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Idiots Defend Slugrake Selling $71 Home Depot Gift Card For $40 In Shady Scam Despite Arrests For Impregnating 15 Year Old And Obvious Drug Problem

If you can’t tell there is something up with this guy’s scam, then there might be no hope for you.

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Here’s a scam we found today on the Enfield, CT Open Forum Facebook page that began with this:


Wait…..what? Alright, you can tell something shady is going on here for several reasons. First of all, his name is Brandon Duby. Come up with a sketchier name than that. You can’t.

Secondly, who sells a $71 gift card to Home Depot for $40 cash? Let’s imagine just for a moment that Brandon Duby got this gift card for the holidays. Someone who loves him said, “Brandon is definitely worth more than $50, but not $75. More like $71”? Because lots of people get $71 gift cards for Christmas. Nothing shady about that!

Of course we know he didn’t buy the card himself, because obviously he wouldn’t be trying to take a $31 loss just for the fuck of it. So IF he wants us to believe that this $71 was lawfully obtained, it would mean someone gave him the gift card. Here’s a question – why would someone give a guy who doesn’t have a home a gift card to Home Depot? It’s Home Depot. You go there to buy stuff for your home. It’s the first word in the name of the store. It’s not “Tent Depot,” or “government subsidized motel depot,” or “pip shelter depot,” or “pimp my squatting shanty depot.” It’s HOME Depot. It’s like the only store it would make zero sense to give a homeless person a gift card to for Christmas.

Of course the other dead giveaway that he’s up to no good is his Facebook page:




Come on bro. If you want people to take you seriously you have to at least bend the brim of your hat. The only shocking part about these glamour shots is the lack of a Chicago Bulls logo anywhere in sight. But there’s just a 0.0% chance you look at a grown man with a ghetto pube farm growing on his face and don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that he’s trying to scam you.

Oh, and make sure you get rid of the comments from your buddies about your past history of stealing from them to feed your drug habits:



Yea, that’s not gonna help you sell that card.

Oh, and if Internet panhandling is gonna be your thing, you might wanna do something about how your name comes up on search engines. Like that time you were arrested for impregnating your 15 year old girlfriend when you were 22:

Windsor Locks police arrested the man, Brandon Duby, 22, of 104 North Main St., on Aug. 5 and charged him with second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. He was additionally charged with failure to appear in court on Sept. 11. According to the affidavit in support of Duby’s arrest, events happened this way: On June 23, Windsor Locks police received written notification from the state Department of Children and Families that a 16-year-old girl delivered a baby boy at Manchester Memorial Hospital the previous day. DCF reported that the father of the child was a 21-year-old man, later identified as Duby.

The girl told DCF that she and Duby had been in a relationship for approximately 18 months prior to her becoming pregnant. She further stated that her parents were aware of her dating Duby and that they supported the relationship. DCF also reported that the girl’s mother said the baby would reside with her in her home and that she would help her daughter take care of the baby. During the investigation police learned that there was an active restraining order in place which prohibited Duby from contacting the girl or visiting her home. The restraining order was in effect until July 10, 2015, police noted. 

Duby said his girlfriend told him she was pregnant with his baby, but that her mother wasn’t happy with the relationship and obtained a restraining order.

Yup, sounds like the “mother in law” was cool with it. Which would explain the restraining order. And when the cops got there he hid where no one would ever think to look for him:

On June 25, police visited the girl and her mother at their home. The mother told police that Duby had stopped by their home to see the baby. Police were taken to a back bedroom where they observed the girl and her baby. Police then asked the girl where Duby was and she looked toward a closet. Police ordered Duby out of the closet and placed him under arrest, charging him with violating a restraining order. 

Oh yea, they’ll never think to look for you in the closet. Smart.

This was the best part:

“I just wanted to see my son,” he told police. “I plan on taking care of my son and providing for him.”

He plans on providing for him. Because lots of kids have their college paid for by Home Depot gift card scams. Definitely.

Newsflash Brandon Duby – if she was 15 and you were 21, she wasn’t old enough to legally consent to sex with you. This is also known as “rape.” That baby is the bi-product of a crime. You have no legal rights to see your rape baby, because, you’re a rapist.

But wait, there’s more from the Google machine. Like that time earlier this year he was arrested for violating probation:

Brandon Duby, of North Main Street, was arrested Jan. 20 as a result of an active violation of probation warrant which had been issued for his arrest. Police said Duby was taken into custody without incident and was held on a court-set bond of $25,000.

Or that time last year when he was arrested for not showing up to court:

Brandon Duby, 21, of North Main Street, was arrested Feb. 5 on two counts of first-degree failure to appear.

