• Meth Face Beauty Queen And Geriatric Crack Buddy Get Caught Shooting Up In A Walmart Parking Lot

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    Valley Breeze

    NORTH SMITHFIELD – Police arrested two people in the Walmart parking lot Sunday afternoon, seizing crack cocaine and a revolver from a vehicle parked by the Dowling Village store. 

    Elizabeth Bell, 31, of 80 Main St., Lincoln, and David Thomas, 53, of 16 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, were arraigned in 3rd district court on Monday, July 10 on drug and gun charges related to the incident.

    Officers were reportedly called to the store around 4 p.m. Sunday for a report of people using heroin in a parked car and located Bell and Thomas.

    Bell had an active warrant out of Providence Superior Court for a felony drug possession and according to police, when she was asked to exit the vehicle, she took a hand full of needles and placed them on the dashboard of the car. As she got out, police also noticed two glassine bags containing crack. 

    Officers found a loaded .22 caliber revolver in the driver’s side backseat while searching the vehicle.


    Just a typical Sunday afternoon shooting up in a Walmart parking lot with the elderly! Can you say “daddy issues?” I have to say I was surprised to read this and not see a prostitution charge because I assumed gramps and his Narcan pageant queen were touching butts in the name of drugs, but no such luck.

    I mean, this totally looks like a regular ol’ couple with lots in common. Like where to buy the best orthotics or which restaurants have the best early bird special.

    If there was ever a way to teach kids drugs are bad just present this beauty queen snapshot as evidence.

    Also, maybe don’t keep your loaded, unlicensed .22 cal chillin’ in the backseat because there’s laws and stuff.

    This is why I shop at Target.


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    1. They call me Ponch

      Nuff said.

    2. I love boobs

      Glassine bags?

      She’s a real looker and he has that surprised prison wake-up sex look.

      1. North Country Turtle Rider

        Maybe it was a cookie.

    3. Barnaby

      The guys name is DAVE THOMAS and you couldn’t see the opportunity to make any joke referencing Wendy’s? Get better writers, if this is supposed to be a comedic site

      1. hahahaohreally

        Right? I was waiting for that shit the whole article! GOD DAMN!

        1. betts

          I can not disrespect the creator of the Wendy’s double with cheese.

    4. Violent J

      ICP stuff for sure.

    5. Echele

      Is this THE Elizabeth Bell, heiress to the Taco Bell fortune? Last time I partied with her Maurice Krispy Kreme was blowing lines off her ass while Angelo “Papa” Gino frosted her mug

    6. StormHund1488

      This blog is better when it exposes niggers, spics, and faggots as the animals they are, but the druggie articles are alright too, I guess.

    7. wabbitt

      I guarantee that chick has an active Backpage ad up. The only reason there isn’t a prostitution charge is that she hasn’t been caught. Yet.

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