If Dayton Beats Florida Are They The Greatest Final Four Cinderella In NCAA Tournament History?

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Remember when Coach K said that the Atlantic Ten shouldn’t get six seeds in the NCAA Tournament because they couldn’t go through the “meat grinder” of the ACC? Just a reminder that there are eight teams left in college basketball and they come from the following conferences:

Big 10 – 3

SEC- 2

Atlantic 10 – 1

American – 1

Pac 12 – 1

Wait a minute…..where’s all the ACC teams? Oh you mean the only team that made the Sweet 16 from that crap happy conference, top seeded Virginia, got knocked out by fourth seeded Michigan State? Looks like the meat grinder was more like a cheese grater. But hey, Clemson AND Florida State are in the NIT Final Four. At least you got that going for ya.


The best part about Coach K’s moronic comment is that the sixth team from the A10 to get in the tournament was Dayton. They were on the bubble on selection night, and deservedly got in. All they’ve done since then is beat a Big 10 (6th seeded Ohio State), ACC (3rd seeded Syracuse), and Pac 12 (10th seeded Stanford).

Do you think Coach K regrets saying that? I mean, it literally couldn’t have worked out any worse for him. NC State and Duke lose in the first round to an A-10 team and MERCER – both of which lost their next game. Cuse, Pittsburgh, UNC all prove to be unworthy in the second round. Then the one seed and conference champ loses to MSU, just like Obama said they would. Absolutely emasculating.


Meanwhile Dayton rolls on. My question is, if they beat Florida today, are they the greatest cinderella team in NCAA history? There are only two teams that can possibly compare, and both were 11 seeds on the bubble, just like Dayton: George Mason 2006, and VCU 2011. Oh yea, and both of those teams are currently in the Atlantic 10 as well.

VCU beat top overall seed Kansas that year in the Elite 8, and GMU beat one seeded UConn to make the Final Four. The Flyers face top overall seed Florida tonight. They are currently 10.5 point underdogs. So based on the fact that this would be their third win against a preseason Top 10 team, I’d have to say that this would be the greatest Cinderella in tournament history.


Seriously though, how can you not root for Dayton tonight? Who roots for Florida? Gator fans are by far the most obnoxious fan base in the country. Well, technically St. Bonaventure fans are, but they’re not a real school so they don’t count. That’s like saying Worcester State fans are obnoxious. If no one has ever heard of you without reading TurtleBoy Sports then you don’t get any superlatives – good or bad.

I’m gonna be rooting my face off for Dayton tonight. My bracket is completely screwed anyway, so at this point I just want anarchy and chaos. Give me a Final Four of Michigan State, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Dayton, and I will be a very satisfied boy riding a magical turtle. Plus if Dayton wins we get to watch more Dayton riots. And then everyone wins. Go Flyers!!

Dayton riots rule.





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  • Blong
    March 29, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Not that it matters now, but Villanova in 1985 wins this battle.

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