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  • Sources: Mass State Police Colonel Richard McKeon And At Least One Subordinate Will Be Resigning Over “Do You Know How Many Guys I Had To Blow For That” Scandal

    Sources: Mass State Police Colonel Richard McKeon And At Least One Subordinate Will Be Resigning Over “Do You Know How Many Guys I Had To Blow For That” Scandal

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    Multiple reliable sources are reporting to Turtleboy Sports that Colonel Richard McKeon, commander of the Massachusetts State Police, along with at least one subordinate, will be handing in their letters of resignation by this weekend as a result of our blog about the commission of the sentence “Do you know how many guys I had to blow for that” from an arrest report of a Judge’s daughter. The Boston Globe is supposed to be coming out with more details on this, but that’s just what multiple reliable sources from the MSP and other trusted places are telling us.

    It was announced earlier today that Governor Charlie Baker and Attorney General Maura Healy have launched a full investigation, and according to our sources Charlie Baker was so pissed about this that he smashed a glass on the floor.

    It’s kind of bullshit if the only people to go down for this are MSP higherups. The Colonel definitely deserves what he gets for taking part in this corruption, but it sounds like he’s gonna take one for the team here. The question that goes unanswered is who alerted him to Alli Bibaud’s embarrassing arrest report? Because there’s no way he just found it on his own. Someone made a call. Someone who knew about the report.

    Once again, we are simply reporting what three separate reliable sources have told us. Nothing has been released to the public, and it’s quite possible that they hold off after reading this blog. But it’s in the works for sure.

    I still don’t get why they did this. What was the point? They knew it was illegal, and it’s not like she’d get leniency because she didn’t say that statement. They all put their careers on the line for a 30 year old junkbox who said something hilarious. Insane.

    Anyway, please, tell me more about how Turtleboy Sports isn’t “real news.” This entire story, which is being reported by every major media outlet in the country and overseas, would not exist were it not for the turtle. We’ve created a brand that police officers feel comfortable coming to with critical information they’d never give the MSM. This gives us the ability to report real stories in real time that no one else can. Just a boy on his turtle, exposing corruption and making the world a better place.

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    1. Independent Thinker

      How about the judge and the DA. If they are the ones who initiated it, then they should either resign or be removed from their positions.

      1. MrSmiley

        Agreed. All involved should be held accountable buuut. This is MA. DeLeo is still on the hill after the probation fiasco. So I doubt judge fuckstick will face any consequences.

      2. Disappointed

        Wishful thinking – I do not think that the AG will go that far…

        1. Lou P

          Maura does not have the stones – figuratively and literally – to let the genuine truth come out.
          She wants to be governor soon, and she will play ball with the DA’s office and other inside players.
          Besides, they are all Demo-rats.

          1. bigdaddy

            AG Maura Clouseau will try o broom this as quickly as possible

      3. Strata

        So I guess you can just resign with full pension and avoid arrest for corruption. Sounds fair. So I guess a Bank employee about to be indicted for fraud should simply resign from the Bank and no criminal charges will be filed? I guess a hit & run driver feeling the heat of an investigation should just give up his license and no criminal charges will be filed, I guess a teacher having improper relations with a young student should just resign before charges are filed and nothing can happen to them, I guess an insider trader that got rich should just give up their Ameritrade account and no criminal charges will be filed, ……. if this those Police & officials involved in corruption are not criminally charged …… we are all fools for letting that happen. Balls in your court Joe Early (unless you have something to worry about too). Who thinks justice will occur ? Thanks TB for your investigative work

        1. Mrs. Cunningham

          Very well said, Strat. All good points.

    2. 2wEntEe

      If anybody resigns then they’re basically admitting to it.
      And if that’s the case, then everybody else up the food chain is going to have targets on them.

      1. Independent Thinker

        In public office, you are usually told to either resign or be fired. If you resign, you usually will receive your full pension. Just another part of the problem.

