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  • Michael Gaffney Is Suing Turtleboy Because Our Blog Not Endorsing Him Hurt His Feelz, Cost Him The Election, And We “Lied” About Our Page Views

    Michael Gaffney Is Suing Turtleboy Because Our Blog Not Endorsing Him Hurt His Feelz, Cost Him The Election, And We “Lied” About Our Page Views

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    Turtleboy has been a long time supporter of former Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney. We liked that he wasn’t afraid to take on a corrupt political machine and go after fraudulent non-profits like Mosaic Cultural Complex that had been bilking the taxpayer for years. We’d written about him glowingly many times because for the first time ever a City Councilor was actually doing the people’s work, which is why we called him the “People’s Councilor.”

    Gaffney told us privately several times how important the blog was for his rise to the Vice Chairman of the Council. He was smart and latched onto the turtle and in return he went from 6th place in 2013 to 2nd place in 2015, nearly beating out the Mayor himself.

    But then things started to get weird. He started making this cringeworthy “Cheers” videos (that he has taken down in embarrassment as soon as he lost the most recent election) in which he basically tried to become Turtleboy. The problem is his voice is annoying, he’s not funny, he’s socially awkward, and he came across as pretentious ad douchey to everyone who watched it. But it was OK because we didn’t care if he was a weirdo who looked like Rand Paul and Eminem’s love child, so long as his politics were good.

    Finally the last straw for us was when he announced he wasn’t going to run for City Council just a few weeks before the election and urged people not to vote for him. Then he changed his mind and told people to vote for him anyway because he misinterpreted this flier from the Democratic City Committee and managed to turn himself into a victim:

    The WDCC was reminding voters not to vote for Mike, and used his own words to let them know that HE did not want their vote, in case they were inclined to vote for him anyway. On the other side they gave their endorsements. Naturally Mike chose to believe that this was their way of insinuating that he was endorsing a bunch of people he hated, which never made any sense to anyone.

    We were gonna have him on Turtleboy Live that week but cancelled because he was a joke at this point and we no longer wanted anything to do with him. When the election came he went down in flames, which made it clear that the reason he “dropped out” was because his ego wouldn’t be able to handle a straight up last place finish.

    Well, because we wrote those two blogs, Gaffney is now suing Turtleboy:

    To sum it up why he is suing:

    • On September 7 Gaffney told us he wasn’t going to run for office and was dropping out to move to Florida. We told him he was abandoning his supporters but he’s an adult so do what you gotta do. We also told him that if he did we’d have to criticize him for it. He did not like this.
    • We figured he was just doing this so people would beg him not leave so he could stroke his ego a little more. Turns out we were right and he never announced he was dropping out.
    • We told some people about it and word got out to other City Councilors.
    • On October 16 Gaffney dropped out of the race officially. We told him that it would be perceived as him running away, which is exactly how people perceived it.
    • According to Gaffney tons of other people felt the same way about the flier that he did, therefore he was right and we were wrong.
    • Mike’s wife Coreen was in a private Facebook message group that someone named “turtle group” because it’s all Turtleboy OG fans. She screenshotted everything and gave it to her loser husband because they have no life. In the conversation on November 1 other people in the group disagreed with the “Defendants” that he overreacted to the flier. Keep in mind, one of the people in the group was his wife Coreen.
    • We posted in the group several times that we still thought Gaffney would sneak into one of the 6 seats anyway.
    • On November 2 Gaffney messaged us to tell us about his latest Cheers video about State Rep John Mahoney. We said, “lol, nice.” Therefore in his diluted mind we were telling him that we thought his Cheers videos were awesome!!
    • On November 3 someone else in the turtle group said they agreed with Gaffney about the flier, therefore it’s libelous for us to suggest otherwise.
    • On November 5 we commented on Gaffney’s page, disagreeing that the flier was trying to suggest what he said it did. He took down our comment because he said it made Turtleboy “look stupid.”

