Is This Florida School Board Member Talking to Some Terrorist On Televised School Committee Meeting?

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So apparently during the most recent Marion County, shit got really weird. The meeting was going as normal, when all of a sudden vice chairman Angie Boynton looked into the camera and went into a bizarre dialogue with some guy, who is apparently named Ahmed for a good five minutes, starting at 49 minutes in this video:

If you don’t want to watch it, here are some of the highlights:

There is someone watching this television show tonight who would like for me to respond to some questions for them,” she said. “I got your message and I do believe that God is greater than any concern you sent to me.”

She stated that, “I can’t bow down to Islam, in the sense that I was raised to love and respect God — the God that I know.”

Then, Boynton spoke to the unknown person about the “message” she received.

“I will say to you, you understand that I did meet with Ahmed,” she said. “Like Ahmed understood, I will walk away from anything confrontational.”

“Just so you understand, a lot people don’t know I was going through a lot of things and I kept it to myself.

“I broke down a code. And I sent it to George Bush, former president George Bush. And I also sent it to former Gov. Jeb Bush. And I think my actions in breaking that code down, coming from where I am from, will let you know that …”

She then stopped and addressed the board.

“It was about 9/11 … you are going to get sketchy thoughts. I am not able to talk to anyone about it. And the police are not able to come near me and they should continue their stance with that. I do have help, and I am OK. But there was someone who wanted to hear something on TV.”


This whole story is just so Florida it hurts. Does anyone out there have any clue what this woman is talking about? So, is her daughter being kidnapped by Muslim terrorists? Is she a CIA agent? Is she a 9/11 truther? What code is she talking about, and why is the Marion County school board trying to stifle her with this talk about the “Math Counts” contest. Look chairman, we’re trying to get to the bottom of Ahmed’s plan to kidnap this obviously sane woman’s daughter and you’re up here talking about text books and 8th grade math competitions. When it turns out this woman just saved Marion County from a terrorist attack, you’re all gonna feel really, really stupid.


Don’t ever change Florida, or I’m gonna run out of things to write about.

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