    3. Lou P

      I hope this “investigation” will uncover the truth about the role DA Joe Early’s office had in this.
      Ms. Bibaud was employed by the DA’s office for a few years, so they know her. And, obviously, they know her father, the Judge.
      The DA’s office has the necessary influence with the State Police to direct the illegal/inappropriate actions.
      Whether the father/Judge asked for this or not, the DA’s office must have had a role in this. Particularly since they went to court to request the court to redact her statements.

      Who else is totally skeptical that the real truth will emerge from the “investigation” by Baker and Healy ?

      1. kingsraisins

        Maura Healey is the worst thing to happen to Massachusetts since Shay’s rebellion.

        1. Martha Coakley

          I taught Maura everything she knows about how to play ball in this state

        2. Jack Mehoff

          But, but, but she is a loyal Democrat and a Hillary Clinton shill. Also a dyke. A golden protected class in this shit hole Commonwealth. Lay off her or she will Seth Rich you.

      2. Not so fast

        yeah…I couldn’t believe it when Baker said…”he’s a good cop that made a mistake…”. What? Zambrano was a good thug who made a mistake too!

    4. Stan the man

      The sad part is that alli the trash bag will go back to her same old same old and not even consider the carnage she’s left in her wake.
      Two troopers are going to fall on their swords for her selfish junkie behavior.

      1. Strata

        Not Stan the Man ….. Two troopers are going to fall on their swords BECAUSE they committed a crime and treated a fellow subordinate trooper like dirt. This is NOT the daughters fault …. it is the fault of all who took part in this corruption !!!

        1. Apple Jack

          What was wrong with Shay’s Rebellion?

    5. kingsraisins

      We will see what happens. Guarantee they let this guy resign with a pension so long as he signs a non-disclosure agreement. As long as there is a sacrifice, they are banking on the public losing interest. Kudos to all of the reporting on this. However, I’m not confident that Maura will do her do diligence here. I applaud the Governor looking into this situation, but doubt our esteemed AG will do anything about anything. She has two options-1. go after the folks responsible, and gain at least SOME credibility back from the Massachusetts general public, or 2.-do what MH always does, and wilt under the pressure of her puppeteers. But hey, bump stocks are banned, so we have that I guess.

      1. bigdaddy

        and dont forget the most important thing – transgender bathroms

      2. Itsjustme

        Yep just saw it on the news, he is “retiring”, full pension, full benefits, and all for breaking the law. Sounds fair.

    6. TheCureForHope

      Congrats, Turtleboy! Great work.

    7. #howmanyguys

      Jesus hf Christ! Are we going to have to bring in Kenneth Starr to get the answer?

    8. Striker

      My 73-year-old mom asks me today, “What is Turtleboy?”

      Success bitches, success.


      1. PhilSimmsSucks

        My 86 year old mother loves Turtleboy!

        1. Chachi

          LOL You go, Mrs. SimmsSucks.

      2. Jim

        Thumbs up

    9. Hows it work

      What about the charges against the girl in the case?

      Since when has going to rehab suspended your criminal charges?

      It’s like those guys in Hollywood who have raped all these women but um………..wait they are seeking help for their problem right now so it’s okay.

      1. Reading helps

        The charges haven’t gone anywhere. She’s still facing all of them.

        1. Caroline Schultz McFadden

          Thanks Reading.

          I didn’t know if that was the new go to. Like, commit a crime and then go straight to rehab to avoid going to court and facing the consequences until shit passes over.

          If that’s the way the system works, every time you have to go to court you just go to rehab a day before. Then it could take years before you could actually face justice.

    10. Striker

      My 73-year-old mom just asked me, “What’s Turtleboy?”

      “Success,” I told her. “Success.”

      At least to some degree.

    11. Blindman

      Just a guess here, but if the sexual bribery were not in a police report, would a judge have been more likely to release Bibaud with a punishment short of jail time? That’s the only thing I could see.

      Great job exposing this TBS.

    12. Johnny Rocket.

      Congrats Turtles ! Great work. There is sooo much corruption it is simply stunning. Keep up the great work. Just wish the media would give credit where credit is due.

    13. Ralph

      If I were Joe Early, I’d be worried !!!

