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Help Support Mike Gaffney For Mayor By Coming To The Rally At Rocky’s On Friday

Joe Petty’s got a well oiled machine working for him, so here’s how you can help support Michael Gaffney for mayor and take your city back from the corrupt politicians and sneakthieves who currently run it. 

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The advantage that Jumpin Joe Petty has, and the reason he was elected mayor in the first place, is the powerful political machine that is backing him up. He’s got an army of people willing to hold signs for him

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every other day he’s having a fundraiser

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and most importantly he has been blessed by the Godfather of Worcester politics himself – Congressman Jim McGovern.

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This is why we can’t have nice things. Because we’re going up against a very powerful, organized, and well-funded machine.

But the bad guys don’t have to win. On Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 at Rocky’s Bar and Grille on Water Street, Councilor Michael Gaffney is having his own rally. Donations are graciously accepted for the campaign, but more importantly he needs volunteers. He needs people to help out with the phone bank, drop literature, hold signs, tell friends, and help spread the message that he’s the candidate that can help make Worcester great again.

It’s great if you plan on voting for him on November 3, but we are up against some very corrupt and influential people who will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure that Petty stays in office, so that the gravy train can continue to flow. It’s time to put the gravy train out of commission and put the people’s train back on the tracks.

Councilor Gaffney spearheaded the movement to put police in North High School, he voted against raising property taxes, and he led the audit of a corrupt and illegal non-profit as it continued to steal taxpayer money and give it to people who block our traffic and break our laws. That is what leadership looks like. That is what Worcester needs to be great again.

Hope to see a good crowd for the next Mayor of Worcester on Friday, October 9, from 5:30-7:30. Feel free to like the Facebook page to keep up to date.



















1 Comment(s)
  • Loyal reader
    October 6, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    I thought the city was run by the manager, Ed Augustus, and the mayor’s postion was largely ceremonial. Why is everything on this website anti-Petty and seldom anti-Augustus? Yes, the Ed Augustus who lives in tony Millis, and was the darling of the T & G for keeping his word not to stay on full-time until he broke his word. The same Ed Augustus who has zero experience managing a municipality and who is a tired-out, low-energy, totally PC , political hack. Don’t get me wrong. Petty is a submoronic jerk. But, how about Mr. Ed?

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