    • We messaged him and asked why and told him that we were going to write a pre-election blog and because he was being a whiny little bitch who had clearly lost his mind, we would no longer be endorsing him.
    • We published this blog on November 5, which he claims is deformation of character. In the blog we state that everyone thinks the Cheers videos suck, which is a scientific fact. This was “libelous” because one time in the group chat someone in the group said they were good.
    • He’s claiming we removed a blog that previously endorsed his Cheers videos, which is just a bold faced lie. It’s sad how much he loved those videos and how much it hurt his feelz when we pointed out how bad they were.
    • Turtleboy only published the blog shitting on Gaffney because we were secretly working with Councilor Moe Bergman, who was “struggling in the polls” against Gaffney, even though we routinely shit on Councilor Bergman. Gaffney ended up losing to him by 3,600 votes, which was obviously our fault for libeling him.
    • Our article “suppressed the vote” for Gaffney. In a race that he had already announced he was dropping out of. The man is mentally unhinged ladies and gentlemen!!
    • On November 8 we published this blog about the election results. This was defamatory because we opined that the real reason Gaffney announced he was dropping out was because he knew he couldn’t win. We also pointed out that everyone he was associated with did poorly too, because he dragged others down with him. And most importantly, they destroyed all the good things they had done. Apparently he thinks this is “libelous.”
    • Because of our blogs Gaffney was “injured in his business, political capital, and reputation and suffered pain and mental anguish.” Ya got that? We criticized him for the first time and he got “mental anguish.” HAHAHHAHAHAH. What a LOSER!!
    • He’s also suing us for fraud because he thinks we lied to him about our page views. We charged him $300 a month for an ad for his law firm on our site, and told him that we could deliver 1.2 million page views, which was around what we were getting when he first came on.
    • According to Gaffney an “online review indicates that Turtleboysports.com gets much less than that per month. Except here is a Google Analytics screenshot of our page views month by month this year:

    • Turns out we get WAY more than 1.2 million per month. In April it was 4 million. The rest of the months were closer to 2.5 million.
    • The fact that this IDIOT is dumb enough to believe that he can access a site’s page views by using some free bullshit service he found on Google is absolutely adorable. God he’s stupid.
    • Nevertheless because he thinks we didn’t give him 1.2 million views, he’s suing us for the $1,800 he paid us, because this is “fraud.”

    You can’t make this shit up people. The man has completely lost it. It’s actually sad to see his fall from grace because he once did great work.

    But the thing with Gaffney is, he has no friends and he’s the most sensitive person on earth. That’s why he freaked out and threatened to sue everyone who said anything bad about him in the press. Like how he was going to sue the WDCC for the flier:

    Notice he has a cat in his profile picture. That’s because Gaffney is a sad, lonely, unloved, childless man with too much time and money on his hands. His wife definitely wanted to have kids (he’s told us several times) but he wouldn’t give one to her because bearing children is an unselfish act, and Gaffney is the most selfish person we have ever interacted with. Ever.

    Obviously this lawsuit isn’t going anywhere. Mike knows that. He knows he has no case. He knows this isn’t libel. He’s just trying to inconvenience us and be a dick while we’re dealing with Facebook bullshit because it’s who he is at his core. He’s a soulless, lonely, vindictive, sad, sorry, pathetic excuse for a human being. He once mattered when he was a city councilor, but now he’s just irrelevant.

    And honestly, we knew he was a douchey for a while now. But we put up with his embarrassing personal behavior because his politics were good. For instance, when he started posting stuff like this:

    Ten reps, five sets!!

    We put up with this because he was going after Mosaic at the same time. So we could care less if he’s a weirdo narcissist who makes his wife photograph him while he’s lifting weights in the basement before uploading them to Facebook. As if anyone is impressed by this.

    We put up with the fact that he thought we all thought he was so cool because he constantly posted pictures of his fancy sports car, which he named “Ellis”:

    We put up with it because he, along with Konnie Lukes, were the only ones fighting the machine.

