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  • Joining A Mob Is Easy, Being The Only Guy On Your Team To Come Out For The National Anthem Takes Balls

    Joining A Mob Is Easy, Being The Only Guy On Your Team To Come Out For The National Anthem Takes Balls

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    Got a lot to say about these NFL protests from yesterday so get ready for a few of these blogs today. Let’s start in Pittsburgh to see what real bravery actually looks like.

    The Steelers announced before the game that they weren’t coming out for the National Anthem because they didn’t wanna have a divided team. Except that’s exactly what ended up happening when offensive lineman Alejandro Villaneuva, who served multiple tours in Afghanistan, came out by himself for the anthem:

    See that? That’s what real bravery looks like. It’s easy to take a knee when everyone else is doing it. It’s easy to stay in the locker room when everyone else is doing it. It’s to join in a protest you could’ve joined a long time ago because everyone else is doing it. It’s easy to do something knowing full well that ESPN is gonna glorify you for it the next day:

    It’s not easy to be the one guy who goes out there and puts his hand over his heart for the anthem. That’s bravery.

    The best part about this? The Steelers lost the game. To the fucking Bears. The Bears are an abortion of a franchise. Do you understand how bad you have to be to lose to the Bears? The Steelers are an infinitely better team on paper. Bears QB Mike Glennon barely threw for 100 yards. It’s almost as if a divided locker room that’s focusing on politics isn’t conducive to winning football games.

    The Steelers losing was easily the most satisfying moment of the day. If you’re gonna protest, I really don’t give a shit to be honest. It’s all meaningless at this point. But if you are gonna do it, make sure you actually win the fucking game. If you don’t then you just look like SJW idiots who can’t do the one thing you’re being paid to do – win.


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    1. Rochambeau

      He’s earned the privilege to salute the flag, as well.

    2. ?

      The Steelers don’t deserve a classy player such as Alejandro Villaneuva. Its really pathetic that the rest of chuds on that once respected franchise made the choice to take the action they did. Don’t the rest of the 52 sorry arsed chumps on their roster realise that this man risked his life in tours of duty so that the lot can have the right to abuse the privilege in freedom of expression. All I can cay, Here we go Steelers, go 1-15.

      1. ?

        My bad, meant 2-14 as this turd team already won first 2.

    3. Sonny's Mom

      Rangers lead the way!

    4. chrissy

      dissenting opinions are always healthy although it may have been a distraction, at least he went with his heart.

      speaking of dissenting opinions we need more third party advocates here seems to be all republicans of the hardline George w Bush variety

      where are those who take an interest in less cartoonish characters like Ron Paul etc

      1. Georgia Madman

        Gary Johnson voter here. We need third parties or our choices are always gonna be Trump and Clinton or their clones.

      2. Ron Paul

        Agreed! I voted Paul in the primary and Johnson in the general. This nation needs at least a third party, if not more!

        1. chrissy

          kick ass!!!

    5. Alex

      So, a while ago you called kaepernick a chump for doing what he did.
      Now you say it takes balls to do something when nobody else does.
      What’s your opinion on kaepernick?

      1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        I’d try to explain it to you – but if you haven’t figured out the difference already then there really isn’t any hope for you. But at least you can surround yourself with a whole lot of other dolts that are just as stupid as you.

        1. Smartypants

          And the difference is??

          1. pro trump

            one’s a nigger

    6. Usualsuspect

      Villanueva, I salute you!

    7. Wwy

      This is the guy who followed a mob into Afghanistan to kill innocent people and sell opium what a role model,ungas your Jew brains.

    8. Al

      And now in my opinion they are forcing the guy into saying he came out too far unitentionally. I imagine they threatened him. Sad

    9. Taking Both Knees

      Are we forgetting that the players weren’t even ON the field for the anthem until the military realized they could monetize patriotism in 2009?

    10. wabbitt

      The worst part is his apology after. It looked like a hostage video, right before ISIS cuts the guy’s head off.

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