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  • Just Like We Said He Would 4 Days Ago, Lt. Colonel Francis Hughes Has Also Resigned From The Massachusetts State Police Because Turtleboy Exposed Him

    Just Like We Said He Would 4 Days Ago, Lt. Colonel Francis Hughes Has Also Resigned From The Massachusetts State Police Because Turtleboy Exposed Him

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    On Friday we told you hours before the “real news” media that Massachusetts State Police Colonel Richard McKeon would be resigning that day. We also said that at least one of his immediate subordinates would also be resigning.

    Four days later……

    Boston Fox 25 News has confirmed that the deputy superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police has retired amid lawsuits regarding changes made to police reports. Lt. Col. Francis Hughes’ retirement was announced days after the retirement of Col. Richard McKeon was announced. Troopers Ali Rei and Ryan Sceviour both allege they were forced to make changes to reports after the October DUI arrest of Allie Bibaud, the daughter of a Dudley District Court Judge. Originally state police said the changes were in line with protocol because the initial reports contained unnecessary, graphic comments that were not relevant to the arrest.

    Good riddance. He had to go too. He knew about the coverup and did nothing to stop it. The most amazing part about this story is the fact that two low ranking, young troopers were the ones who had the balls to stand up to this system of corruption. Meanwhile these asshats making twice as much money, who had nothing to lose because they can retire on fat pensions, allowed it to continue so they could keep climbing the ladder. Pathetic.

    There clearly is a culture at the top of the food chain where the deputy ops were in bed with politicians and other suits, and only had their jobs because they were loyal soldiers. I know this because I watched all five seasons of The Wire a billion times. It happens in real life. I’m sure both Lt. Colonel Francis Hughes and Colonel McKeon were good police at one point. But when you’re a climber you often forget where you came from, and that’s clearly what happened here.

    What the MSP need to do is get fresh blood at the top and let the Joe Early’s and Tim Bibaud’s of the world know that this isn’t how things are gonna work anymore. And you can’t do that by letting members of the former regime hang around.

    But once again Dan Bennett, Joe Early, and Tim Bibaud walk away from this with no consequences because Governor Baker doesn’t feel like going after the root cause of the problem.

    Unfortunately for them, attorney Lenny Kesten, who has vocally supported Turtleboy countless times on the Howie Carr show last week, is a shark in the courtroom. He carries a vicious reputation and has vowed to get to the bottom of this.

    And his two clients have had their reputations forever tarnished by this. When people Google their names now this scandal will be the first thing that comes up. What happens if the 32 and 29 year old troopers want to get a new job working for the FBI? Trooper Rei in particular will have many doors open for her because of both her gender and more importantly her expertise in drug recognition. Let’s say a gig opens up in Washington DC doing work for the DEA. The first thing they’ll do with her resume is Google her, look at the headline, and move on to the next resume. This wasn’t harmless. It potentially ruined their careers.

    You best believe Bibaud, Early, and Bennett’s phone records are gonna be handed over to him, and he’s gonna see exactly who spoke to who in the days after Alli Bibaud famously posed the question that remains unanswered – how many guys did she have to blow to get that heroin?


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    1. Trenni's Brain-AIDS


    2. Troubled Nostrils

      Damn, those are snazzy uniforms! They should put bacon on the lapels to go with the scrambled eggs on the hat visor. Jawohl!

    3. Stan the man

      The Judge and the DA should be the next to go.
      Zero credibility for either.

    4. Jellyfish

      McKeon and Hughes didn’t take the initiative on this. This came from a higher up (Early? Baker? ) to help out one of their own (maybe at his (Bibaud’s) request????)

      1. Alli Bibaud, Who Knew How Many She Blew?

        For sure. Routine fuck-stick DUI reports don’t cross the desk of guys at this rank, ever. Someone made a call to someone who made a call and hopefully TBS gets to the bottom of this because I doubt the Glob will.

        A comment on this blog made this point early on in all of this that still summarizes this best: it is -AMAZING- that a bunch of “respected” career LEOs (and judges/DAs/executive branch?.. TBD) fell on their swords for two-bit whore Alli Bibaud, who was so whacked out on heroin and Fireball nips that she had to ask an arresting officer how many dicks she had to suck to get to where she was. And again as the poster noted, it’s unlikely she has any regret, sympathy or shame about any of this damage.

    5. Joe Shmidlap

      These 2 jabronies just had to resign in disgrace all over a whore getting caught with dope. They should have distanced themselves from the start. I wonder if Holy Cross will have the judge resign from coaching their golf team…

      I wonder if they were in on the suck and fuck from the judge’s daughter…every orgy needs a witness and hand wipes…

    6. Jon

      Your got more enemies i wonder if the states are banging on your door like when portnoy had bradys kid dick blog. This is alot bigger. I sure this bosses have alot of brothers sons n nephews . Good luck tb.

      1. Finn

        English please.

    7. Jon

      Also that dude doesnt look that old. I know in the state cop system you can put in 20 yrs and be great. I wonder. But that guy has the look of he was next. Its a bad thankgiving at his house. Better change the plans.

    8. Finn

      Trooper Ryan Sceviour – you are the epitome of what it means to “protect and serve”. Thank you.

    9. Steven Stover

      Just two crooked cops. They resigned before being fired. We citizens need the feds to come in. TheDemocrats with baker and Healy are incapable of investigating anything. They are rats too. Prosecute these two rat cops and take away their pensions and send them to jail. A embarrassment to good law enforcement.

    10. Really not Ratchett

      Do you guys really think the judge was in on it? I did at first. I think it was the DA who thought he would be doing the judge a favor. I mean, how would that conversation go? LOL. Really? I think the DA called the troopers and asked to have the garbage pail whore line removed. I think he told the judge after he thought he did the right thing, but I don’t think the judge gets the info on an arrest until after the DA goes through that paperwork first. I don’t know, I couldn’t imagine telling one of my colleagues “hey, your daughter got arrested for possession. She said she had to suck tons of cock to get it. You want me to have the report altered?” That conversation never happened. Come on. Not with a judge. I for damn sure couldn’t. Sorry Turtle. I just don’t think the judge knew beforehand.

    11. Col. Richard McKeon

      Do you know how many dicks i had to suck to get to the top?

      1. Maj Anderson

        Well I didnt need to suck any dicks to get to the top

    12. maura healey

      I wil lget to the bottom of thos once I am done figuring out what bathrooms people should use

    13. Independent Thinker

      A lot more people need to go, starting with the DA, the judge, and the entire line of command that allowed this to happen. Then they dragged the police officer out of bed, ordered him to the station to change the report, and then put a letter of reprimand in his file, which is why he is suing them. They also need to look into that probation officer in Westborough. Remember her?

    14. Tony

      When the heat is on, retire. Have seen this numerous times in the past. The state is dirty, nothing ever changes.

    15. Lisa

      Bravo! I wish we had a Turtle Boy here in Baltimore because as you are aware this city is corrupt as hell.

    16. CM

      From the past May in Shrewsbury

      5:22 p.m. Arrested, John Ferguson McLean, 24, of 18 N Worcester Ave., Worcester, for possession Class A substance, failure to wear seat belt, carry dangerous weapon, oper MV with license suspended/revoked; and Alli E. Bibaud, 29, of 7 Arden Rd., Worcester, for possession Class A substance, failure to wear seat belt.

      1. juror seven esq.

        Holy shit, John McLean, man you were great in those Die Hard movies.

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