    But after he quit he was useless. Our relationship was business only. And that’s what made him sad – he realized that despite his work on the council, he still had no friends.

    FYI, this was bits and pieces of our convo that he is using to sue us. His feelz were really hurt that we didn’t want him ranting on Turtleboy Live about his conspiracies:

    He called it a “dagger in the back” by not endorsing him, and claimed it’s “not a good look” for the blog not to endorse him:

    You can’t make shit shit up.

    Then he played the “but I paid you for ads’ card:

    Which he again claimed would “kill your brand”:

    Gaffney previously sued crazy ol’ Gordon Davis and Rosalie Tirella for libel, and Gordon was gonna make someone from Turtleboy come into court and testify as to the identity of all Turtleboy bloggers as part of the lawsuit. Except there’s just one problem – Coreen wrote at least one blog for us. She was a Turtleboy blogger. We’d have to testify that his wife was Turtleboy. And he didn’t wanna do that so he dropped the suit. According to him this was doing us a favor.

    He really DID NOT want the article published so finally he played the, “but we’re friends” card:

    Sorry Mike, you have no friends. Because you’re kind of a piece of shit who only thinks about himself.

    And honestly, his wife Coreen is just as bad, if not worse.

    If you saw some of the things in our group message that she said it would blow your mind. A good wife puts a leash on her husband. If you saw your husband embarrassing himself with those Cheers videos, you’d have to tell him to cut the shit. Not Coreen though. Her and Mike bragged about the 310 views they got!!!

    And of course who do you think was filming those? It was likely her idea in the first place. If you think he’s bad, wait till you see the blog we could write about her.

    Oh, and there’s more. And Mike knows there’s more. There’s been rumors going around for a looonnnnngggg time about Mike’s personal life and alleged infidelity, which many believe was the reason he dropped out of the race. We got EVERYTHING on that. But we don’t have to go there Mike. Nobody wants that. At the same time nobody wants this lawsuit either. Don’t put your wife through this. Don’t put you know who through this. For the first time in your sad, pathetic life, it’s time to swallow your pride and think about someone else besides yourself.

    P.S. He chose to sue us in Dudley District Court. Guess who the judge is there? LOL. What a maroon!!

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    1. Men's Troll Cramps

      Who gives a bleeding fuck about this soap opera shit? You sound like a pair of cheerleaders on the rag.

      Go back to calling out government scammers and hoodrats. This bullshit is tiresome.

      1. Mom’s Basement

        I’m entertained. But I can also spend an entire minute staring at gif of a busty lady jumping rope.

      2. Turtleboy

        Dont act like youre not entertained. Either way, you’re gonna keep reading it anyway.

        1. love

          oh, we are entertained.

          i saved the blog to pdf before going out today, all THIRTY TWO ANGRY PAGES

          ofc i did that in the magical hopes that by the time I’d returned you two crazy kids woulda worked this out and thus this blog enty woulda not existed anymore

          1. Burt Hurtensteiner

            Why don’t you grow up love? Hey, do you play WoW online?

            1. love

              growing up is for sellouts 😉

              no i don’t but I just gave up a terrible Game of War addiction so i feel your pain

            2. Burt Hurtensteiner

              Thanks for the sympathies love. Do you want to play a quick game of MFK (Marry-Fuck-Kill)?

    2. Fucking Maroon

      Gaffney, you fucking maroon!

    3. Tony

      Seems like every generation becomes crazier than the previous one. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around, they become better ?

    4. TBS running scared?

      Quite frankly, it sounds like TBS is running a little scared with this, especially with the last few paragraphs (trying to bring up whatever they can to get Gaffney to back down)! Seems like a pathetic attempt to deflect!

      “WhatAboutism” here at play? Seems like something that TBS would engage in!!!

      1. JS

        LOL totally agree. Blackmail?

        1. hate

          it can’t be… Gaffney and he are totally playing a practical joke on us?

          there’s no other explanation.

