Lynn Roast Beef, Joe Early Tells Worst Lie Ever, Better Chance Of Winning East – Celtics Or Bruins, Uncle Turtleboy Ranks Final 4 Of Ratchet Madness 

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Lots to talk about on today’s podcast:

  • A viral Facebook video from John’s Roast Beef in Lynn should once again teach us a very important lesson about jumping to conclusions based on biased and one sided videos put up by agenda driven strangers.
  • Joe Early refuses to resign, is focused on re-election, and flat out denies everything he already admitted in the AG’s report about orchestrating the Alli Bibaud coverup. His opponent, Blake Rubin, then calls for him to resign.
  • Celtics win and Bruins lose. Who’s got a better shot at winning the east and making the Finals? And which our four championship read teams will give us our next duckboat parade?
  • We rank the four remaining ratchets in Turtleboy Ratchet Madness in terms of who is most to least likely to win it all, and how Uncle Turtleboy ranks them in his opinion 1-4.


3 Comment(s)
  • Peter Durant
    May 1, 2018 at 4:52 am

    You have got to be fucking kidding me! We do not jump to conclusions???? The blog that presumes and projects all kinds of shit when you are writing about someone you want to put on blast. Anyone could go through your entire blog and spend days pulling out “conclusions” made without any concrete evidence or human confirmation. Just fucking so hypocritical. No wonder you are begging for money. I truly loved the 5 emotions to your situation, like a divorce, too. The weekend podcast basically saying “fuck you” to all the fake turtles who don’t like or follow your sites. How about the situation identified a few months back, where likes and follows can get people’s facebook profiles deleted or suspended? I have had two (with valid ID and email) closed while enlisting to follow. So take into consideration, that risk. It is unfortunate that TBS has to deal with this as well. But then again, by creating multiple pages, they can ding you for fictitious profiles (we know they are TBS but they do not.) Question, if you need to beg for nickels and dimes, how the fuck can you be seriously honest about litigation against FB? Or is that jumping to a conclusion?

    • GG
      May 1, 2018 at 7:06 am

      He’s not begging for nickels and dimes!  He’s asking us to support the cause.  All of them have families to support and as long as Facebook are being idiots they need us to step up or inevitably they will shut down. I’d much rather donate to them and get real news than pay for a subscription to the New York Times or some other trash msm!  I see nothing wrong with them asking for us that enjoy the content to step up and chip in.  I unfortunately am not in a position to give a lot but gave what I could and if we all do that we can get them through this tough time and continue to enjoy turtleboy!

    • Sgt. Hulka
      May 1, 2018 at 7:12 am

      Lighten up, Francis.

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