Mom Claiming Manchester McDonald’s Employees Laughed At Her Poop Covered Child From Poopy Playpen Is Most Likely Looking For Free Gift Cards

Mom Claiming Manchester McDonald’s Employees Laughed At Her Poop Covered Child From Poopy Playpen Is Most Likely Looking For Free Gift Cards

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Fox Boston:  A New Hampshire woman is demanding an apology and is raising questions about the cleanliness of a Manchester McDonald’s after her son became covered in human waste in the play pen. Justina Whitmore said that when she let her son play, she knew he may be covered in germs.

“Germs yes, poop no,” she said.

She said she never imagined her 5-year-old would emerge from the yellow slide covered in another child’s waste.

“I was still eating and the next thing I knew he came out and just stated there was poop all inside the slide,” she said. “When he came out, he was covered in poop.”

Gabriel said he was playing tag with another child, who apparently had a soiled diaper.

“It was because he went down the slide first,” he said. “And then I couldn’t help it and it went all over me.”

But it’s what happened after the incident that the mother finds even more outrageous. There was no soap in the bathroom, and when she asked employees for help she said they just laughed at her.

“I went over to the counter and said, ‘Are you going to give me any paper towels or anything to help clean my son off,’ and they were just laughing and arguing about who should clean it up.”

For 10 minutes Justina said she was pleading for assistance only to have employees ignore her and take smoke breaks, or act like a child.

“I was at that point just using my bare hands and fortunate one of his socks did not have poop on it so I was just using his left sock to scrape it off his skin,” Whitmore said.


It’s 2017… if you still resort to the McDonald’s Play Place as a way to let your children play then you deserve this. Just walking into a McDonald’s and touching the door handle is a modern way to pick up 7000 different diseases.Willingly going into a play area for small children who have previously eaten the slop McDonald’s puts out is a ticking time bomb. A little kid shitting themselves while running around is a normal occurrence. Adding Happy Meal into the mix means it’s only a matter of time until he has the Hershey squirts.

This situation alone is HILARIOUS, but this wouldn’t be a story if it wasn’t for the mother flipping a lid and basically being told to fuck off. I have to say, if i was still in high school this would without a doubt be my senior quote:

“Germs yes, poop no,” she said.


Imagine this from the kid’s point of view for a minute. Imagine being a 5 year old kid, you just got your happy meal, and you see a shit load of slides, get to the top, finally slide down, and land in a PILE of recycled McNuggets and Big Macs…

No soap or napkins in the bathroom, and shit at the bottom of the slide. Sounds like this McDonald’s is taking the blueprint from Fitchburg McDonald’s. Seriously, I don’t think i have been in a more disgusting place than the Fitchburg McDonald’s I went to.

Just like the mother said, how are the employees washing their hands if there is no fucking soap? It’s easy, they aren’t. Your McChicken’s are being covered in cigarette residue and whatever else these fine employees pick up.

Here is another important aspect that needs to be pointed out, people still think these employees deserve $15 an hour? Nothing says good customer service like leaving shit in a slide, running out of napkins & taking frequent smoke breaks. I’ll be awaiting more stupid people trying to rationalize McDonald’s employees deserve $15 an hour.



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2 Comment(s)
  • Wabbitt
    July 16, 2017 at 4:39 am

    So here’s the thing….

    1. The employees were probably arguing over who was going to clean it, but there’s no way anyone was laughing. Cleaning up human shit that doesn’t belong to you or your kid is fucking hardcore nasty.

    2. There may not have been soap in the bathroom because McDonald’s doesn’t have an attendant manning the shithouse 24/7. If there’s no soap – say something and they’ll fill it.

    3. No soap in the restroom doesn’t mean the employees aren’t washing their hands, as there’s two hand wash only sinks behind the counter; one up front and one in the back. Employees actually have to wash their hands in the restroom when they go, then wash them AGAIN when they get behind the counter. Shut like this is why we have drug resistant germs; because we as a society wash put hands too much.

    4. How do we know it wasn’t her kid who shit? Where were the parents of this other kid? It’s like there’s s second shitter on the grassy gnoll.

  • TurtleReader
    July 13, 2017 at 11:56 pm

    Lmao the Fitchburg mcdonalds in Cleghorn closed like 2 years ago anf it was definitely a dump and had the worst employees. But in all honesty lets be real here, all McDonald’s are disgusting, especially the ones that have the kids play areas. I would be surprised going there with my kids and them NOT getting covered in shit or sitting down and being covered in some previous kids happy meals in the play areas and/or tables.

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