The same charge he was arrested for in 2013:

Brandon Duby, 20, of Windsor Locks, was charged with second-degree failure to appear


In case you haven’t figured out what’s happening yet, here’s the scam. Brandon Duby needs drug money. So he steals from people. Could be friends or family, or it could be breaking into homes. He does it right around Christmas so the stuff he steals can be easily returned without a receipt. But the store doesn’t give him cash. They give him store credit. And since he’s not a home owner, store credit is pretty useless at The Home Depot. That’s why he’s selling a card worth $71 for $40 cash. You get a good deal by buying stolen property, he gets a good deal by getting his next fix, and the store gets fucked so they end up jacking up the prices which in turn fucks over the rest of us.

Of course one person did offer to buy the card off of him, but he declined:


Nevertheless this fleabag had a never ending supply of supporters and enablers who rushed to his defense. First someone pointed out that he’s been posting shit like this all day:


He deleted them by accident. I hate when that happens. Lots of people delete things they post in community forums on accident. No doubt.

That’s when the morons came out in full force:


And since many of them have probably found themselves in a similar predicament, they had all sort of ideas about how he could cash it in:

Because who doesn’t know off the top of their heads the various places you can cash in a Home Depot store credit card? That’s like, ratchet 101 stuff right there.

That’s when this genius named “Jonna” gave him some new advice – bother actual customers who were spending real money in Home Depot:


Yea, it’s not like you’re begging. You’re just scouting out the “big spenders” and trying to sell them store credit, which you acquired by stealing from other people, so that you can buy more heroin. If they have a heart they’ll be cool with it. And Jonna would know better than anyone because guess where she works?


Of course she works at Home Depot. Just an employee trying to help a thief rip off her employer so he can buy drugs.

Then there was the foolproof “you don’t know him” reasoning:


Followed soon after by the “he got the court date screwed up” excuses:


The “just because he has an active warrant out for his arrest it doesn’t mean he’s a sketchball” routine:


The “we don’t know if he stole the card” crowd:


The “a friend gave him the card” hypothesis:


Because friends randomly give each other $71 gift cards to Home Depot when they don’t own homes.

The ratchet patrol also said that they’d buy the card off of him, but they can’t afford it:


Yea, everyone could use a break. So help this guy buy more drugs. Because that will help him out in the long run.

It’s cool though, because Brandon isn’t the bad guy. Corporations are:


Finally there was the fool proof “you can’t say mean things on the Internet” rationale:


It’s true. Which is why we won’t say anything about Jessie Lynn.



Because we can’t come up with anything nice to say about her lovely taste in men or her impeccable mastery of the English language. Although your post would’ve been more effective with a 100 emoji:


Just sayin.


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16 Comment(s)
  • BlackandWhite
    January 3, 2017 at 6:18 am

    He looks like the UConn Mac n Cheese dude.

  • PatsServiceCenter
    January 2, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    So, is this another intervention for one of your druggy friends?

    January 2, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    This is Kevin Lynch’s email address: kevalyn1@hotmail.com

    I am demanding that you stay away from my family, especially the minor children in my family. Margaret is the only one who hasn’t made a sexual assault statement towards the minor children in my family nor has she put them in harms way per say. She is responsible for creating a dangerous atmosphere on the vile site turtleboy sports. All the advertisers on this blog site are also accountable towards public safety as they have been told and made aware of the criminal behaviors of turtleboy.

    The minor children in my family are now at risk due to those mentioned. I am bringing criminal and civil charges against this group and others.

    This is an open letter to all whom are mentioned to refrain from sexually,physical threats and or assault on my family. Refrain from posting pictures of the minor children in my family.

    Respectfully, Kevin Lynch

    • J-Sully
      January 2, 2017 at 5:15 pm

      No one has physically gone anywhere near you or your family. Your niece is not a minor and no one has made any threats towards her or your family. Any dangerous atmosphere is caused by you, the violent criminal murderer. No one you have contacted has given two shits about your insane ramblings. No charges are coming for anyone as no crimes have been committed.

      Over a year later, Turtleboy technically doesn’t even speak your name anymore, and you still can’t get over yourself. You made a public ass out of yourself, then retaliated like sad little bitch when people laughed at you. Any sort of harassment you believe you’ve received is just in response to your own. Grow up and stop digging yourself a deeper hole.

    • Go In Peace
      January 2, 2017 at 8:47 pm

      I don’t think anyone at TBS has threatened your family, Kevin. He does have some knucklehead people posting though who typically say extremely inappropriate things. Just look at some of the profile pictures they use as part of their anonymous comments. Disgusting. Can’t blame TBS for that though. The world is full of idiots. I’m not taking sides. I just want to read this blog and its comments without all this tension and attacking. Just calm down and stop responding, Kevin…if in fact this is really Kevin Lynch. You’re feeding into those audience members who in turn keep feeding your fury.

  • EBT boy
    January 2, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Another parasite, sucking off of society. Costing the taxpayers in some cases, millions in a lifetime. Before they take their final dirt nap.

  • Turtle Rider
    January 2, 2017 at 10:27 am

    Hmmm…not really a story here. Seems like social media trolling. You can do better, TBS.