    5. love

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,

      y’all need to make amends if this is ultimately over a deleted comment

      i say this as a serial comment deleter, it is a compulsion, a disease even!!!

    6. Burt Hurtensteiner

      Where can I make a donation to Gaffney’s cause?

      1. Burt Hurtensteiner

        Nice try. I did not the this…

        The real Burt

        1. Burt Hurtensteiner


        2. Burt Hurtensteiner

          Fuck off imposter!

    7. chrissy

      So far every blog in 2018 has really sucked. Even SSTG’s 50 paragraph three part blogs about cat cafe’s and niggers were better than these. Not by much……..but better.

      1. Honkey Cat

        That was off-key, hon-key

        1. Larry Us

          that was hi larry us

          1. Milkin It

            Hi Larry Us

        2. Grumpy Cat

          Fuck off honkey

      2. fucking fags ruin everything

        dam chrissy glad your’e back, never thought I’d say that, wheres your dumb fucking hat?

      3. Justice

        LOL, Chrissy. I’ve always found your comments funny. You should start a blog. And SSTG, you NEED to condense. LOL

      4. Barry

        I highly doubt that Didi gave you permission to use that disgusting word. Please provide a receipt in case I’m wrong.

    8. Bored

      Sad to see the demise of TBS in real time…When focusing on exposing shitheads you’re top notch! I think you’ve just started believing your own hype and have jumped the shark. That and trying to make a living off blogging. No way I’d pay for this. Gaffney is clearly nuts but writing this response is crazy too since none of us would have known about the lawsuit otherwise. Should have at least waited until Dianne Williamson wrote about the suit before you wrote your defense.

      Go back to your roots and there’s hope.

    9. whatevuh

      Jesus, what a pussy, and his wife? Who could honestly look at that every day, yikes

      1. Hughbo Mont

        She has psycho eyes.

    10. Webster Turtle Rider

      Hey where’d all your advertisers go?

    11. Wormtown Kris

      As we speak there is a meeting going on at Karen Webber’s house where Dianne, Clive, Walter and all the Worcester media goons are trying to decide who’s side to take on this one. Their heads are about to explode.

    12. Yank Gypsy

      I see a EBT card in Ayedins future

      1. Publius

        Lol. Dream on.

    13. Zip Code Ass

      Every one of Coreen Gaffney’s fingers weighs two pounds.

      Lock her away from Twinkies.

    14. Homie Blubb

      Wait, I thought Coreen Gaffney was the chick pile driving the wheelchair guy for a node bag of Thai boi brown? That wasn’t her rinsing with the Dasani bottle? What was the guy’s name in the wheelchair?” Finn or something, right?

    15. Harambe

      Here’s what I think!

    16. Karma like a mofo

      Wow after you guys covered up for him with whole ” bloody Vaginas” post he does this!!! I hope you both get heaping piles of aids you fucking meatheads!! Hahahahahahahahahha

    17. Silver lining

      Look on the bright side Turtleboy. With your savvy computer skills you can always make a buck selling baby formula on the Worcester yard sale Facebook page. It’s still more respectable than begging!

    18. Serious Shit

      Oh it’s on!

      1. fucking fags ruin everything

        fucking fags ruin everything….. … never seen a queer nigger spic fight a queer good before… hope i never see it again …. but i do hope they fight keep em from ruining everything and spreading the aids

      2. Kevi

        Would. All 4 of them top or bottom would

    19. TB is a straight bitch

      You fucking bitches removed that comment I wrote huh “awaiting moderation”!! EXACTLY wtf I was talking about. What a fucking whiney pussy you are not to take that constructive criticism or allow it to be posted here. Fuck you, you’re like all the rest!

      1. Mom’s Basement

        I bet it was the most awesome comment ever. I wish that I could read it!

        1. Bobnmic

          Get off my Kool Aid bitch

        2. TB's a lil B

          I was just relating the fact that tonguing your Ma’s stinkstar reminded me of putting your tongue on a 9 volt battery.

