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  • Here’s The Winning Caption For The Bootlegger’s Prohibition Pub Gift Card Giveaway

    Last week we had a caption contest for a $10 gift card to Bootlegger’s Prohibition Pub on Chandler Street in Worcester. We shared this picture of Floyd Mayweather’s Pop Warner football team kneeling during the National Anthem because of……something:


    This was the chosen winner of this week’s gift card:


    It’s funny because BC sucks.

    Congrats Sean Murphy. Message us on Facebook and we’ll hook you up. Bootlegger’s is open for business, with their “Grand Opening” party on October 1. Good food and great atmosphere. Support the Turtleboy Sports sponsors!! We’ll have another caption contest coming shortly.





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    1. AJ

      That was definitely a winning caption. Had a good laugh. Fitting.

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