Local Idiot From Worcester Yells At Felger And Mazz For Terrible Red Sox, Yankees Takes

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Yesterday on Felger and Mazz they were continuing to bait local idiots into calling in and yelling at them. Ya see, Tony is insisting this spring training that the Yankees are a better team than the Red Sox. Yesterday he even had a list with him. This magical list told him that the Yankees had nowhere to go but up, and the Red Sox had nowhere to go but down.

Tony’s claims were based on the fact that the Yankees were last in the league in run production from third base, shortstop, first base, and left field, which just won’t be the case this year. Likewise he said that the Red Sox can only get worse at catcher and shortstop. This obviously made a lot of people yell “You’re a moron Tony” at their radios. Apparently a Worcesterite named Paul was listening, and called his stooge brother “Aiden in Worcester” to remind Tony how truly idiotic this was. We have this nudniks email on file, so if you ever want someone to call up Felger and yell at him, just let us know and we’ll get someone right on that.

Here’s the video:

I don’t think it’s possible to like getting yelled at as much as Tony. Just look how happy this man is:


That’s why they call him naughty Massarotti folks.

The caller is 100% correct though, and speaks for sane people everywhere. The Red Sox got worse at catcher and shortstop? Did Tony miss the entire playoffs? Here’s the playoff stats for Salty and Stephen Drew…

Drew: 54 at bats, 19 strikeouts, 6 hits, .111 average.

Salty: 32 at bats, 19 strikeouts!!!, 6 hits, .188 average.

Yea that’s gonna be hard to replace. As the caller said, Drew led MLB shortstops in strikeouts this season. He is the definition of suckbag city dodge. I was FURIOUS when they offered him a $14 million contract this offseason. For what? You get paid that much to be terrible now? A pulse will do? I couldn’t believe when he turned that down. Does this guy really think he’s worth anything at all because his last name is Drew and Scott Boras is his agent? What an absolute joke Stephen Drew is. I cannot wait until opening day and he’s not on the roster.

Xander Bogaerts in case you didn’t see in the postseason, is the real deal. He’s young, he’s multilingual, he’s confident, and he’s succeeded at every level possible. Why on earth would anyone NOT want to see what he can do? It’s not even possible to do any worse than Drew. And even if it was, then you go and sign some bum off the street. It’s not hard to find .253 hitters who strike out all the time.

And Salty is obviously terrible. He’s got the Jonny Gomes syndrome – really tried to push the whole “Boston Strong” thing in order to mask the fact that he’s terrible. He led MLB catchers in strikeouts, and in the postseason struck out more than 50% of his at bats. Do you realize how insane that number is? Oh yea, and he can’t catch either, which makes him completely useless.

Christian Vazquez is supposed to be the next big thing, but he’s a year away. Meanwhile A.J. Pierzynski never strikes out, and is a better career hitter than Salty. He’s a giant dooshnozzle though, so I’m not sure how he’s gonna get along with the “Boston Strong” rainbows and hugs crowd. The caller also makes a good point about Lavarnway. He hit over .300 last year, as he’s done his entire career in the minor leagues. He’s also a Yaley, so he’s wicked smart.

So once again, Felger and Mazz are wrong. Nothing new here folks. Hopefully guys like this keep calling up and giving it to them, because as you can see, they clearly gives them the jollies.


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  • matt
    March 1, 2014 at 11:57 am

    The thing that gets me worried about this yr is that they basically did nothing in free agency this winter. Seems like they are relying on Johnny gomes to sell tickets while he hits his usual. 220.

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