    20. Old Pro Ginger

      His wife is a dam ginger and she’s a cross eyed fat ginger give it a break you two butt buddies, you can tongue fuck each others ass holes some other time. His wife is a cross-eyed ginger. There is no hope run run far away.

      1. love

        your writing is amazing.

        it’s like an essay in fifth grade.

        1. love knows no bounds, love remover knows even less

          5th Grade was fucking Awesome!!

          1. lover

            dude you have amazing taste in music whoever you are

      2. lovely

        (but this is my fav part of game of thrones ever, when he says they are kissed by fire)

        1. Fire Starter or Farter Starter

          With the role fire plays in the series, the hounds touched by fire scar is a sign of his future. Also I like the series for all the hot slutty actresses getting naked, every show should have that. It’s the most fundamental drive, fucking is fucking important, tits and ass are fucking important. If there were no women, most guys would compete for the easiest job and be content with video game console and a hammock we would all laugh at high achievers, who you trying to impress? Shut up and have beer braniac.

          1. hate

            after watching that love removal machine vid, I’d have to agree 😮

    21. Clown Baby

      Goes to show that not even the biggest turtle riders are safe from turtleboy. He will throw you under the bus to save his own skin, says a lot about your character.

      1. love

        he’s just hot tempered

        wait til his wife comes home hopefully she will calm his spirits

        1. Tupelo

          Wait til she comes home from WORK because she is the bread winner and he is the blogger?

      2. Turtleboy

        Or just don’t file hilarious lawsuits against us from Florida.

        1. don’t make me cry, turtleboy!!!

          but of course

          i just don’t want to see you fall for his trap

          now you both suffer with this blog entry

          i never have cried reading turtleboy before tonight

          okay yeah maybe when those thug boys were throwing kittens downstairs and whipping them with designer belts

    22. The Rant Queen

      What. A. Fucking. Imbecile. Really, how do such selfish, idiotic, self destructive people get voted into such important roles in society?? Are there no mental evals done for those who run for these positions? Is it just all about how much money they have? Or do they prefer the dumb shits, because they’re easier to manipulate and corrupt, and control?

      Jesus Titty Fucken Christ.

      I knew there was something iffy about that couple. I, honestly, would love to hear about this “rumor”. Im a nosy bitch, deal with it. Lulz.

    23. Didi D

      Some people wonder how I ever got pregnant to begin with………

    24. What the shit fuck

      Love all the nigger comments. Really makes me want to donate right now. Like turts n all but can’t support something that attracts the basest scum possible. I know. Free speech. So it’s ok to toss nigger around in the comments. Not justifying the honkey responses but nigger was flying around long before it. And then you wonder why people throw the word racist at TBS. Personally I don’t think tb is racist but for some reason Nazis are drawn to it like flies to shit.

      P.s. Hoodrat heroes rocks. That i’d pay for. No didi (holy shit please stop it’s a such a let down seeing 8 didi blogs) or crazy cat tea parties (like 6 separate blogs). ENTERTAIN US!

      1. love

        yeah “chrissy” wrote that she’s the biggest racist commenter
        she throws that word around like confetti it’s absurd

        1. chrissy

          Waittttt a minute love. Don’t try to tarnish my good name. I was just referring to a past blog. I’m not racist at all, in fact I was a backup dancer in the Michael Jackson Thriller video!

      2. ass jammer

        nigger nigger nigger….. Nigger ….. Cunt cunt CUNT cUnt

        1. Tupelo

          asshole asshole asshole…..Asshole….Needle dick needle dick NEEDLE DICK nEedle dick

        2. Tupelo

          Like jamming ass, do ya? fag fag fag….Fag….Shit stick shit stick SHIT STICK sHit stick

          1. hate

            Tourette’s boys and impersonators?

            we are so blessed to have all our lovely commenters!

    25. buttfuck

      Sounds like two guys trying to decide who’s going to buttfuck the other one first.

      Flip a coin guys. Let’s get this over with quick.

