accounts because we will never, ever be silenced.


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