• Illegal Immigrant Hits Family Of Four While Driving Drunk, Protected In Mayor Joe Petty’s Sanctuary City Of Worcester

    Illegal Immigrant Hits Family Of Four While Driving Drunk, Protected In Mayor Joe Petty’s Sanctuary City Of Worcester

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    Editor’s Note: This is a duplicate blog from earlier. For some reason people are unable to share it on social media. Never seen this happen before. You can’t even send the original in a Facebook message to someone. Clearly Joe Petty and his goons have been reporting this for fake news. But we’ll keep on fighting because you cannot silence the truth. 

    WBZAn illegal immigrant was charged with drunk driving Thursday afternoon following a crash that injured a family of four in Auburn. Just before 5 p.m. a car being driven by 43-year-old Jose Acevedo slammed into a 2015 Subaru Outback from behind on Route 20. Two adults and two children were in the Subaru, including a mother who suffered a possible broken neck. Police arrested Acevedo after he showed possible signs of intoxication. After being transported to the police station, Acevedo registered a .26 blood alcohol level, which is over three times the legal limit. Following his arrest, police say Acevedo admitted to entering in the United States illegally through Mexico from El Salvador. He said he does not have a driver’s license. Acevedo will be arraigned Friday in Worcester District Court on charges of operating under the influence, operating a motor vehicle negligently, and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

    Here’s your weekly reminder that Mayor Joe Petty organized a rally on January 30 in front of City Hall, and said the following about undocumented immigrants:

    “We’re going to protect all of our people here in Worcester, whether they’re here documented or undocumented,” Petty said.

    He’s going to protect undocumented immigrants. His words, not mine. Jose Acevedo is an undocumented immigrant. Joe Petty is going to protect him. Because Jose Acevedo’s life and well being are more important than the family of four that he hit in the Subaru while plastered at 4:45 in the afternoon. Keep in mind, this was the resolution Councilor Michael Gaffney put forth that inspired Petty to organize this mob:

    Gaffney wants to make Worcester welcoming to refugees and immigrants so long as they follow the law. Somehow this is a controversial statement. Of course the controversial part was that Worcester’s police would do basic background checks for people they arrest in order to make sure they’re here legally. It doesn’t mean they’re doing sweeps through Great Brook Valley asking for papers and documentation. It just means that if people like Jose Acevedo commit crimes and get arrested, we will check their immigration status with the click of a mouse.

    Luckily for society Jose Acevedo crashed into a family of four in Auburn instead of Worcester. Had he done so in Worcester there would be no check into his immigration status. After all, Worcester is a sanctuary city that protects people like Jose Acevedo. We wouldn’t want to check his immigration status, because that might end up in a deportation. And deportations are racist. This is why normal people move to places like Auburn. Because they don’t want to live in a city where Jose Acevedo, a non-tax paying, non-conrtibuting member of society, is more valued by the mayor than they are. Unfortunately for the family he rear ended, Worcester borders Auburn, and people like Jose Acevedo go there now that the Greendale Mall is basically closed.

    But somehow Gaffney’s common sense resolution to protect legal immigrants and refugees inspired thousands of people to get bused in from all over to demand more:

    “But saying that Worcester would be welcoming to new immigrants and refugees was not enough for Eliana Stanislawski, a Clark University senior who with other students organized a rally at the campus in solidarity with the City Hall protest.”


    Oh look, a Clark student thinks she can dictate policy in Worcester. This is Eliana Stanislawksi:

    As you can see, she is dedicated to dismantling patriarchy, fighting for social justice, and making sure minors don’t have to tell their parents before making a life altering decision. In other words, she’s unemployable and whines on social media all day about oppression. This is who Mayor Petty sided with. This is the kind of person he thinks should dictate policy for the City of Worcester. This chick is from Maryland. When she graduates she will leave Worcester and come back every 10 years for alumni weekend. But yet she gets to dictate policy that will affect all of us. She probably felt very good about herself while making signs like these:

    But she obviously didn’t think about the family of four from Auburn who would be endangered by her sanctuary city policy. “No one is illegal. Everyone is welcome here.” These are very kind words from a girl who will be living in Maryland at this time next year, in a town that isn’t a designated sanctuary city.