    26. Doc

      Good job with the ducks in a row. The bullet points spelled out the story pretty well.

      I know that getting sued kinda sucks. If you are a media outlet, you kinda hafta be above it tho.

      You might as well have published who he fucked. You published *that* he fucked.
      You mentioned that you didn’t want to put *her* through it. You did already. And outed her as a blogger.

      Also, you showed in large neon what happens to advertisers,contributors, and friends if things don’t work out.

      I really like this site but I’m out as anything but a reader.
      Good luck out there.

      1. Turtleboy

        HAHAHAHHA!! He’s SUING THE BLOG because we didn’t endorse him in the election. When you do that, you get blogged about. It’s remarkable that you can’t see this. Know who we haven’t blogged negatively about? JJM Insurance. They used to advertise with us too. It’s almost as if those who don’t sue us don’t get blogged about. Weird, right?

        1. lovehatelove

          turtleboy stop being so angry you are frightening me you keep yelling at all of us 😮

        2. Lily

          He is suing the blog because you defamed him because he chose not to run. And now you are blackmailing him with his alleged infidelity. Be careful, TB. Everyone has skeletons in their closets.

          1. hate

            pretty certain this is an elaborate practical joke at our expense

            we are the maroons!

    27. Iba Dontbanomadaddy

    28. Ginger Old Pro Superstar Never-Be

      When what you know best is pain, you miss it. Why is that so common for Ginger Girls? Ha he he he as if I didn’t know.

      1. love

        love that song

        she’s one of the hottest gingers

        1. love

          she does look like Gaffneys wife 😮

          1. nope u dope


            1. dopey

              lol maybe just the heavy eyeliner

          2. Btch plz

            Gaffney’s wife looks like she ate the chick from Garbage

    29. Stunt Penis

      Attorney Richard N Vulva, Esquire, to the rescue!

    30. The whole story

      Well, from what I can take from this is I have the faces and names of Gaffney and his wife but I don’t have the name or face of Turtleboy leading me to believe he’s a fucking coward.

      You have zero problem publishing other peoples names on your blogs. Man up! What kind of pussy calls another mans wife a piece of shit and hides behind a keyboard?

      Show you have a pair and instead of blacking out your name on the documents publish them unblemished. Be a fucking man.

      1. lover

        you dumb fuck

        Gaffney is a PUBLIC FIGURE

        turtleboy is an anonymous blogger for the safety of his LIFE
        he attacks criminals daily

      2. Read it again kid

        He totally outed himself in this blog lol go to the first pic of the lawsuit papers lol

        1. lover

          i didn’t want to point that out

          I just wanted the commenter to never figure it out for himself
          as I enjoy how pretty fucking stupid he looks as it stands

          so many of these commenters come off like fifth graders

        2. Turtleboy

          He’s suing Aidan Kearney because he owns the marketing company that brokered the agreement to run advertisements on the blog. Sad that you couldn’t figure this out on your own.

          1. love

            but it writes, “a writer” it outs k e a r n e y as a writer which is something turtleboy has long vehemently denied

            and you are posting it here in the blog, which i said was no accident,

            but now you are saying that is sad that i am confused

            well, i am so confused

            1. Confused Turtle Dove

              But…But… in the blog you say, and I paraphrase, “Gaffney is suing TBS…” Now you imply with this post that AK is not TBS, but is a third party.

              Is Gaffney suing TBS or AK?

              Is AK TBS or not? We faithful Turtle Riders demand the truth

          2. Confused Turtle Dove

            “Your comment is awaiting moderation”


    31. Alvin Einstein

      Well according to my calculations Gaffney doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Right, you promised him 2.5 million views a year. Just today alone you had roughly 320 visitors. So 320*365 = 116,800 annually but isn’t that kinda close to 2.5 mill you ask…………..no, not even close.

      In other words you lied and you’re fucked!

      What else do you lie about?

      1. Publius

        Really. 25,000 per day equal a lot of views.

