• Meet Kyle Shockley: Failed Cop Block Dracut Gash Mallet Filming And Harassing The Lowell Police Because He Has No Life

    Meet Kyle Shockley: Failed Cop Block Dracut Gash Mallet Filming And Harassing The Lowell Police Because He Has No Life

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    This is Kyle Shockley from Dracut:

    Raised in Chelmsford, lives in Dracut. In other words he’s avoiding living in Lowell like the plague. Probably because he doesn’t wanna live in a crime infested city where cops have to do a dangerous job every day. He’s also former military so you’d think he’d be on the side of the cops. But instead he’s trying to become a cop block extraordinaire and spends his unlimited free time following around the fuzz and filming them:

    Obviously this guy is a real winner. Here he is harassing two cops who were on duty, asking them if they want to suck his gash mallet and inquiring about why they joined the “biggest gang in America”:

    I love when people try to provoke cops into an incident, and the cops just react calmly and rationally. The assholes never know what to do because it wasn’t part of the gameplan. He was trying to become cop block famous and failed in epic proportion. What a loser.

    Part of me wants to give this guy a pass if he really did do a tour in Fallujah. That can fuck you up. But at the same time he’s not the only one to go to Fallujah, and something tells me he’s just a piece of shit at his core.

    Anyway, the cops do a dangerous job every day and they’re under attack in this country because of nudniks like Kyle Shockley. If you see him around Lowell just point and laugh at him. Because he’s a joke.


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    1. Agent Smith

      His girlfriend probably left his ass and banged a cop, now he’s butt hurt and has a lot of free time. When he isn’t jerking off into a sock

      1. Kyle

        Thought long and hard on that one huh

      2. MAC V Kong Dong

        Only one girl. Handgelina Gel Handcreme

      3. BigFunk

        Whats wrong with jerking off in socks?

    2. aDdm

      I don’t understand what is the ultimate goal with these cop blockers, BLM, and other anti-cop zealots? Because it doesn’t appear to be actual police reform – since they still complain and vilify even when law enforcement does try to work with the communities. Do they want them just to be cop-less and just let vigilantism run wild? Where the rule of law is twisted by their own warped ideas through mob rule? What is it do they truly want? And are they really willing to live with the consequences of their decisions?

      1. Kyle

        No sir the goal is not mob rule or total anarchy or any malice intent at all. It’s about accountability and the rights of the people to keep public servants held to it. If that’s an issue for people refer to the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Doubt that will happen though because you sheep love your misinformation. Suck it easy copsuckers

        1. aDdm

          Even if you had all of the accountability dreamed up in your utopia, you people would still complain.

        2. You Can't Handle the Truth

          Who are you going to call when someone beats the piss out of you, breaks into mom and dad’s house while you’re jerking off down cellar, or steals your car? You’ll have 911 on speed dial, wimpy.

        3. Kyle sux he really really sux

          Love the first amendment. It allows me to say “Kyle SUCKS”. Go choke on a chode bro.

          As far as his ‘service’; sounds like stolen valor.

    3. Pat McGroin

      Is this really a reason to doxx someone? He hasn’t committed any crime and you’re plastering his name and place of business on the internet. I can’t tell but based on the tone of this article, this is a right-leaning site. Do you really want to use the tactics of the left now, doxxing people, maybe trying to get them fired? For shame, you moral busybodies.

      1. Kyle

        Shut up and lick my balls, hypocrite.

    4. Former City Worker

      I hate seeing this with Veterans, but there’s an ugly “other side” to this: Because of the “Troop Surges” needed in 2014 and early 2017 Military recruiters had a very, very tough job. Mental disorders such as ADHD, severe depression, a first time drug offense or Bi-polar were in the past automatic disqualifiers for military service. Then we needed bodies and it was “open season” for a few years. In short we let quite a few people who had no business enlisting, enlist.

      Dude said he was in Fallujah (cool Bro, Baghdad myself) but also said he had a “less than honorable” discharge. 99% of the time if someone can’t hack it in a combat zone, they receive a General (Under Honorable) discharge, and they still get VA help and services, to receive an Other Than Honorable discharge you REALLY need to Fuck Up bad, most likely drug use.

    5. wabbitt

      Douche looks like a penis with wire framed glasses.

    6. Great Chow

      Doesn’t he not know that in this great state he just has to show up to the civil service exam, show that he served and he would walk on a police department over any citizen. Maybe he can join his buddies in Lowell…. NOT.

      1. Kyle Shockley

        That’s not even english

        1. Branskin

          at least he is not a sand job.

    7. Neegan

      Lives over near Smith and Westford Street now, listens to the scanner, showing up to calls out of breath, thinking in his little pee brain mind he’s a hero…. I know what happened, his boyfriend left him for a mall cop, so he’s so mad he’s not getting it in his shit white, typically meatstick blumpkin lover….
      You think recording live, you’re safe? Guess you have no clue….
      Even homeless people hate him…. that’s sad Kyle boy….. I rerecommend Dr. PHIL or Maury…..
      What shitty video quality mr mukay get a real job loser, nobody including you’re mother likes you jackass

      1. Neegan

        Typically type-O , shitty galaxy phone…. plus he doesn’t deserve a proof read. He called a guy cop sucker, but he secretly wants to suck one off. Sad Kyle / Carl whatever you call yourself. Marine Reject, with a dishonorable discharge. Get a life..
        He’s reading these posts while shoving large vegetables up his loose man cunt. Lol

    8. ?

      He must be a closet Jets fan. Tut, tut, tut.

    9. Kyle Shockley

      Listen guys, I hate this site……
      I really don’t wanna get into my sex life, and people shouldn’t talk about sexual orientation….
      I was molested by a priest… in which it’s none of your business.
      Keep talking shit guys, my best friend / partner will gladly meet up and punch your dick loose….
      He just got out of jail and he don’t play….

      1. PhilSimmsSucks

        So that means you’re a chickenshit and can’t fight, so you have to wait for your butt buddy to get out of jail to fight for you. If that’s the case you shouldn’t play tough guy recording cops.

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