Medford Pete Skyped Into Turtleboy Live To Explain That He’s Not Running An Uber Junkie Bangmobile And It Was Electric

Medford Pete Skyped Into Turtleboy Live To Explain That He’s Not Running An Uber Junkie Bangmobile And It Was Electric

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Best episode of Turtleboy Live ever tonight. We watched the Celtics win together as a family. We freestyled. Fiesty Turtle was there. The Springfield chick ended being a prank call, but it was cool because Medford Pete came on to defend his honor. And he was everything you dreamed he would be and more. We ended up grilling him about whether or not he’s using his cab business as an Uber junkie bangmobile, which North Short Turtlebabe alleged in the blog she wrote about him. He was epic and we invite him back on the show whenever. Same goes for anyone we’ve ever written about. You all will be given time to defend your honor and explain what the blog got right and wrong. Pete’s cameo starts around the 37:30 part:

Friday night we have Intern Turtle back on, which always gets interesting. See you at 9:30!!



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4 Comment(s)
  • Pops Zadania
    May 11, 2017 at 10:08 am

    35 years?!?! This is the same guy that ran an unsuccessful popcorn stand, his own business, at the Meadow Glen Mall, in Medford. And that was his 2nd failed business there!!!!

    How can a guy that is in his early 40s, be in the cab business for 35 years?

    Tell you what, Medford Pete. Instead of picking up junkie whores, and getting them high, just so they can stomach climbing to the summit, before starting the archeological expedition to find your dick, so you can post another selfie of them as your newest conquest, go get yourself clean.

    If you are truly 13 years clean, you need to get your ass back into a program because you are lost. Sad

    I’ll say a prayer, while they lower you body down. Cuz that is where you are heading.

    -Good Luck…..to your ?daughter?

  • Pops Zadania
    May 9, 2017 at 10:13 am

    I have know this shit bag since high school. He was a scumbag then and, well, you see. Thank you for finally shedding a light on this piece of shit. I love how all of his “friends and fans” are all “high class, upstanding citizens”, like himself. I have no doubt that he, just like O.J., will search tirelessly to find the person that gave her the fatal overdoes. His words, not mine.

    Thank you, TB, for making me believe in Christmas again!!!!

    Fuck you, Medford Pete!!! Do that poor girl a favor, and get her emancipated and just financial support her, without expecting anything in return.

    OH, and learn some fucking proper grammar and use spell check will you!!!

    -Pops Zadania

  • Pete the Perv!
    May 3, 2017 at 11:26 am

    Pete is just a scumbag! Can someone please watch out for the 16 year old “step-daughter” of this POS perv? If he doesn’t molest her then he is most likely to lead her down a road to drugs and abuse.

    Leave her alone fat ass! You are not the hot thing that you think you are! You’re a cheesehog, and your fat gut probably flops over your minuscule dick! My God, how do you ever find it when you need to take a piss?

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