    • Agree
      January 2, 2017 at 11:21 am

      Time to rename this site Stupid Facebook Shit Of The Day.

    • True Reality Speaks
      Mirror Mirror
      January 2, 2017 at 11:36 am

      Have to agree. Just a run of the mill junkie looking to cash in for a fix. Save the blogs for the most egregious scammers and ratchets – not the garden variety trailer trash. Keep going after the non-profits and government “workers” that are scamming the taxpayers, and of course the SJWs and other libs/morons that can’t help but embarrass themselves on a regular basis.

      • Turtle Rider
        January 2, 2017 at 8:41 pm

        But we ALL still LOVE YOU, TBS. You do a great job. You could get rid of that dipshit who uses all derogatory/explicit language and sexism/chauvinism toward women, but if you’re not going to kill him, it won’t be good enough.

  • Rk
    January 2, 2017 at 10:08 am

    He’s already got that dopey sad eyed victim look mastered.

    He doesn’t need home depot credit for the tools of his trade. You can get a piece of cardboard and a sharpie anywhere

  • January 2, 2017 at 9:51 am


    im sending the turtle turd who wrote this a bill for wasting my time…. this site usually is on point but this is poorly written witch hunt. SLOW SHITBAGS IN THE NEWS DAY???..

    the journalism sucks….. in the beginning of it you accuse the kid for using a fake name…and then use court records (in the same name)…to prove hes a shitbag. So the court cant get his name either?….. stupid turtle turd

    we wont talk about how nothing written anywhere says he stole the card……you must have overlooked that part in your rush to yell DOUCHE BAG!

    ( im sure the kid isn’t a saint, and I know that very few of us will make it to the pearly gates in all white like you turtle angel…. but you way over reached on this and hope its not the beginning of a trend ..)

    I think head turtle, needs to shake the turtle shit who wrote this to the curb, def not what I expect from anyone with TURTLE BALLS…. peace out

  • Sloppy
    January 2, 2017 at 9:41 am

    What’s the deal with white trash Eminem dudes with the flat brim hats who are from crappy little townie towns and think they’re street-hardened thugs from the mean streets of the metropolis?

  • Mistressveila
    January 2, 2017 at 1:15 am

    Ok first off, this blog cracked me up…Its not Tent Depot.. no its not..lmfao..
    Heres how you do this, its very simple,but junkies aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box….
    Why didn’t the idiot,if you don’t want to look shady, just go buy say $65 to 70 worth of shit. Leave, go panhandle or whatever, go back in an hour or so,with the reciept ,to return what you bought an hour ago ,for your money back ,cash.. not that hard to do.
    That chick who suggested going up to someone who had alot stuff they were checking out with, and would they like to buy a$71 gift card for $30.. C’mon,that’s why junkies are morons, they dont think and get caught.
    Any moron would know that,but he’s just not any moron as,we,see as the story un folds…
    Something else that always astounds me i wanted to mention here ….
    You read in the paper ,fairly often,just last week actually,about some idiots that got stopped by the cops, because they have ,a tail light out,the licence plate light out ,a headlight out,your bumpers hanging off….some little thing that’s going to call the attention of law enforcement to you and your vehicle…
    when youre pulled over,and theyre asking for your licence and registration, they are also observing you and your vehicle.they may sense or see something shady…they may ask you to get out of your vehicle, which you are obliged to do.
    If you have nothing to hide,there shouldn’t be a problem,right?
    The cops also find ,say, a bag full of drugs or a kilo under the seat. Thats not ours….but most often it’s in the ashtray… Also , when they run your name, an outstanding warrant perhaps?
    Look if you’re going to run and sell drugs, why wouldn’t you make sure everything is fixed so the cops don’t stop you and ruin your little enterprise!!! Stupid! Stop sampleing your profits..If you’re making money selling drugs, you’ve obviously got enough money at some point to,A. fix up your sorry looking car,and everything thats wrong with it. or B get a car that’s newer !Why?! So the cops won’t stop you!
    That just rings morons everytime you hear that ,and no they deserve to get caught ,if they’re that stupid . obviously they are…. the jail in west boylston is full of them..
    In conclusion ,Please continue your fine blogs here ..I love turtle boy,and love hearing about all the shit you guys find …..these people are so stupid, it’s fucking funny as hell! Keep up the good work..

    • Jennifer
      July 21, 2017 at 1:49 pm

      wow, boy r u fuckin retarded or what? if he bought $60 worth of crap using a store credit & came back with his receipt to return it, guess what they’re gonna give him? not cash ya moron! that MIGHT’VE worked in 1997, but these days the register knows how u paid & u get refunded how u paid, not with cash just cuz u have a receipt. jesus. Yall r way too stupid to be clowning on ANYBODY. get a life.

  • John Barker
    January 2, 2017 at 12:44 am

    Happy 2017 TBS!! Looking forward to to more “Poonstatioes” this coming year!! (prediction..1,000,000 followers by years end!)

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