      1. bigdaddy

        Why? he is a democrat they have immunity in this state

      2. Ghost of Officer Tarentino

        Joe Early Jr should be ashamed of himself and eliminated. If it weren’t for him, I might be alive right now. Always remember that DA Early released the scumbag who killed me.

        Officer Ronald Tarentino (deceased)

    14. Wwy

      Lol, the Jewish owned American no justice system,kike countries all look the same.

    15. Publius

      Turtle Boy has done it again. Turtle Boy continues to be a big winner and Turtlegram a huge loser.

    16. Goose

      Oh, wow. What a terrible punishment. Now he’ll have to retire with that *awful* MSP pension.

      I bet he’ll really regret this corruption when he’s pulling down 6-figures and sipping girly drinks on a beach in Florida.

      1. Wormtown Kris

        Yup. On our dime, no less. Makes you wonder what the McKeon family has done that was covered up in the past to make him terminate his career like this in the name of covering for his conspirators. Hope the arresting trooper’s record will be wiped clean after the crapstorm settles.

    17. john

      its the girls first dui. basically everyone who gets there first dui gets 1 year contiued without a finding. to loose your face over such a small time case is wild.

    18. A can of worms.....

      The real question is, how many other connected people have had charges dropped or reports ‘amended’? And how many citizens have not?

    19. […] Turtleboy Sports now reports that Colonel Richard McKeon is set to submit his resignation over the corruption scandal. […]

    20. James

      Congrats. On all your hard work. Huge fan. Fellow turtle rider. Keep up the great Reporting.

    21. Dr. Ed

      Herald quotes col saying he orders this done all the time. Wow…

    22. H

      Great job! Unfortunately it’s only the tip of the “Shit Iceberg”. What’s really at the heart of all f this is County Government. It exists only for political patronage. Most of these shit bags like Alli were/are born into these jobs.
      Get rid of County Government and you will cut off the head of this rotten snake.

    23. juror seven esq.

      McKeon fell on his sword or perhaps he had a little help. I’m just waiting for the story that he has filed for disability. I seem to recall the female that was the former head of the MSP came up with this ploy to add additional bucks to the pension.

    24. Mrs. Cunningham

      Her FATHER, TB. Her FATHER. He wasn’t asking that charges be dropped, but that her comment about performing sexual acts be removed because it was embarrassing. She has been an embarrassment to him and the family for YEARS (my words, not theirs to my knowledge.) It’s really too bad. She was brilliant and talented at one point. She was not some piece of shit. They have spent boat loads of money on treatment for her. However, I think it’s time they let her fend for herself. Not sure I could do it either, but how much can she put a decent family through? I say, let’s not kick her while she down, but this girl has to get HERSELF help. Without all the enabling, favors, and perks of having your dad as a judge, this girl is the definition of rock bottom….but she is salvageable. She needs to do it on her OWN.

    25. john

      you made alot of powerful enemies this week. they will get you back. oh the old trooper lady rear ended in front of the kasbar by my friends mom a few years later felt a pain in her back and got that full boat pension.

    26. […] Turtleboy Sports now reports that Colonel Richard McKeon is set to submit his resignation over the corruption scandal. […]

    27. Jean

      Most likely the judge made the initial call. Then the flow of events was to pull the report, review it then make the order to change the report. Not right. Nobody should be above the law. But sadly, this happens all the time. This time it happened to a MSP who has integrity, upheld the law and refused to make the change. I hope all MSP stand up for each other.

    28. Person who reads

      Who wrote this garbage? You give absolutely no context and have the writing skills of a 10 year old. Be better.

    29. Deputy Dog

      Hey “no Comment”…Get that uniform off you total disgrace to the profession…you should lose your pension you asshole.

    30. George

      This is the tip of the iceberg. The state is dirty and this is nothing in the big picture. Once in awhile someone gets busted, but imagine how many get away with it. Mind boggling.

    31. […] On Friday we told you hours before the “real news” media that Massachusetts State Police Colonel Richard McKeon would be resigning that day. We also said that at least one of his immediate subordinates would also be resigning. […]

    32. […] Bibaud said, “Do you know how many people I had to blow to get that?” according to Turtleboy Sports, who broke the […]

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