      2. Stunt Penis

        Visitors != Page Views

        If each of those 320 visitors have, conservatively, 10 page views each, then your numbers are off by a factor of 10.

        1. Alvin Einstein

          Good point stunt. So what you’re saying is the average visitor viewed this particular page 10 times then technically there hasn’t been 320 visitors. Just the same 32 people clicking this page 10 times each.

          Can you follow that?

      3. Everything

        I no longer trust the TB brand

    32. Past Due

      Dear Turtleboy,
      We refer to our above Invoice and previous requests for payment. We note that despite our requests our Invoice remains outstanding. Please note that you are now in default of our Agreement.

      Unless you now attend to payment in full strictly within seven (7) days of the date of this letter it is our policy to refer the matter to our Collection Agent, Fast Track Debt Collection, for recovery without further notice. Please note that if such action is necessary you will also be liable for collection costs and interest pursuant to our Terms & Conditions of Trade in addition to the invoiced amount.

      We understand that Invoices can sometimes be inadvertently overlooked or not prioritised.

      We trust that you will now give this matter appropriate attention and attend to payment within seven (7) days so that no further action will be necessary on our part to recover payment.

      If you are unable to attend to payment within seven (7) days please contact us on receipt of this letter so that alternate arrangements for paying and securing the debt might be considered.

      We look forward to payment.

      If you have already attended to payment, please disregard this letter.

      Yours sincerely
      Didi Delgado
      Reparations mgr.

    33. Publius

      A year before he ran met Gaffney. He was wearing braces then, gave us the creeps. Did not vote for him the first time. Did the second time bwcause he was doing our bidding. He was creepy then and creepy now.

    34. Mind blown

      Did Tb seriously accidentally out himself as the one person he’s been denying to be for years? Ho-lee-shit

      1. lover

        turtleboy does nothing accidentally, trust.

        but he may be having a joke on us somehow i can’t figure him out

    35. Publius

      Looks like this blog alone has TB back on track. TB remains a must read at City Hall.

    36. Publius

      there are a few holdouts that refuse to believe TB is a movement. A vehicle to give a voice to the people.

    37. hate

      ive read it all from start to finish

      the defining or standout moment of it all were the words,

      “im not here to be your friend”

    38. "Awaiting moderation"

      Are you really deleting my comments you little bitch? Fuck turtleboy, freedom of speech my ass

      1. Biatches

        #MeToo. Only one of my comments has been published since last night.

        If that guys name (kaeideeen Aiierney) is any where on your post it goes directly to awaiting moderation and gets squashed.

      2. BS Alias

        I can’t say for sure what causes comments to not get posted but I’ve found that sometimes if I don’t put a little effort into the fake email that I provide my comment doesn’t get posted. I don’t think that it has anything to do with the actual content of the post.

    39. Woodiculous

      And I thought that only the far left ate its own.

      1. hate

        oh hahahaha


        what cave you been living in, son?

    40. JS

      Sounds like TBS feelz are hurt too. And because you are being sued (at least for now,) you are blackmailing him with threatening to publish a story about his alleged infidelity. Since you already put that out there, I wonder if he will move forward. I hope so, but he probably won’t what with the pending blackmail and all. So you will only expose his alleged infidelities if he moves forward with his lawsuit? What next? Exposing your TBS followers who don’t agree with you? Childish. I’ve said it before, but sadly, I think this vindictiveness is the beginning of the end for TBS. It might take a very long time though.
      Hmmmmm….this should be interesting to watch play out. I don’t care how many views you get, I WILL follow THIS story, so have at it. Incidentally, I think the flier that was put out DID look like it was coming from Mike, and that since he was dropping out of the race, it looked like he was endorsing those jamokes. Just sayin’ .

      Stay tuned everyone. LOL

    41. Cuatro

      Lol, Alfa Romeo. I betcha it’s an automatic transmission.

    42. Publius

      I love you man!

      1. Publius

        For those of you not in the loop if Rick shaved his head he could be Turtleboys twin brother! Fun fact 100!

