Methmachine Dad Did A Live Show With An Australian DCF Mom Organizing A Worldwide DCF Parent Rebellion Against The Government And David Blaine And It’s The Most Insane Thing You’ll Ever See

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Last week we shared this blog about a cross country ratchet brigade that was rallying behind a meth head dad who had held an all day standoff with the police in Manchester, NJ because he wouldn’t let Child Protective Services do a wellness check on his kids.

Lee Kenworthy’s wife allegedly died in police custody a couple of years ago, and since then he’s forced his two kids to move over 60 times as he evades CPS and the police.

Shit got real at the 2 hour mark of that video once they called up Libertarian candidate for Governor of South Dakota, CJ Abernathey, whose entire campaign revolves around the fact that the state “kidnapped” his child four years ago because he’s obviously insane and unfit to be a parent.

He gave the frightened and emotionally damaged kids really good advice via speakerphone:

“Children, if they touch you, you fight back.”

And the cops knew better than to fuck with him:

“You’re speaking with a candidate for governor you idiot. If you were in my state your badge would be on my desk by the end of the day because you are a criminal. I will be the next Libertarian governor of South Dakota.”

Then there was candidate for Governor of Indiana, Jamie Sparks Werheim Johnson, who obviously lost her kids to the state too:

Now she travels across the country finding other deadbeats to go to bat for. She livestreamed herself driving from Indiana to New Jersey, then got arrested for livestreaming in the courtroom before berating the cops and whining about her arrest on video, with the “nanny” of the Kenworthy house, Samantha Brown:

She’s been pushing hard for Lee to get his kids back by showing images of them at home to show what a great life they have. What kid wouldn’t want to sleep in a car because they’re always driving around running from the “corrupt system?”

And this budding Tsarnaev cousin sure looks like he’s having a blast sitting on the stoop next to feeding bowls that have never been cleaned.

And his bed sure looks comfortable, even if he has to share it with a random iguana.

And for those of you who don’t think Lee cleans the house, I present to you exhibit F for FACKS:

But alas, none of these cowards would come on Turtleboy Live the other night, even though they claim to want attention and can’t seem to shut the fuck up. Come on CJ, you’re running for governor but you’re too scared to come on Live?

But wait, this story is about to take an international ratchet turn.

This is Christine Mueller:

She’s a DCF Mom from down under. This Marfupial is from Adelaide, and her kids got taken by the Australian authorities to nearby Mount Barker, which apparently bothers her because she doesn’t like to go far to see them. She organizes ratchets from around the world to get together and complain about how they’ve been wronged by the system. And the day before the standoff she had Lee Kenworthy on her live show (he comes on around the 21 minute mark) and it’s one of the most insane things you’ll ever see….

Holy shit. That man was raising two children. Insane. If you didn’t watch it, here were some highlights….

Apparently his meth head wife who died was in the CIA:

“Are you ready to wake up to Shaylane Kenworthy and who she passed information along to and how they got murdered?”

He’s a political prisoner:

“I was put in jail in Bergen County NJ on a false charge. 

He’s looking to take down CPS with the help of ACB News and magician David Blaine, obviously:

“I’m calling ACB News and David Blaine, he’s the magician who knows Leonardo Dicaprio.”

But David Blaine has NOT been following through, and neither has ABC News, prompting Internet lawsuits:

“David Blaine has known about the police brutality that me and my wife have endured. We have called him thousands of times. ABC News has known for two years. They have a recording in their possession of the crime of the federal US Marshall waving his gun at me threatening me to stay in his home, his cage, while we were suing the state of New Jersey. Pass that story along. I’m still suing and ABC News will not air the story at all.”

He “did a live” with ABC:

“I did a live with ABC in New York and I’m gonna continue doing it.”

Which apparently involved him going on Facebook Live and ranting about ABC investigating his rantings.

The real show started when he began talking about the DCF parent rebellion, that would force governments all over the world to surrender to them:

“United Nations so say so. The evidence is worldwide people. Worldwide. And we will put our fucking masks and our ink on. And we will say ooohh–aahhhh-oohhh–aaahhhh. And you won’t know the language we speak when we come fucking down upon you and render your weapons, your tanks, and any fucking thing you use against us, like slander, defamation of character, David Blaine ABC fucking news!!

“The day has come America. The day has come Australia. The day has come England. That you will one and fucking for all be dismantled for the pieces of shit that you are. In every basement and every fucking church buried. We know where the fucking bones are.”

That’s normal. So is making your kids move 80 times to avoid the cops and CPS:

“Worldwide soldier heard Lee and Shayling Kennworthy’s word and took arms. That’s why Shayling and Lee Kenworthy moved 80 fucking times with their children.”

He apparently has told his kids to prepare to die for the struggle too:

“I have a RICO case built against them. Worldwide. Two kids having a child prepared to die.”

Sweet baby Jesus. This man makes his daughter do bizarre interviews too:

Anyway, THANK GOD the state finally caught up to him and took his kids. As for Lee Kenworthy, CJ Abernathy, the crazy chick form Indiana, and Samantha the nanny, any time you cowards wants to come on Live you’re more than welcome to. You whiny little poons are always whining about not getting media coverage, well, here’s your chance. We want to hear more about your worldwide DCF ratchet parent revolution.

2 Comment(s)
  • Wabbitt
    June 5, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    So is this the new EBT-rex move? Instead of starting ratchet rowdy downs in the DCF visitors room, they run for governor?

    I can totally see that working. They have the shithead vote locked down!

    Well… it would work if shitheads actually voted. Do, in all actuality, they’ll get less votes than Killer Kevin when he ran for mayor.

  • Rochambeau
    June 5, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    heh “marfupial”

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