    This is the mob Joe Petty invited to protest a simple resolution that said that Worcester would welcome refugees and immigrants that came her legally, but at the same time would cooperate with federal law enforcement enforcing federal laws:








    Petty was quite proud of it:

    Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.12.09 PM

    These people are all morons. Ya know who else thinks/knows that? Joe Petty. It’s why he called them morons on a hot mic when he thought no one was listening:

    That night the City Council voted 9-2 to make Worcester a sanctuary city. Everyone except for Gaffney and Konnie Lukes appeased the crowd of non-Worcester citizens, instead of doing what was best for the taxpayers of Worcester. And make no doubt about it – Worcester is a sanctuary city. People like Jose Acevedo are welcome here. The career criminal illegal immigrant who killed a Worcester teacher five days after this rally was also welcomed here. These are the people our City Council protects. These are the people they’re looking out for. Tony Economou, Sarai Rivera, George Russell, Gary Rosen, Moe Bergman, Khyrstian King, Candy Carlson, Kate Toomey, and Petty all voted for it. Do not forget that in November. They’re counting on you forgetting it. They’re counting on you believing that Gaffney is the problem. He’s not. He’s the solution.

    Of course Petty calling these people morons was the proudest I’ve ever been of him. It showed me that he’s just a regular guy who doesn’t buy into the feel good nonsense that comes along with his political party. He’s an old school democrat at heart. Ya know, like Truman and JFK. People who didn’t get hung up on gender pronouns and words that offend them. He just uses these people for political gain, which is why he had to issue a bullshit apology the next day in order to get them to vote for him in November. His fan club praised him for admitting he was wrong for calling the protesters uneducated morons:

    “Petty could have shifted blame and walked away, but as a man of character, integrity, and honesty, he stood up and admitted fault.”

    The best part about this quote from the town idiot Steve Quist (also Mayor Petty’s official fluffer), was the next day when this “man of integrity and honesty” held one of the most bizarre press conferences ever seen, in which he said that he was LYING when he said he called them morons (because so many people told him he said it that he believed them, even though it was all caught on tape), took back the apology, and blamed it all on the town lunatic who was anxious to jump on the grenade for him:

    If you think that idiot is at all qualified to run the second biggest city in New England, then you deserve to be the next person hurt by an illegal immigrant.




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    1. SlowNight

      What? No comments?

      TBS sure is slipping,

      1. Seriously?

        This is a repost dumbass.

    2. Bowen Hardcase

      Just more sensationalism clickbait using buzzwords and misdirection to rile up the Right and get them frothing at the mouth over absolutely nothing. What has become of TBS?

      Nobody on the Left wants to “protect” illegal aliens who commit felonies like this drunk driving clown and sanctuary cities don’t offer any special “protections” to illegal aliens from the law that aren’t already granted to everyone else.

      Does anyone around here even really understand what being a sanctuary city involves? It simply means that the city chooses not to hinder people’s constitutional rights by holding them beyond their legal time of release while the feds drag their feet checking immigration status. The wiki on this is literally just 2 friggin’ paragraphs. Educate yourselves ffs.

      Listen, there are legitimate arguments to both sides of the sanctuary city issue and neither side is completely right or wrong (for now) and this will remain the case until the laws are redefined or even completely rewritten.

      And for the record, many on the Left wholeheartedly agree that illegal aliens should be deported, especially those caught committing crimes. However, the general consensus on the Left is also that the constitutional rights of American citizens shouldn’t be put at risk in the name of enforcing immigration laws. Certain groups of citizens shouldn’t have to prove their legal status over and over and over just because of their color or creed.

      In the meantime, until immigration laws can be enforced consistently and equally without harming our fellow legal citizens, then expect continued resistance by the Left.