        1. hate

          well that’s nice because I’ve had a crush on him since 6th grade 🙂

      2. booger face

        It’s ok to feel that way but you have to let go, it was wrong I feel so ashamed now go before I get Rick-Roled on-purpose and change my mind.

    43. Local real local

      I can’t believe Mike wrote those words. He always struck me as a calm and even tempered guy! To see his words and read those texts is baffling. I too though he was leaving town and I guess the joke is on me too. His wife is nice and comes across as polite and very decent. I read the other blogs no she is not cross-eyed.

      Overall it doesn’t seem like him. If he did lose his mind, it was from working on that city council. They are all fucking crazy at city hall. Those fucking assholes deserve each other. Any government that allows people like petty and titi to walk around like they own the place deserve a special seat next to the Devil.

    44. A Fly on the Wall

      Multiple sources report Talib Kweli also recently filed a lawsuit against Turtleboy.

      Looks like 2018 is going to be a profitable year for turtlestain’s lawyers

      google search terms: Talib Kweli wuing bloggers

      1. suing is wooing?

        suing not wooing lol

        i guess this would explain why he keeps snapping at us in comments section lately
        and look at lil ol me taking it all so personally

        1. A Fly on the Wall

          Sorry, flies can’t type

      2. Multiple Sources

        Multiple sources also claim Mrs. Claus is divorcing Santa after catching him fucking the Easter Bunny in the ass.

        1. lol

          the person above me is frightened of search engine web sites

    45. Hilarious

      Tbs is so ratchet now loves the blog for years but this shit show of tbs crumbling is hilarious lol what a fkn Pussy lol

    46. Steph De

      Rock on Turtleboy! Rock on with your Bad Self! 🙂

    47. attention whoring

      Turtle Boy and Gaffney should hold a charity 8 round fight and settle it that way.

      It’s a win win both get attention enough to meet their respective needs.

      Gaffney’s wife could be the ring girl, cross eyed Mary…. lol…. poor woman, can’t resist too easy. Anyone else think Gaffney looks similar to the openly homosexual Holyoke politician that poses with gay gangbangers.

    48. I think you fucked yourself

      Jesus Christ, this cry baby crap is getting old Tb. Isn’t this considered intimidation of a witness? Or blackmail? Holy fuck you’re digging your own hole

      1. lol

        well, it’s in writing, on a public web site, so it can’t be those things, right?!

    49. Amy D

      I died laughing at Eminem and Rand Paul’s love child. Apparently he also shares their mental illnesses.

      This guy is a freak and a joke! You should blog about his wife, she apparently loves drama. So give her some.

    50. Publius

      does anyone not read TB? at least prior to nonstop ratchet posts? think not. we get comments on TB from as far south as Florida and as far east as pakistan.

      1. Walter Murrow

        The comments are better then the stories, better as a forum than breaking news outlet. Can read more stories and more interesting stories in Brit papers online, Drudge.. etc etc

        TB has lost his mind, nothing but a Facebook gossip site but that’s still an improvement over 30 page cat-cafe write ups and a tow truck driver gave me the finger in Providence, lol. The natural evolution of this site would to become an open forum with multi topics, no censorship a mosh-pit of commentary. Time to give up pretending to be a news outlet.

        1. hate

          you have some serious childhood issues to work out if you in any way would enjoy this group of crazy racist imposter hyenas as a message board community lol. these are some of the worst people on the planet, hands down.

          1. blueberry muffin top

            looks like it already is all those things you pointed out.

    51. […] We covered all of this in our blog when we first got the paperwork from Gaffney. He’s suing us because he thinks we conspired with Moe Bergman, a City Councilor we criticized more times than I can count, which cost him the election. An election he had already dropped out of. An election which he ended up losing to Bergman by 3,600 votes. […]

    52. Rick Shaw

      Maybe just give the poor dummy the money. I feel bad for anyone married to some pig that looks like something out of the Star Wars bar scene.

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