      1. True Reality Speaks

        ILLEGAL aliens have NO constitutional rights. The Left OWNS everything these criminals do – and trying to rationalize enabling lawbreaking demonstrates just how brainwashed and cult-like liberals and all group think lemmings have become. Case in point – your red herring arguments and deflection/disinformation are the weapons used to silence those of us who have “resisted” the indoctrination and blind obedience expected of the herd. Your side has co-opted the word “resistance” to support (but dis-inform) what is unquestionably lawless and treasonous behavior. You’re just too wrapped up in your blissful ignorance and programmed hatred to understand you are just a useful idiot to this agenda. Perfect fodder for the totalitarians – willful slaves.

        1984 arrived 3 decades later than predicted, which allowed the Left that much more time to prepare the sheep. But they have you and your ilk begging for more. Mission accomplished, I’d say.

        1. Bowen Hardcase

          True Reality Speaks says, “ILLEGAL aliens have NO constitutional rights.”

          Actually, no, that’s not true at all. I don’t know if you’re uneducated or a liar using alternate facts to justify your opinions but that’s simply not the case in America.

          The courts have ruled time and again that illegal immigrants have many constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech and religion, or if arrested, the right to a Miranda warning. There is absolutely no question that ALL persons within the borders of the United States, including visitors and even illegal aliens, are entitled to the protections of our Constitution. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment protects everyone from deprivation of life, liberty or property without the due process of law.

          Again though, many on the Left have no issue with deporting illegal aliens, especially the criminals. The issue is the all the legal citizens that will get caught up in the process and forced to endure hardships simply because of their color or creed. The holding of American citizens past their time of legal release because the government can’t vet them fast enough is wrong and it is unconstitutional to subject certain segments of the population to added scrutiny within the legal system or their day to day lives.

          You also said, “You’re just too wrapped up in your blissful ignorance and programmed hatred to understand you are just a useful idiot to this agenda.” Congratulations, this is the most hypocritical thing I will read all week. Be better.

      2. MrSmiley

        So you’ve worked in… Corrections? Law enforcement then? Oh didnt think so. When an illegal shitbag comes to the jail. At the conclusion of their sentence because there IS NO HOLD ANYMORE. At least in our shitty state. These people get out and do more dumb shit.
        There must be holds on any idiot caught up in our justice system with questionable legal status. They don’t get how it works here ship them the fuck out by airmail, donkey cart, I dont care.
        Wikipedia is not an education. Good try though. There is no legit argument to shelter people who knowingly came here skirting the laws. They shit on every other immigrant who did it the right way.. Also, if the left supposedly felt as you say. They wouldn’t be having all these protests and pushing legislation to protect these people. You’re lying to yourself. Sanctuary cities should absolutely lose funding. Rant concluded.

    3. GALIEN2000


    4. BobnMic

      You used to ask – what will it take to end this madness with respect to illegals running rampant? Well I guess a Homicide and injuring a family of four while driving drunk just ain’t enough.

      We are in the midst of mass delusia from the far left wingnuts and it is now affecting our personal safety. We are all being punished because of the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. I’ve never seen it like this before. Maybe the DOJ could come back and investigate City Hall…

    5. Big Raymond

      Citizens lives, safety, health are sacrificed on the alter of illegal immigration, politicians are happy to do it if it gets a few votes and the approval of confused millennials.

      Did I mention millenial know-nothing SJW Eliana Stinky is a ginger?

    6. Jake

      According to the Boston news channels. This illegal was stopped by the Worcester police a few hours before the accident happened and let go. Heard it a couple of times. Sorry for the victims, but the illegal will get a slap on the wrist or flee back to his hell-hole country. Guaranteed he was on government assistance on top of it all.

    7. Rightwinger

      Wow! Someone has a bulge in the pants for Gaffney❤️❤️❤️!!

    8. Common Man

      Lock the POS up and have the City of Woosta pay all medical bills and court settlement to the family. Gotta hit these ILLEGAL LOVIN SNOWFLAKES in the wallet.

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